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Your Gateway to the World of Crystals

Welcome crystal lovers! At CrystalWith, we are passionate about the beauty and power of crystals. If you are fascinated by the natural perfection of these marvelous minerals or want to learn how to harness their energies to improve your life, you’ve come to the right place.

I was introduced to the power of crystals by chance during a trip overseas ten years ago, and began to learn about crystals and meditation. After years of experiencing firsthand the beauty and benefits of crystals, I founded CrystalWith to share my knowledge with others.

What We Do?

Our site is dedicated to providing in-depth information and education about all things crystalline. Here you can explore and learn about the properties and meanings of different crystal types, from glittering quartz to mysterious amethyst. Discover which crystals can bring you luck, love, protection or healing and read guides on how to choose and care for your crystals.

Whatever your interest in crystals, you’ll find a trove of knowledge and inspiration here at Join us and let these ancient minerals bring a little magic into your life!

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Our Writers


Hey! Nice to see you! I founded CrystalWith to share my knowledge of crystals with you.

Reiki Healer

Nia believes we all have innate healing abilities if we cultivate the self-awareness to access them. 

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