16 Best Crystals for Pendulums (Complete List)

When it comes to pendulums, the crystal you choose matters. Have you ever wondered if certain crystals make better pendulums than others? Well, as it turns out, pendulums amplify the natural properties and energies of crystals. So the crystal you attach to a pendulum can impact how easily and accurately it tunes into different vibrational frequencies.

After lots of experimenting with different crystal pendulum combinations over the years, I’ve discovered my top 16 favorites that seem to give consistently accurate readings. These special crystals enhance intuition and clarity for next-level Dowsing and divination. In this post, I’ll fill you in on why these 16 crystals make the best pendulums and how to choose the right one for your needs.

1. Clear Quartz

You likely already know that clear quartz is a total powerhouse crystal. As the “Master Healer,” it has incredibly versatile metaphysical properties. When fashioned into a pendulum, clear quartz has an almost electric quality. Its high vibration tunes into the ethereal realm with precision. This makes it ideal for getting super clear insights.

Clear quartz pendulums lend themselves effortlessly to nearly any purpose. Their messages come through strongly for most inquiries. Whether you’re searching for answers about relationships, career, health matters or more, clear quartz won’t let you down. You can think of clear quartz pendulums as your crystal “go-to” for an amplifying divination boost.

2. Amethyst

For many, amethyst is one of the most instantly recognizable crystals. Its regal purple shade looks right at home when dangling from a pendulum. Have you ever wondered what mood purple signifies? Well, in the world of crystals, it represents the higher crown chakra and expanded intuition.

So it will come as no surprise that amethyst also makes excellent pendulums! These violet quartz power pieces foster mental clarity for readers. Their peaceful energy filters out unnecessary distractions to hone psychic perception. Could the purple shade mean you’re feeling creative? When using an amethyst pendulum for insight, creativity and inspiration seem limitless.

3. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz pendulums connect with the heart. Their pretty pink hue mirrors the color you might envision surrounding matters of love and emotional healing. Through rose quartz, pendulums can offer comfort and reassurance regarding relationships.

For those seeking more self-love, rose quartz pendulums also foster inner peace and acceptance. They emit soothing vibrations that calm worries to invite more lightness and joy. Even just gazing at these rosy pendulums makes stress seem to melt away. When challenging relationship dynamics arise, rose quartz pendulums provide non-judgmental clarity with compassion.

4. Blue Lace Agate

The graceful blue color of blue lace agate hints at its soothing metaphysical traits. In times of stress or uncertainty, blue lace agate pendulums act as a grounding force. Their calm, wise energy defuses anxious thoughts that may cloud better judgment.

Blue lace agate pendulums also foster clearer communication. Under their influence, you may find it easier to express your authentic truth. Has your voice felt stifled lately? Through a blue lace agate pendulum, your inner wisdom comes forward. You reconnect to intuition and find the right words.

5. Black Obsidian

Don’t let black obsidian pendulums’ dark shade fool you – their energy illuminates! Black obsidian provides psychic protection so you feel safe opening up to spiritual forces. This makes it perfect for intermediate and advanced pendulum practitioners.

Through its grounding energy, black obsidian filters out fear or uncertainty to foster empowerment. It acts like a mirror to reveal inner truths you may struggle to acknowledge. Black obsidian absorbs negativity and transforms this dense energy into fuel for personal growth.

As a pendulum, black obsidian paves the way for seeing yourself and situations clearly. Its messages cut to the core with motivating intensity. When you feel lost in shadows, let a black obsidian pendulum shine revelatory light on your circumstances.

6. Green Aventurine

Sometimes pendulum sessions focus on prosperity and abundance inquiries. How can you manifest more wealth and success? For these concerns, turn to a green aventurine pendulum. Known as the “Stone of Opportunity,” green aventurine boosts favorable synchronicities.

When dangling from a pendulum, these lucky green crystals help align readers with their best possible financial outcomes. Their verdant shade hints at growth – the expansion of income flows or resources. Through a green aventurine pendulum, let stimulating money messages come forward. This crystal dissolves scarcity mentalities to uncover overlooked opportunities.

7. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye has an earthy, golden brown color reminiscent of its namesake. In crystal healing, it provides grounding similar to the steadfastness of the regal tiger. You can also think of the tiger as focused, with clear direction and sense of purpose fueling its survival. Tiger’s eye crystals reflect these traits.

When it comes to pendulums, tiger’s eye fosters conviction and direction. Have you felt a bit wishy-washy lately, unable to commit to a decision? Let a tiger’s eye pendulum illuminate the ideal path forward with certainty. You’ll gain the perseverance necessary to act on messages and pursue meaningful goals.

8. Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow moonstone pendulums open up access to intuition and creativity similar to amethyst. But they take it a step further with an array of dreamy, rainbow-like flashes. Gazing into this flickering mystery feels like peering into other realms and hidden dimensions!

