Top 99 Lapis Lazuli Affirmations for Healing, Love, and Inner Peace

Have you ever felt drawn to a certain crystal, gemstone, or rock? Like it’s trying to send you a message?

Well, if lapis lazuli has caught your attention, it could be trying to give your spirit a boost. This deep blue stone has been prized since ancient times for its intense color and metaphysical powers.

Ready to learn more?

Grab a cup of tea, get cozy, and let’s explore the top 99 lapis lazuli affirmations together!

1. I Am Open to Lapis Lazuli’s Healing Energy

Lapis lazuli is said to have healing properties that promote inner peace. If you feel called to work with lapis lazuli, the first step is opening yourself up to its potential benefits. This affirmation reminds you to release any skepticism or resistance so the stone’s energy can flow freely to you.

2. My Body is Responding to the Healing Power of Lapis Lazuli

Wearing lapis lazuli is thought to have positive effects on the throat, vocal cords, and thyroid. When you choose to adorn yourself with this stone, affirm its ability to bring wellness to your physical body. Imagine its vibrant color radiating through your skin with each breath.

3. Lapis Lazuli Brings Joy and Light to My Spirit

The vivid blue hue of lapis lazuli is associated with cheerfulness, communication, and expression. As you meditate with a tumbled stone or lapis lazuli jewelry, visualize its bright color energizing your spirit. Feel it wash away any gloominess or melancholy.

4. I Deserve to Be Healthy, Happy, and at Peace

Lapis lazuli is all about healing, rejuvenation, and cultivating inner peace. Take a moment to acknowledge your worthiness to receive these gifts. You deserve to have your body, mind, and spirit uplifted.

5. My Voice Has Power and Worth

Since ancient times, lapis lazuli has been linked to the throat chakra and self-expression. Whisper this affirmation to yourself as you put on a lapis pendant. Let it be a reminder that your unique voice deserves to be heard. Speak your truth!

6. I Am Worthy of Abundance

In crystal healing, lapis lazuli is associated with amplifying abundance. As you meditate with it, breathe deeply and affirm your worthiness to receive prosperity in all forms – financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual. You truly merit life’s riches.

7. Lapis Lazuli Instills Me with Inner Strength

The vibrant blue color of lapis lazuli symbolizes courage, bravery, and heroism. When challenges arise, hold your lapis stone and visualize its bold blue energy coursing through you. Let it fill you with fortitude and determination.

8. I Have Faith in My Own Intuition

Lapis lazuli is regarded as the stone of truth and enlightenment. During meditation, affirm your trust in your own inner wisdom. You contain the truths you seek – just listen within! Lapis lazuli can help unite consciousness with intuition.

9. My Dreams are Alive with Insight

In crystal lore, lapis lazuli unlocks wisdom from your unconscious mind and brings it to light through dreams. Place it by your bedside if you wish to remember your dreams. When you wake, reflect on any guidance your dreams offered.

10. I Am Connecting with My Higher Self

The vibrant blue color of lapis lazuli symbolizes the heavens. When working with lapis lazuli, visualize its beautiful blue energy as a bridge connecting your conscious mind to higher guidance and your soul’s purpose.

11. Lapis Lazuli Awakens My Imagination and Creativity

As a stone of vision and imagination, lapis lazuli can open your mind to receive new ideas. Creativity flows freely when you channel the boundless energy of this blue stone. Let it spark mystical daydreams or new projects!

12. I Am Open to Receive Divine Inspiration

Many believe lapis lazuli helps channel guidance from angelic realms. Before starting a new endeavor, meditate with lapis and ask the angels to send you creative insights, passion, and motivation. Listen for their divine whispers.

13. I Speak My Truth with Conviction

The throat chakra governs self-expression and truth. When you need to speak openly and honestly, hold lapis lazuli. Let its energy flow through you, instilling confidence that your truth deserves to be heard. Your authentic voice matters.

14. I Am Patient and Calm

Lapis lazuli brings the peaceful energy of twilight to instill serenity and acceptance. If you’re feeling impatient or agitated, gaze at lapis lazuli’s serene deep blue color and breathe deeply. Let it soothe your spirit and restore tranquility.

