Top 99 Sodalite Affirmations You Should Know (2024)

Have you ever felt drawn to a certain crystal or stone? Many of us feel mysteriously connected to certain rocks and minerals. Well, if you’ve felt an attraction to the rich blue stone called sodalite, you’re not alone! This vibrant stone has some incredible properties.

As it turns out, sodalite is perfect for using with affirmations – those positive statements you repeat to manifest goals. Through its healing energies, this stone can amplify the power of affirmations. Together, they make a dynamic duo!

In this post, we’ll explore 99 of the top sodalite affirmations. You’ll discover affirmations for overall well-being, love, money, courage, cleansing, sleep, and more. We’ll also talk about programming sodalite and finding the right crystals to use.

Let’s dive into the mystical energies of sodalite affirmations!

Why Should I Use Sodalite Affirmations?

If you’re new to crystals and affirmations, you may wonder – why combine the two? Affirmations on their own can still be powerful. But pairing them with a sodalite stone takes it to the next level.

Here’s why sodalite gives affirmations a boost:

It amplifies intention. Sodalite strengthens your focus and drive. It takes your stated affirmation and magnifies the intention behind it. Like giving it a megaphone! This intensification makes affirmations more powerful.

It boosts inner truth. Affirmations work best when they align with your deepest truth. Sometimes we state intentions that don’t fully resonate. Sodalite helps reveal inner honesty so affirmations hit the mark.

It calms the mind. Affirmations require mental focus and clarity. The grounding energies of sodalite quiet mental chatter so you can direct attention.

It allows spiritual flow. This stone opens pathways for spiritual flow and insight. With these channels cleared, affirming truths happens smoothly.

Simply put, sodalite helps affirmations work better! Let’s look at different categories of sodalite affirmations you can apply in your own life.

Top 99 Sodalite Affirmations

Here are 99 of my favorite sodalite affirmations for harnessing the power of intention!

Overall Well-Being

Let’s begin with some general affirmations for overall health and wellness:

  1. I nourish my body, mind, and soul every day.
  2. My life overflows with joy and possibility.
  3. I courageously move through all of life’s experiences.
  4. My spirit, intuition, and dreams guide me gracefully.
  5. I embrace my wholeness – all aspects of myself.
  6. Each moment offers me valuable lessons and growth.
  7. I lovingly care for my whole self – body, mind, emotions, and spirit.
  8. I release the need for perfection; I accept myself as I am.
  9. My inner light shines brightly in all areas of my life.
  10. I welcome profound healing energy into every cell of my being.

Love & Relationships

Bring more love into your closest connections with these sodalite love affirmations:

  1. My relationships overflow with compassion, kindness, and support.
  2. I give and receive love freely.
  3. I lovingly establish boundaries that honor everyone’s needs.
  4. My lover and I connect on emotional and spiritual planes, not just physical.
  5. I embrace intimacy and vulnerability in my partnerships.
  6. I communicate openly, honestly, and sensitively with my partner.
  7. My lover and I inspire each other’s dreams and growth.
  8. I acknowledge my shadow self, embracing all aspects that need healing.
  9. I forgive the past and welcome new waves of love into my life.
  10. I lovingly parent my inner child, providing the nurturing I once needed.

Abundance & Prosperity

Access more wealth and resources with these powerful prosperity affirmations:

  1. I live abundantly, guided by my inner wisdom.
  2. Divine streams of prosperity flow effortlessly to me.
  3. I welcome new avenues for abundance into my reality.
  4. My work and passions bring financial and creative wealth.
  5. I courageously receive all the money life wishes to provide me.
  6. I dissolve old narratives of lack or limitation.
  7. The universe infinitely and lovingly supports me.
  8. I release money burdens and open to joyful expansion.
  9. I allow prosperity through ethical means that uphold my integrity.
  10. I forgive myself for past financial mistakes and start fresh today.

Courage & Inner Strength

When you need an extra dose of inner resolve, turn to these bold sodalite affirmations:

  1. I courageously move through fear into growth and possibility.
  2. My inner light guides me through life’s darkest storms.
  3. I welcome my personal power to create real change.
  4. I stand firmly for justice, equality, and human rights.
  5. I speak my truth – loudly, clearly, unapologetically.
  6. I respectfully question norms that limit freedom or fairness.
  7. My voice holds power and sway for good.
  8. I boldly lead others toward light, healing, and love.
  9. My convictions change my little world… and the bigger world too.
  10. I infuse societies with ethical courage in my own small way.

