6 Feng Shui Money Tips Most People Don’t Know: Unlocking Hidden Wealth Zones in Your Home


Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you work, money seems to slip through your fingers? Or perhaps you’ve been longing to manifest financial abundance but haven’t quite cracked the code? The ancient practice of Feng Shui offers a unique perspective on attracting wealth and prosperity into your life by optimizing the energy flow within your living space.

While many are familiar with the concept of the wealth area in their homes, there are numerous other hidden zones that can amplify your money-attracting potential when properly energized. In this article, we’ll explore six secret areas you might have overlooked and provide practical Feng Shui tips to unlock their financial potential.

1. Every Room Has a Wealth Corner

According to Feng Shui principles, each room in your home has its own energy map, known as the Bagua. Just as your entire home has a designated wealth area, every individual room also contains a wealth corner. This hidden wealth zone is located in the back-left corner of each room when you’re standing at the entrance and facing inward.

To activate these room-specific wealth corners, start by decluttering and clearing any obstructions or clutter in these areas. Closets count, too! If there’s a closet stuffed with items in the wealth corner of your bedroom, for example, make sure to clear it out and organize it. Once the space is clear, you can then introduce Feng Shui cures specific to attracting wealth, such as a red vase, a money plant, or a small fountain.

2. The Career Area: Your Secondary Wealth Center

In Feng Shui, your career and professional life are directly linked to your financial well-being. As such, the career area in your home is considered a secondary wealth center. This area is typically located at the front of your home or even in your entryway, depending on the orientation of your Bagua map.

To energize this area, start by ensuring it’s free from clutter and obstructions. If the career area falls in your entryway, consider implementing Feng Shui tips for an inviting and prosperous entrance. For a quick boost, add elements representing the water element, which governs the career area. This could be a small fountain, black accents, or even a framed picture of a serene body of water.

3. The Helpful People and Travel Zone

The helpful people and travel area in your home is another often-overlooked zone that can significantly impact your financial flow. This area represents the support systems, networks, and opportunities that can aid your career or business growth, ultimately influencing your income.

After decluttering this zone, consider leaving a light on for a few hours each day, especially if it falls in a rarely used room or your garage. This introduces the fire element, which activates and energizes the space. You can also place symbols or images representing helpful people or travel destinations you aspire to visit.

4. The Secret Feng Shui Weapon: Keep Your Toilet Lid Down

While it may seem like an unlikely connection, your bathrooms play a crucial role in maintaining wealth and prosperity according to Feng Shui principles. Water flowing down the drain or toilet represents the potential for energy and resources to drain away from your home.

To prevent this energy leak, make a conscious effort to keep toilet lids closed and ensure there are no dripping faucets or leaks. You can also introduce a potted plant or two in your bathrooms to help balance the water element and promote a sense of growth and abundance.

5. Command Position: Furniture Arrangements for Financial Empowerment

The way you arrange your furniture can significantly impact your sense of power and control over your finances. According to Feng Shui, the “command position” is the ideal placement of furniture that allows you to see the entrance to a room while seated or lying in bed. This position represents being in charge and aware of opportunities or potential threats.

Evaluate the furniture arrangement in key areas of your home, such as the living room, bedroom, and office. Ensure your seating or bed placement allows you to see the doorway without being directly in line with it. For your desk, position it so you can see the entrance while having a solid wall behind you, symbolizing support and stability in your career and financial endeavors.

6. Feng Shui Your Desk for Abundance

Your desk is a prime area to implement Feng Shui principles for attracting wealth and prosperity. Start by ensuring your desk is clutter-free, organized, and devoid of old receipts, bills, or trash. A clean and tidy workspace invites fresh energy and new opportunities.

Next, apply the Bagua map to your desk by aligning the bottom edge with your seated position. In the back-left corner (the wealth area), consider placing an amethyst crystal or a purple-hued lamp to represent the wealth-attracting energy of this zone.

Additionally, you can keep client lists or pictures of desired travel destinations in the helpful people and travel area (bottom-right corner) of your desk to attract supportive connections and new opportunities.

A Holistic Approach to Feng Shui Wealth Attraction

While focusing on these hidden wealth zones can amplify your money-attracting efforts, it’s important to remember that Feng Shui is a holistic practice. Every area of your home contributes to the overall energy flow and vibration.

As you implement these tips, be mindful of other areas that may require attention, such as decluttering or making repairs. A cluttered or neglected space can create blockages and hinder the positive energy you’re trying to cultivate.

Additionally, don’t feel overwhelmed by trying to implement every Feng Shui cure at once. Start with one or two areas that resonate with you, and gradually incorporate more as you build confidence and familiarity with the practice. The key is maintaining a positive mindset and allowing the shifts in energy to unfold naturally.


Embracing Feng Shui principles can be a powerful tool for attracting financial abundance and prosperity into your life. By focusing on these six often-overlooked wealth zones – the wealth corners in each room, the career area, the helpful people and travel zone, your bathrooms, the command position of your furniture, and your desk – you can amplify the flow of positive energy and create an environment conducive to manifesting wealth.

Remember, Feng Shui is not a quick fix but rather a journey of mindful living and intentional energy cultivation. Approach these tips with an open mind and a willingness to experiment, and trust that the Universe will respond in kind, guiding you towards the abundance you deserve. As you harmonize the energy in your living space, you’ll find that financial prosperity is not only attainable but a natural byproduct of living in alignment with the principles of Feng Shui.

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