15. My Mind Is Clear and Focused

Thought to sharpen concentration and mental clarity, lapis lazuli can help you achieve a state of presence. Its energy quiets mental chatter so you can tune out distraction. Stay centered by repeating this affirmation while holding lapis.

16. I Am Open to Discovering My Life’s Purpose

Many believe lapis lazuli helps you gain wisdom and insight about your soul’s purpose. Meditating with it can reveal your hidden potentials. Be open to enlightenment about your spiritual path as you work with this stone.

17. My Intuition Is My Greatest Guide

Lapis lazuli tunes you into inner truth rather than outward chatter. Before making an important choice, put down your phone, hold your lapis stone, close your eyes, and listen to your own intuition. Let it be your north star.

18. I Am Learning to Embrace My Authentic Self

This blue stone teaches self-awareness and acceptance. As you meditate with lapis lazuli, reflect on who you are beneath the masks and labels. Feel its energy helping you shed limiting expectations to reveal your authentic being.

19. I Release the Energy of Anger with Ease

Known as a stone of friendship and goodwill, lapis lazuli can neutralize negative emotions like anger and jealousy. When these feelings arise, turn to your lapis lazuli to restore a peaceful, loving state of mind.

20. My Relationships Are Guided by Compassion

The energy of lapis lazuli brings greater empathy, tenderness, and trust to relationships. If you wish to deepen the bonds you share with others, meditate together with this crystal and visualize its energy uniting your hearts.

21. I Am Surrounded by Kindness and Good Fortune

This blue stone has long been regarded as a bringer of good luck. Place it in your space to cultivate an atmosphere of friendship and serendipity. Relish its glow as a reminder that you are blessed!

22. I Forgive Myself and Others

The heaviness of resentment drains us. Lapis lazuli can ease these burdens by opening your heart to forgiveness. As you hold the stone, breathe out guilt, anger or jealousy. Make space for empathy and moving forward.

23. I Am Willing to Heal and Grow

Just like the gold flecks found in lapis lazuli, you too contain glimmers of preciousness worth uncovering. Meditating with lapis lazuli can help you trust your capacity to transform and heal. Release the past. Focus on emerging light.

24. My Heart Knows Who I Am Meant to Be With

Lapis lazuli balances the throat and heart chakras to help you express your truth while still honoring love. If faced with relationship uncertainty, hold lapis lazuli close and reflect on what your heart knows to be real, beyond the noise.

25. I Am Embracing a Life of Peace and Harmony

The deep blue hue of lapis lazuli has a serene, tranquilizing effect on the nervous system. Let this stone soothe tension and guide you toward greater relaxation. Its energy returns you to a state of harmony.

26. I Am Safe to Be My Most Genuine Self

By instilling courage and releasing inhibition, lapis lazuli helps reveal your authentic spirit. Know that you’re safe to express yourself and move through the world as your real, unique, wonderful self – without fear of judgment.

27. My Creativity Knows No Limits

Let lapis lazuli awaken your imagination and originality. With this stone’s help, dare to think beyond all boundaries and assumptions. Feel the limitlessness of your own creativity, and let it soar to new heights!

28. I Am Willing to See Truth with Clarity

Lapis lazuli dispels illusions and misperceptions to help you view life with accuracy and honesty. Even difficult truths become easier to accept and integrate when illuminated by lapis’ light. You bravely see things for what they are.

29. My Dreams Guide Me Toward Purpose and Possibility

Sleeping with lapis lazuli helps sharpen your dream recall and infuse your dreams with insight. Record your dreams each morning, and reflect on their guidance as you move through your days with awareness. Let them reveal your path.

30. I Am Giving and Receiving Love Freely

Kindness and affection flow freely when lapis lazuli is near. By lifting barriers around your heart, this stone allows you to connect deeply with others and receive their care. Love, with no strings attached.

31. I Am Worthy of Abundance and Prosperity

If old thought patterns of lack or insufficiency arise, repeat this affirmation while holding your lapis lazuli. Feel its reassuring energy reminding you of your worthiness to receive abundant blessings – financial, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

32. I Am Awakening Each Day with Positivity and Passion

Start your mornings off right by meditating for a few minutes with lapis lazuli. Let its vibrant energy infuse you with excitement about each new day’s potential. Rise and shine with purpose!