Compared to other crystals, rainbow moonstone pendulums seem to foster deeper meditation and even lucid dream states. Their transcendent energy stimulates right brain activity for outside-the-box solutions. When logical approaches fail you, let rainbow moonstone transport your mind to fresh mental territory.

9. Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake obsidian resembles its black obsidian cousin, but with special white speckles. These snowy inclusions give snowflake obsidian a lighter energy perfect for gentle healing. This makes snowflake obsidian ideal for pendulums, especially if black obsidian feels too intense.

Rather than harsh truths, snowflake obsidian pendulums send hopeful, inspiring messages. Their mellow energy calms anxiety so you can see circumstances through a lens of understanding. Snowflake obsidian dissolves pent-up emotional blocks to invite cathartic release. Let healing tears flow as a snowflake obsidian pendulum guides you to inner peace.

10. Red Jasper

Red is the color of vitality and courage. In the same vein, red jasper pendulums awaken passion and stoke creative fires. When your spark dims under stress, red jasper comes to the rescue. Its bold red shade signals restored energy and zest for living.

Red jasper banishes fatigue or boredom from pendulum sessions. You’ll feel enlivened by its messages stirring up motivation. Has life seemed dull and monotonous lately? Let red jasper infuse your days with joy again. This crystal helps rediscover meaning and purpose to guide important decisions.

11. Labradorite

Labradorite dazzles with an iridescent display rivaling peacock feathers or oil slicks. Its shimmering blue and green sheen represents spiritual illumination. Labradorite awakens psychic abilities and intangible sensations most overlook in daily life.

Thanks to its magic-enhancing energy, labradorite also makes excellent pendulums. Their flashy appearance matches the colorful insights transmitted through their energy. Labradorite tunes into mystical realms beyond mundane sight. Let mesmerizing labradorite pendulums open your third eye to recruit intuitive guidance. Life’s missing magical ingredient may be just a pendulum session away!

12. Citrine

Citrine emits such warm, uplifting energy, many describe it as “ bottled sunshine.” Its golden glow symbolizes the vitality and inspiration of solar energy. Citrine activates your inner light to clear away clouds of doubt.

Citrine pendulums continue spreading these luminous vibes. They send wellspring of positive, motivating messages to uplift mood. Feeling your sunshine fade lately? Citrine pendulums help turn thoughts away from negativity. Instead, they show solutions where least expected. Citrine dissolves stubborn energy blocks preventing your full glow.

13. Smoky Quartz

At first glance, smoky quartz may look similar to black stones like obsidian. However, rather than black, smoky quartz is actually transparent gray. While black absorbs light, gray provides gentle protection to balance intense vibrations. Thus, smoky quartz cools fiery emotions and cuts overly dramatic mental chatter.

In the same stabilizing fashion, smoky quartz makes excellent pendulum tools. The haze encirling smoky quartz represents lifting mental fog. Smoky quartz pendulums send clear messages that cut through confusion with calming authority. Their relaxed vibe eases anxiety, worry, or panic during stressful times.

14. Fluorite

Fluorite comes in a diverse array of colors spanning the rainbow, often in gorgeous bands. But fluorite pendulums open the mind with clarity no matter their shades. Their orderly, cubic crystal structure represents rationality and structure.

Despite its logical exterior, fluorite enhances intuition and brainstorming. Fluorite subtly awakens untapped mental potential. It lends critical thinking skills to interpret channeled information logically. Your mind may initially resist paranormal concepts. Fluorite pendulums build understanding through evidence and fact. Let fluorite bring order to disorderly psychic impressions.

15. Prehnite

Prehnite has an alien, ET-like quality unlike many natural earth crystals. Its translucent green columns evoke images of otherworldly portals. Adding prehnite to your pendulum amplifies its interdimensional connections.

Lacking context, psychic messages often seem cryptic. But prehnite pendulums relay insights with meaning and organization. They structure channeled advice into action plans. With prehnite’s assistance, vague premonitions become concrete guidance. Messages finally make sense! This crystal brings logic to illogical psychic phenomena.

16. Lapis Lazuli

A vibrant azure blue gemstone, lapis lazuli channels wisdom via the third eye and throat chakras. Its midnight blue depth speaks of vast understanding and ancient secrets. Lapis lazuli dispels illusion to uncover core truths.

When used in a pendulum, lapis lazuli reveals accurate answers from the soul level. Its messages resonate as profound spiritual teachings rather than fleeting prediction. Gazing into its blue hues feels like probing the inner workings of destiny’s grand plan. Let lapis lazuli pendulums unlock life’s meaningful direction and purpose. Receive lapis’ timeless counsel through the ages.


I hope all these pendulum crystal ideas get you excited start practicing! Or maybe you found confirmation for crystals you already use. Remember, trusting your intuition while Dowsing is key – let the pendulum guide you to the perfect crystals rather than strictly adhering recommendations.

What crystal pendulums call to you most right now? Do certain crystals shine brighter than others when it comes to pendulums? I invite you to experiment and let me know what you discover! Finding your ideal pendulum crystals for divination is an enlightening adventure.

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