Cleansing & Releasing

Clear space for the new and improved with these clarifying sodalite affirmations:

  1. I lovingly release patterns, stories, and habits that no longer serve my highest good.
  2. I purge outdated beliefs about my worthiness and potential.
  3. I dissolve agreement with self-limiting narratives from my past.
  4. I strip away assumptions, projections, and stereotypes clouding my self-view.
  5. I expel fears about fully living and shining.
  6. I banish worries about what could go wrong so I can live fully.
  7. I sever energetic cords clinging from past pain or trauma.
  8. I exhale toxicity; I inhale peace and renewal.
  9. I sweep my energic space clear and invite total rebirth.
  10. I surrender all that blocks my clarity, joy and inner light.

Sleep & Dreams

Invite restful sleep and magical dreams with these soothing sodalite affirmations:

  1. As I drift to sleep, I detach from the worries of the day.
  2. I welcome rejuvenating rest and renewal nightly.
  3. While I sleep, powerful dreams reveal insights and symbols I need.
  4. I remember my dreams upon waking, extracting their hidden gems.
  5. My dreams guide my waking life, connecting me with lost parts of myself.
  6. I forgive myself for dreams replaying painful memories; I know I am healing.
  7. I use lucid dreaming to overcome recurring nightmares.
  8. As I sleep, my highest self nurtures me with wisdom.
  9. I awaken refreshed, renewed, inspired.
  10. My dreams reveal solutions to waking life problems and worries.

Confidence & Self-Worth

Regain your sense of value with these empowering words of affirmation:

  1. My worth inheres always, regardless of any one’s opinion.
  2. I acknowledge my light and gifts without arrogance or false humility.
  3. I embrace my talents and share them with the world.
  4. I welcome constructive feedback, continually improving.
  5. While considering advice, I think critically to avoid self-betrayal.
  6. I no longer abandon or diminish myself to fit in.
  7. I respectfully speak and act from my wise self.
  8. I value my needs, gifts, and voice equally to others’.
  9. I lovingly nurture and care for myself.
  10. I recognize my wholeness and belonging, even amidst pain.

Stress & Anxiety

When worry strikes, repeat these calming affirmations:

  1. I quiet my racing mind, returning to the present moment.
  2. I acknowledge anxious thoughts without judgment, allowing them to drift away.
  3. I welcome ease and clarity, releasing attachment to outcomes.
  4. I soften my belly, relax my jaw, and calm my breath and heartbeat.
  5. I infuse traumatic memories with compassion and forgiveness.
  6. I sever ties to past and future, abiding in the now.
  7. I release the need for control; I trust divine unfolding.
  8. I send loving kindness to my inner critic.
  9. I forgive perceived faults or failures in myself and others.
  10. I dissolve worry by getting grounded in purposeful action.

Motivation & Passion

Reignite your inspiration with these encouraging words:

  1. I welcome new visions to spark my passions.
  2. My work and actions ripple out, elevating communities.
  3. I infuse my efforts with playfulness and joy.
  4. My small steps accumulate into transformation.
  5. I release apathy and stagnancy, embracing dynamic vision.
  6. I direct my talents and skills toward my soul’s mission.
  7. My heart’s longings guide me to my divine right livelihood.
  8. I trust in the Providence supporting me and my dreams.
  9. My life’s purpose aligns with serving the world and healing humanity.
  10. I allow divine will to flow through me for the highest good of all.


Dissolve old hurts with the power of forgiveness:

  1. I acknowledge the pain while releasing attachment to it.
  2. I send compassion to myself and my perpetrators.
  3. While boundaries protect me, I relinquish the need for punishment or revenge.
  4. I empower myself by forgiving harm inflicted without my consent.
  5. I sever destructive cords between me and old wounds or betrayals.
  6. Although scars remain, I liberate myself through forgiveness now.
  7. I pardon myself for self-judgment about my own perceived wrongs.
  8. Blame has no place in my reality anymore; I set it free.
  9. I turn toward love, releasing fear and hate my grip.