33. My Life Is Filled with Synchronicity and Luck

Lapis lazuli has long been regarded as a good luck charm. Place one in your home or office to cultivate a sense of auspiciousness. Savor those tantalizing moments of synchronicity when they unfold. Luck rises up to greet you.

34. My Spirit Is Lifted by Beauty and Light

Just gaze at lapis lazuli’s gorgeous blue to remember the splendor and poetry that infuses life! Even on difficult days, keep your eyes open for beauty. It’s everywhere. Let lapis lazuli resensitize you to wonder.

35. I Am Open to Love and Deserve Its Blessings

Lapis lazuli dissolves defensive walls around the heart. As you meditate with it, breathe out insecurity or past hurt. Open yourself to love’s presence and gifts. Send it outward, and welcome it inward. You deserve its warmth.

36. My Brilliance and Talents Are Ready to Be Shared

Let lapis lazuli dissolve any false modesty or misgivings that obscure your inner light. Your unique gifts deserve to be seen and celebrated. Affirm your readiness to fully share your magnificence!

37. I Embrace the Unknown with Curiosity and Courage

When uncertainty strikes, hold your lapis lazuli. Let its vibrant energy inspire your sense of adventure and elevate your bravery. Face the unknown with awe, not fear. New horizons await!

38. I Am Uncovering My Limitless Potential

Lapis lazuli awakens you to your hidden talents and vast potential. Meditate with it often. Feel yourself expanding into new expressions of your creativity, strength, and abilities. Let this stone illuminate all you can become.

39. I Am Guided by My Inner Truth

In the face of noise and distraction, lapis lazuli tunes you into your inner wisdom. Its energy blocks out chatter so you can hear your soul’s quiet guidance. Each day, make time to listen within.

40. My Intentions Manifest Quickly for My Highest Good

Lapis lazuli magnifies the power of your intentions. After meditation, spend time crafting your goals and wishes. Visualize them coming to fruition, enhanced by lapis lazuli’s vibration. Manifestation unfolds naturally.

41. I Am Willing to See Things from a Fresh Perspective

The blue light of lapis lazuli illuminates situations in new ways and expands understanding. If assumptions start to narrow your viewpoint, turn to this stone. Let it reveal fresh angles and possibilities. Keep an open mind.

42. I Am Safe and Protected

Historically, lapis lazuli was used for protective amulets. Let it dissolve feelings of vulnerability. Its powerful blue energy forms a shield around you. Release fear and call on its strength whenever you need to feel shielded.

43. I Am Connected with the Vast Universe

Gazing into lapis lazuli, it’s as if you’re staring into the starry night sky. Remember this connection. You are never alone or isolated. You are stardust, always linked to the great cosmic web of life.

44. I Am Anchored in Inner Peace

Even when external challenges arise, lapis lazuli can anchor you in inner peacefulness. Focus on its calming energy radiating through your body like moonlight over water. Let it return you to stillness.

45. My Heart is Open, My Spirit Free

Hold lapis lazuli over your heart as you breathe slowly. With each inhale, let loving energy flow in. With each exhale, let defensive walls dissolve away. Affirm your willingness for openness, freedom, and expansion.

46. I Am Kinder and More Patient with Myself

Perfectionism and self-criticism cause suffering. Can you give yourself gentle understanding instead? Place a lapis lazuli stone in your palm and imagine sending yourself compassion, not judgment. You are a work in progress.

47. I Have the Courage to Live My Dreams

Lapis lazuli ignites courage, passion, and conviction. When doubts or playing small arise, touch this stone. Feel its vibrant energy overtaking any stagnation or fear. Delight in how fully you can live!

48. My Body and Spirit Are Healthy

Lapis lazuli heals on emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. As you meditate with it daily, visualize its energy radiating through your body and aura, releasing any pain or stagnation. Vibrate with wellbeing.

49. I Am Fulfilling My Life’s Purpose

Feeling uncertain about your path? Hold lapis lazuli during meditation to gain insight about your soul’s purpose. Listen to inner guidance with trust. Stay committed to your growth. Discover your unique calling.

