7 Feng Shui Rituals for Increasing Abundance

The Power of Feng Shui as a Lifelong Practice

One of the most overlooked aspects of feng shui is that it’s not just a quick fix or one-time solution. Rather, it’s a holistic, lifelong practice that, when embraced with intention and consistency, can transform your relationship with abundance on a profound level.

You see, while you can certainly use specific feng shui tips to give yourself a rapid boost in a particular area of your life, the true magic happens when you weave these practices into your daily routines and make them an integral part of your lifestyle.

That’s why, in this guide, I’m excited to share with you a collection of feng shui rituals that you can use to actively cultivate a mindset and environment of prosperity. These are practices that I personally rely on, not just when I’m experiencing financial challenges, but as an ongoing way to cement my intentions, remove stagnant energy, and welcome in abundance on all levels.

So, whether you’re looking to manifest a specific financial goal or simply want to create more flow, ease, and opportunity in your life, let’s dive in and explore the transformative power of feng shui rituals.

Ritual #1: Cleanse the Front Door

When it comes to inviting abundance into your life, your home’s front door and entryway are absolutely crucial. This is the primary access point where new opportunities, resources, and energy enter your living space – and by extension, your world.

That’s why one of the first feng shui rituals I always recommend is a thorough cleansing of the front door area. Start by sweeping the porch, shaking out the welcome mat, and removing any dirt, cobwebs, or debris from around the door frame. Then, give the door itself a good wash, both inside and out.

As you’re cleaning, be mindful of your intentions. Visualize yourself welcoming in a steady flow of prosperity, visualize the old, stagnant energy being cleared away to make room for the new. You can even speak affirmations out loud, such as “I open myself up to receive an abundance of wealth, health, and happiness.”

I also like to switch out my seasonal wreath or decor at this time, ensuring a fresh, inviting vibe. And don’t forget to oil those hinges and check that the door is operating smoothly – you want that energetic pathway to be clear and unobstructed.

By dedicating this intentional time and effort to your front entry, you’re quite literally rolling out the welcome mat for abundance to enter your life.

Ritual #2: Cleanse the Stovetop

In the realm of feng shui, the stovetop is considered the “wealth center” of the kitchen – and for good reason. As the source of the fire element, the stove represents the transformative power that allows us to transmute raw ingredients into nourishing meals. And when this energy is flowing freely, it can have a tremendously positive impact on our financial wellbeing.

Whenever I’m ready to take a big leap forward in my abundance journey, I make sure to give my stovetop a thorough cleaning. For those of us with gas stoves, this means removing the burners, grates, and knobs, and scrubbing each piece until it’s sparkling. I then reassemble everything, ensuring that all the burners are in working order and turning them on briefly to activate the fire energy.

As I’m cleaning, I’m very intentional about my mindset. I visualize my stovetop as a conduit for prosperity, a symbol of my ability to transform opportunities into tangible rewards. I may even speak affirmations out loud, such as “The flames of this stove ignite the spark of abundance in my life.”

And don’t forget to clear out any old, unused pots, pans, or cooking implements that may be cluttering up the area. Remember, stagnation breeds stagnation – so the more streamlined and optimized your wealth center, the better.

Ritual #3: Cleanse the Money Area

In the feng shui bagua (energy map) of your home, the back left corner is designated as the “money area.” This corner is believed to directly influence your financial well-being, which is why it’s so important to keep it clear, clean, and energetically optimized.

Whenever I’m feeling the need to shift my abundance mindset or manifest a specific financial goal, I make it a point to dedicate a good chunk of time to thoroughly cleansing and decluttering this crucial zone. I start by removing any and all items that don’t serve my highest good – old bills, outdated paperwork, broken trinkets, etc. I then wipe down surfaces, organize drawers and cabinets, and ensure that the energy is flowing freely.

As I’m working, I’m very conscious of my thoughts and emotions. I find myself visualizing the area as a wellspring of prosperity, a conduit through which wealth and abundance can freely enter my life. I may even place a few carefully selected feng shui wealth symbols, like a small fountain or a crystal cluster, to amplify the positive energy.

And don’t forget to extend your cleaning efforts to the corners and ceilings of the room. Dust, dirt, and stagnant energy have a tendency to accumulate in these often-overlooked spaces, so give them a thorough sweeping to really stir up the chi.

Ritual #4: Smudge Away Negative Energy

One of the most powerful feng shui rituals for increasing abundance is the practice of smudging. This ancient cleansing ceremony, which involves slowly burning sacred herbs like white sage or palo santo, is believed to clear away negative, stagnant energy and make space for the new.

Whenever I’m feeling stuck or stagnant in my abundance journey, I make a point to smudge not just my living space, but my entire aura as well. I start by opening all the windows and doors to allow the negative energy to flow out, then slowly waft the fragrant smoke throughout each room, paying special attention to the corners and any areas that feel particularly dense or heavy.

As I’m smudging, I visualize myself and my home being bathed in a cleansing, purifying light. I may even speak affirmations, such as “I release all that no longer serves my highest good, and I welcome in an abundance of prosperity, joy, and opportunity.”

And don’t forget to smudge yourself, too! Gently waft the smoke over your body, from the crown of your head down to your feet, allowing it to wash away any energetic blocks or limiting beliefs that may be standing in the way of your financial abundance.

Consistent smudging, even just once a week, can have a profound impact on the energetic signature of your living space and your own personal energy field. It’s a simple yet profound way to clear the path for more wealth and prosperity to flow into your life.

Ritual #5: Harness the Power of Crystals

In the world of feng shui, crystals are powerful allies in the quest for increased abundance. Different crystal varieties are believed to carry unique vibrational signatures that can amplify and support our financial intentions in remarkable ways.