As you repeat these positive sodalite affirmations, their ripple effects will astound and inspire you!

Best Sodalite Crystals for Affirmations

Now that you’ve got some affirmations to work with, let’s talk about finding the right sodalite crystal. Not all stones hold the same vibration. Here’s what to look for:

Raw or Polished

You can use raw sodalite chunks or polished tumbled stones. Either way works, so choose based on your personal preference. However, polished pieces often vibrate more powerfully after refinement.

Clear, Vibrant Color

Sodalite gets its name from its rich royal blue color, with white veining. Opt for stones with vibrant, uniform color. This signals a clear, high vibration.

Trust Your Intuition

When selecting any crystal, trust your intuition. It’s one of the best ways to pick a piece that resonates with your personal energy. Be drawn to the stone calling your name!

Once you obtain a sodalite stone, you’ll need to dedicate and program it…

How to Program Sodalite with Affirmations

There’s a simple ritual process for programming your sodalite:

1. Cleanse the Stone

First, cleanse the stone by placing it in salt water overnight, holding it under running water, or smudging it in burning sage or palo santo smoke to release any residual energies.

2. Charge It

Next, charge your sodalite by leaving it in morning sunlight or full moonlight to suffuse it with amplified energies. You can also charge smaller stones on quartz crystal clusters.

3. Hold the Stone to Your Heart

Once cleansed and charged, sit calmly holding your sodalite. Close your eyes, bring the crystal to your heart chakra, and set the intention to absorb its metaphysical properties.

4. Verbalize Desired Affirmations

While still holding the stone to your heart, clearly repeat the affirmations you wish to program it with. For example, “I nourish my body, mind and soul every day.” State it slowly several times with eyes closed, focusing on the meaning behind the words.

5. Feel the Stone Absorb the Affirmation

As you repeat the affirmation, visualize its essence being absorbed into the crystalline structure of the sodalite. Feel it imprinting the intention into the stone’s matrix.

6. Give Thanks

Finally, offer gratitude to the stone for magnifying your affirmation. Carry it with you or keep it close by to tap into its energetic imprint.

When you need a boost, hold your dedicated sodalite and repeat theSAME affirmations again. Feel it amplifying and broadcasting the intentions programmed within!

How to Personalize My Sodalite Affirmations

While the affirmations listed can help anyone, you’ll get the most mileage from statements tailored to your exact situation and needs. Here’s how to personalize them:

Name Your Current Reality

If you’re struggling financially, call that out. If you feel unloved, own it. Precision targeting works best, so name your precise scenario. This focuses energy on transforming that exact condition.

Speak in the Present Tense

While affirmations aim at the future, phrase them in present tense as if they’re already real. This sends a signal to the universe that your vision HAS arrived, activating unseen forces to manifest it quicker.

Keep It Brief

Aim for short, simple statements you can easily remember and repeat. Lengthy affirmations lose potency. Get to the core quickly.

Add Sensory Details

Paint your new reality with sensory capabilities engaging emotions as if it exists now. Don’t just affirm “I am wealthy”; detail what wealth looks, tastes, smells, and FEELS like to you! Make it tangible and visceral.

Align to Your True Self

Ensure your affirmation aligns to who you really are (or intend to become) deep down. It shouldn’t feel like a radical shift disconnected from your core truth. Stretch yourself, but remain fundamentally YOU.

Following these tips while working with sodalite will amplify results faster than you thought possible!

In Summary

If you feel attracted to the shining truth of sodalite, embrace its potential! Combining this stone with positive affirmations creates ripples of transformation.

Repeat these phrases daily while holding sodalite to boost manifestation. Envision and FEEL the outcomes you desire, as if they live inside you already.

Through sodalite’s magnifying resonance, your intentions gain momentum and realty. Ultimately, this process connects you to your highest self.

Now you’ve got an array of sodalite affirmations for wealth, love, courage, motivation, and more. Experiment and get creative – let these words awaken your best life!

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Aya Vilas is a certified crystal healer and Reiki master who left her corporate job three years ago to fully embrace her spiritual calling. She now runs a thriving crystal shop and offers virtual energy healing sessions to clients in LA. Aya believes crystals hold vibrational energies that can realign our chakras, remove energetic blockages, and promote our overall well-being. Her mission is to make crystal healing accessible to all.

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