50. I Am Worthy of Health, Wealth, Happiness and Love

Affirm your worthiness of life’s gifts as you hold lapis lazuli. Even if limiting thoughts creep in, let its energy infuse you with acceptance of your innate value. You deserve abundance in all forms. Release shame. Embrace blessings.

51. Each Day I Am Growing in Wisdom and Truth

The journey of self-discovery is lifelong. Repeating this affirmation reminds you to keep learning, questioning assumptions, and expanding your perspective. Stay open to truth. There is always more wisdom to be found.

52. My Life is Rich with Meaning and Purpose

Your life path contains beauty, passion, and wisdom. Dwelling on deeper purpose fills each moment with magic. Hold lapis lazuli as a talisman to illuminate what matters. Live richly through meaning.

53. My Creativity is Sacred

Your imaginative powers hold sacred potential. Lapis lazuli awakens you to the holy within all creation. Feel this sanctity around every creative urge or vision that flows through you. Express it with reverence.

54. My Dreams are Guiding Me

As you fall asleep clutching lapis lazuli, set an intention to remember your dreams. Keep a journal by your bedside to capture any messages that come through. Reflect each morning on their wisdom. Find guidance there.

55. I Release Anger and Resentment with Ease

When you notice anger arising, gaze calmly at lapis lazuli. Let its peaceful energy soften your heart and loosen the grip of resentment. Dissolve the tension. Send compassion, forgive, renew.

56. I Am Emerging into a New Era of Possibility

Hold lapis lazuli as a reminder that you’re entering a phase of rebirth. Let this stone help guide your transition. Shed the past to call in the new era. Step into the unknown with courage. Growth awaits!

57. I Communicate with Honesty and Compassion

By harmonizing the heart and throat chakras, lapis lazuli helps you express your truth with care. Affirm your commitment to speak empathetically. Share your wisdom through the lens of love.

58. My Imagination Sets Me Free

As Pablo Picasso said, “Everything you can imagine is real.” Let lapis lazuli spark your wildest dreams. Feel how envisioning novel possibilities liberates you from limitation. Your imagination holds power. Let it set you free.

59. I Am Safe to Speak My Truth

Lapis lazuli gives you the confidence to talk openly. If fears arise about voicing your authentic thoughts, hold lapis lazuli near your throat. Let its energy help your truth unfold. You are safe to speak up.

60. I Am Fulfilling My Purpose with Passion and Joy

Hold your lapis lazuli over your heart and take a deep, energizing breath. As you exhale, feel any doubts or hesitation wash away. You know your calling and purpose. Now go out and live it fully! Let enthusiasm propel you forward each day. With lapis lazuli illuminating your path, fulfill your destiny with passion and delight.

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61. I Let Go of Worry and Anxiety

The heaviness of worry and anxiety can be dissolved by lapis lazuli’s tranquil energy. When you start to feel uneasy, hold this stone and focus on sending loving-kindness to your heart and mind. Return to the present moment.

62. I Am Open to All That is Meant for Me

By releasing resistance, lapis lazuli helps you accept life’s blessings. Affirm your willingness to receive all that you’re meant to have, even if it’s not what you expect. Trust you’re being guided to what your soul requires.

63. I Have Faith in the Goodness of Life

Even when events seem challenging, lapis lazuli reminds you of life’s underlying goodness. Its luminous energy reconnects you with hope, optimism, and trust. Believe in compassion and meaning.

64. My Confidence Shines Brightly

Let lapis lazuli’s bold blue hue remind you of your own radiance. Its energy breaks through any clouds of self-doubt. Remember your worth; unleash your full abilities. Like this stone, you dazzle!

65. I Am Taking Inspired Action Toward My Dreams

Transform inspiration into real world action. After meditation with lapis lazuli, reflect on how to apply its guidance to create positive change. Let spiritually fueled motivation spark tangible growth.

66. I Have the Power to Create the Life I Desire

Lapis lazuli activates your willpower and sense of authority. You contain deep wisdom about the life path you’re here to walk. Affirm your power to manifest your dreams through courage and belief.