Whenever I’m ready to take my abundance rituals to the next level, I like to incorporate carefully selected crystals into my practices. I might, for example, place a cluster of citrine (known as the “merchant’s stone”) in my money area, visualizing it as a beacon of prosperity that attracts good fortune. Or I might carry a small piece of green aventurine, the “stone of opportunity,” in my purse or wallet to keep that energetic flow moving.

But my favorite way to work with crystals for abundance is to actually cleanse and program them with my specific financial goals. I start by smudging the crystals to clear away any stagnant or negative energy, then hold them in my hands as I vividly imagine my desired outcome. I may even speak affirmations or mantras out loud, infusing the crystals with my intentions.

Once I feel the energy has been successfully imbued, I’ll carefully place the crystals in strategic locations around my home – the money area, of course, but also the entryway, the kitchen, or any other zones that feel in need of a prosperity boost.

Remember, crystals are living, breathing entities, and they thrive on being activated and put to work. By consistently engaging with them through smudging, programming, and intentional placement, you’re harnessing a powerfully transformative feng shui tool for increasing abundance.

Ritual #6: Refresh Your Wallet and Purse

Your wallet and purse are more than just practical accessories – they’re also deeply symbolic representations of your relationship with money and abundance. That’s why one of my favorite feng shui rituals for cultivating prosperity is to regularly refresh and declutter these essential items.

I make it a point to go through my wallet and purse on a monthly basis, removing any old receipts, worn-out cards, or random clutter that may have accumulated. I carefully examine each item and ask myself, “Does this serve my highest financial good?” If the answer is no, it gets the boot.

But it’s not just about physical decluttering – I also like to infuse my wallet and purse with positive energy. I may, for example, place a small crystal or a written affirmation inside, visualizing it as a magnet for wealth and abundance. Or I’ll simply take a few deep breaths and send loving, prosperous intentions into the space before closing it up.

Remember, your wallet and purse are the receptacles that hold your money and financial resources. By keeping them clean, organized, and imbued with positive energy, you’re sending a powerful message to the universe that you’re ready and willing to receive an abundance of prosperity.

Ritual #7: Create a Feng Shui Money Bowl

One of the most iconic and effective feng shui tools for cultivating abundance is the creation of a dedicated “money bowl.” This simple yet potent practice involves filling a bowl or container with a variety of prosperity-enhancing items, which can then be placed in your home’s wealth area to attract financial blessings.

When creating my own money bowl, I like to start with a sturdy, aesthetically pleasing container – something that feels solid, grounded, and visually appealing. I’ll then fill it with a variety of symbolic items, such as:

  • Coins (either real currency or metal replicas)
  • Crystals like citrine, jade, or pyrite
  • Small figurines or statues representing wealth and prosperity
  • Written affirmations or intention statements
  • Fresh flowers or greenery

As I’m assembling the bowl, I’m very intentional about my mindset and energy. I visualize the container as a wellspring of abundance, a physical representation of the financial blessings that are about to flow into my life. I may even speak affirmations out loud, affirming my readiness to receive an abundance of wealth, prosperity, and opportunity.

Once the money bowl is complete, I place it in a prominent location within my home’s wealth area, ensuring that it’s visible and accessible. Whenever I walk by, I pause to admire it, send it loving intentions, and express gratitude for the abundance it represents.

Refreshing and replenishing the money bowl on a regular basis is also important. I like to do this seasonally, swapping out old items for new ones and reinvigorating the energy. This keeps the prosperity chi constantly circulating and prevents the bowl from becoming stagnant.

Bonus Feng Shui Rituals for Abundance

In addition to the core feng shui rituals I’ve outlined above, there are several other powerful practices you can incorporate to further amplify the flow of abundance in your life. Here are a few of my favorites:

Ritual #8: Activate the Porch Light

One simple yet effective feng shui trick is to turn on your porch light for a few hours during the day. This activates the fire element and draws additional attention and energy to your home’s entry point – the prime location for new opportunities and resources to enter your life.

As you turn the light on, take a moment to visualize the illumination as a beacon of prosperity, calling in wealth, abundance, and financial blessings from the universe.

Ritual #9: Candle Ceremony

Another potent abundance ritual involves the use of a candle. Start by writing your specific financial intention or goal on a slip of paper. Then, place the paper under a lit candle in your home’s money area. As the candle burns, the energy of your intention is amplified and released into the universe.

You can even speak your affirmation aloud as you light the candle, adding an extra layer of focus and power to the ritual.

Ritual #10: Introduce New Growth

Plants are powerful feng shui symbols of vitality, growth, and abundance. That’s why introducing a new plant into your money area can be such an effective way to cultivate prosperity.

You can even take this a step further by writing your financial intention on a slip of paper and burying it in the soil of the new plant. As the plant thrives and grows, it will be nourishing your abundance goals as well.

Bringing it All Together

As you can see, there is no shortage of potent feng shui rituals you can use to increase abundance in your life. From cleansing your front door to strategically placing wealth-enhancing crystals, each of these practices is designed to clear away stagnant energy, amplify your prosperity mindset, and create an environment that is truly conducive to financial well-being.

The key is to approach these rituals with intention, consistency, and a deep sense of gratitude. Remember, feng shui is not just about quick fixes or temporary boosts – it’s a lifestyle, a way of being that can transform your relationship with abundance on a profound level.

So, start small if you need to. Incorporate one or two of these rituals into your weekly or monthly routine, and notice how the energy begins to shift. Over time, you can add more practices, creating a holistic feng shui system that supports your financial goals at every turn.

Abundance is your birthright, my friend. With the power of feng shui at your fingertips, you have all the tools you need to invite more prosperity, wealth, and financial freedom into your life. So go forth, get creative, and watch the magic unfold!

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