67. My Relationships are Guided By Honesty and Compassion

By linking the throat and heart chakras, lapis lazuli teaches how to balance authentic expression with loving connection. Communicate with tenderness. Speak with kindness. Foster trust.

68. I Am Worthy of Prosperity on All Levels

Affluence means more than money – it also signifies health, love, joy, purpose. Lapis lazuli teaches true abundance. Hold it during meditation while envisioning rich blessings flowing freely to you, in all shapes and forms.

69. I Have the Courage to Take Risks

Lapis lazuli melts away timidity and unleashes daring. When fears arise about taking a leap, hold this stone of courage. Feel its bold energy coursing through you. Take the risk – leap!

70. I Am Kind and Compassionate Toward Myself

Does the voice in your head offer strict criticism more than gentle encouragement? Soften your self-talk by meditating with lapis lazuli. Let its energy fill your inner vocabulary with self-love and understanding.

71. I Express Myself with Confidence and Poise

If shyness or uncertainty holds your tongue, turn to lapis lazuli to unlock free expression. Feel its calm, powerful energy infusing you with conviction in your viewpoint. Speak assuredly. Trust your voice.

72. I Embrace All Aspects of Myself with Love

Your flaws and quirks are part of your charm. Hold lapis lazuli as you reflect on the totality of who you are – including the imperfect parts. Can you embrace even these with understanding? Love all of you.

73. I Am Safe to Be Fully Self-Expressed

Does it feel risky to reveal your true personality and passion? Lapis lazuli offers courage. Wear or hold this stone when needing confidence to shed limiting masks. Feel free to be your authentic self without fear.

74. I Acknowledge and Release My Anger

Unchecked anger imprisons, but properly channeled anger catalyzes growth. When you feel indignation arise, hold lapis lazuli. Acknowledge the anger, then breathe it out slowly. Transmute it into positive change.

75. I Am Willing to See Truth with Honesty

When facing an uncomfortable truth, lean on lapis lazuli for the courage to see reality with accuracy and wisdom. Avoid denial. Look with eyes unclouded. Then integrate this truth into new growth.

76. I Am Capable of Achieving Anything I Put My Mind To

Hold lapis lazuli to instill self-worth and ambition. You hold deep potential for success in all endeavors. Let go of self-doubt. This blue stone ignites the mindset for victory and achievement. Claim your power.

77. My Life is Guided by Grace and Ease

Instead of forcing outcomes, repeat this affirmation to call in a flow state. Your highest good unfolds naturally in divine timing. Relax into this process. Lapis lazuli teaches surrender and trust.

78. I Give and Receive Love Freely

By liberating your capacity for affection, lapis lazuli helps love flow freely through your days. Notice where hearts are closed, minds blocked by fear. Soften all resistance. Send more love; welcome more love.

79. I Am Manifesting My Heart’s Desires

After meditation with lapis lazuli, write down your goals and dreams. Feel this stone amplifying your intention’s power. Hold your list daily, visualizing and believing. Align with your desires; welcome their manifestation.

80. I Move Through The World with Playfulness and Wonder

Even on serious days, lapis lazuli keeps your heart attuned to awe. Its joyful energy reminds you not to lose sight of play, creativity, and childlike curiosity. Delight in simply being alive!

81. My Body is Healthy and Vibrant

If feeling any discomfort, repeat this affirmation while holding lapis lazuli over the area needing healing. Visualize its energy radiating through you, easing pain and restoring wellbeing. Leave worries behind. Trust your body’s natural vitality.

82. I Am Willing to Surrender Outcomes with Faith

You’ve set your dreams in motion – now comes the art of letting go. Place lapis lazuli on your heart as a reminder to surrender outcomes to the universe with faith. Trust all is unfolding perfectly even if not as expected.

83. Each Moment is an Opportunity to Choose Again

Regretting a choice? Lapis lazuli dissolves the grip of the past. Make a new choice in this moment – then the next, and next. Each breath is a chance to shift direction with wisdom. Dwell in the now.

84. I Am Unleashing My Creativity without Judgment

Lapis lazuli frees you to dream, imagine, and create beyond all limits or internal criticism. Feel its energy flowing through you, awakening expression in its purest form. Create with playfulness, not perfectionism.

85. My Life is Infused with Synchronicity and Luck

With lapis lazuli drawing good fortune your way, savor the dance of synchronicity that unfolds each day. Lucky coincidences and destined meetings are on the horizon. Embrace life’s mysteries!

86. I Am Willing to Face My Fears

While lapis lazuli lends courage, true bravery also requires vulnerability. When confronted with your fears, will you lean in? Hold lapis lazuli close to your heart, then look at the source of dread with compassion. Face it bravely.

87. I Trust in The Guidance I Receive

Your dreams, intuitions, and moments of synchronicity offer guidance. Repeat this affirmation while meditating with lapis lazuli to cultivate trust in the messages you receive. Have faith in inner wisdom. It lights your path.

88. I Am Strong Yet Sensitive

Lapis lazuli balances gentleness of spirit with courageous action. You can be both compassionate and driven. Repeat this affirmation to unite these qualities within yourself. Harness their combined power.

89. I Have Faith in My Own Abilities

Self-doubt dissipates when you call on lapis lazuli’s bold energy. It empowers you to put talents into action with confidence. Trust in your skills. Take the leap, and watch abilities emerge. You’ve got this!

90. I Am Overflowing with Gratitude

Gratitude transforms each moment into a gift. Hold lapis lazuli while recounting all you’re thankful for – from the monumental to the mundane. Let appreciation wash over you and soak into your days. Feel its abundance.

91. I Listen to My Heart’s Truth

When the mind races, let lapis lazuli quiet your thoughts to help you tune into the heart’s wisdom. Its energy opens space to hear your spirit’s subtle guidance. Listen within for truth that resonates through your whole being.

92. I Am Present in Each Moment

Busy days leave little room for stillness. Meditating with lapis lazuli returns awareness to the now. Feel its tranquil energy guiding you into presence, immersed in each unfolding moment. Savor this space of calm.

93. I Treat Myself with Gentleness

Your inner critic is not your friend. If it pipes up with negativity, hold lapis lazuli. Send yourself compassion instead of judgment. Recall that you’re a work in progress, as we all are. Be gentle with yourself.

94. My Life Has Meaning and Purpose

When feeling directionless, hold lapis lazuli during meditation and breathe fully. Its energy realigns you with passion and meaning. Remember your life’s purpose. Let it infuse your choices with significance.

95. My Dreams Feel Within Reach

Hold a lapis lazuli stone in your non-dominant hand as you write down goals with your dominant hand. Feel its energies making desired outcomes feel more attainable. Dare to dream! Your visions await manifestation.

96. I Am Divinely Guided to Joy and Abundance

Trust that you’re being led exactly where you need to go. Lapis lazuli connects you with guidance from realms beyond the material. Let go, follow synchronicity, and have faith. You’ll arrive where you most need to be.

97. My Life is Rich with Beauty and Wonder

Recite this affirmation outdoors while holding lapis lazuli skyward. Let its energies reconnect you to the magnificent beauty always alive around you – in nature, people, simple moments. Marvel at life’s everyday miracles!

98. I Am Willing and Able to Flourish

Hold lapis lazuli close to your heart and repeat this statement of growth and receptivity. Let its energy soften resistance within you, opening space for blessings to arise naturally. Align with your highest potentials. Flourish!

99. I Am Awakening to My Highest Self

Place a lapis lazuli stone over your forehead during meditation. Imagine its energy anchoring you in spiritual alignment. You are remembering your sacred essence. Awaken to your infinite inner truth. Shine bright!

There you have it – 99 affirmations to unlock the healing potential of lapis lazuli! Which one resonated with you most right now?

When working with crystals, remember that the moods and messages you need will change day to day.

Let these affirmations lift your spirits and magnify lapis lazuli’s joyful, empowering light. The magic is within you!

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Aya Vilas is a certified crystal healer and Reiki master who left her corporate job three years ago to fully embrace her spiritual calling. She now runs a thriving crystal shop and offers virtual energy healing sessions to clients in LA. Aya believes crystals hold vibrational energies that can realign our chakras, remove energetic blockages, and promote our overall well-being. Her mission is to make crystal healing accessible to all.

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