Aquamarine and Emerald Together: 7 Beautiful Benefits

Have you ever noticed that some gemstone colors seem to complement each other perfectly?

Such is the case with the bold aquamarine and the rustic emerald. These two breezy blues and lush greens create such stunning hues.

But can aquamarine and emerald jewelry really be worn together? Or is it a big fashion no-no?

As it turns out, pairing these gemstones together is perfectly fine and even recommended!

Mixing aquamarine and emerald together creates a gorgeous, uplifting look.

Today, let’s explore the top 7 benefits of combining these two exquisite gemstones.

Get ready to inspire your jewelry!

Aquamarine and Emerald Combined: 7 Benefits

They Balance Each Other Energetically

On a metaphysical level, Aquamarine and Emerald can achieve a soothing balance. The energy of aquamarine is calm, relaxing and going with the flow. Emeralds, on the other hand, have a stronger aura of growth, abundance and manifestation.

Wearing both gemstones at the same time helps to create a balance between the qualities of serenity and the qualities of vitality.

The aquamarine cools the fire of the emerald, while the emerald energizes the aquamarine with positive energy. The best of both worlds!

They Complement Each Other Aesthetically

Now, let’s see how aquamarine and emerald complement each other visually.

Have you noticed how the colors light blue and green always look so wonderful together? Their refreshing hues are irresistible.

Light blue aquamarine implies coolness like water. The vivid emerald green color represents nature and life. Together, they create a spare and sophisticated look that gives a feeling of freshness.

They Share a Similar Chemical Structure

Did you know that aquamarine and emerald are both beryls? Yes, they belong to the same mineral family. The only difference between them is that emeralds contain small amounts of additional elements that give them their signature green color.

Thus, the molecular structures of aquamarine and emerald are almost identical, and the main thing they have in common is that the

  • Crystal system
  • Hardness
  • Refractive index
  • Specific gravity
  • Occurrence in nature

This underlying structural similarity helps explain why the gems complement each other so seamlessly. They “click” at the molecular level!

They Resonate At The Same Energy Frequency

Based on this last point, aquamarine and emerald have the same resonance frequency. That is to say, they both vibrate between 7.5 and 7.7 Hz.

This matching frequency creates a harmonious bond between the stones. When your aquamarines pick up the vibrations of your emeralds and vice versa, it enhances their calm, renewing qualities.

They Represent A Similar Symbolic Meaning

Throughout history, people have given aquamarine and emerald very similar symbolism. Both stones represent renewal, life, health and hope.

For example, the ancient Romans regarded aquamarine as sacred to Neptune, the god of the sea. They believed that aquamarine could rejuvenate one’s spirit and health.

Emeralds were prized by the Egyptians, who associated them with fertility and spiritual awakening. They buried emeralds with the dead to symbolize eternal youth.

The symbolism of these stones overlap each other, so it makes sense to pair them together. Combining them doubles their uplifting, life-affirming nature.

They Have A Relaxing, Soothing Effect

Both aquamarine and emerald have a gentle and soothing energy. If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, wearing these two gemstones together will definitely help to calm your mood.

The relaxing blue hue of aquamarine is said to cool short tempers and help stabilize emotions. Emeralds promote compassion and harmony, dispelling negative emotions.

Pairing these two gemstones together creates a double healing effect. These two gemstones work in tandem with each other to keep your mind in a peaceful, positive state. So the next time you need some zen, try doubling up on their serene magic!

They Provide A Protective Shield Against Stress

A final benefit of pairing aquamarine and emerald is their protective properties. Some believe that these stones can ward off anxiety, fear and the control of bossy people.

Wear aquamarine and emerald and their combined energies will create an invisible buffer around you. This crystal bubble filters out harsh or tense vibes from others or the environment.

In addition, these stones work together to strengthen your inner sense of security and serenity. Their frequency promotes courage, resilience and calmness when facing external challenges.

These are the seven benefits of combining aquamarine and emerald. Both aquamarine and emerald are beautiful in their own right, but together they create a special effect. With their soothing energy and shared symbolism, they work even better together.

So the next time you’re picking out jewelry, don’t hesitate to pair your favorite aquamarine and emerald jewelry together.

Styling Your Aquamarine and Emerald Jewelry

Now comes the fun part – pairing your aquamarine and emerald jewelry for a gorgeous look! Here are some ideas:

  • Women’s Fashion – Emerald cut single emerald pendant necklace with delicate aquamarine stud earrings and rose gold tennis bracelet.
  • Breezy Elegance – Eternity band in smooth white gold with aquamarine and double gemstone emerald.
  • Vintage Glamour – Emerald cluster cocktail ring with yellow gold aquamarine drop earrings.
  • Natural Beauty – Nature inspired leaf shaped emerald cocktail ring with raw crystal aquamarine drop earrings and pendant necklace.
  • Luxurious Layering – A long aquamarine pendant necklace is layered with an emerald pendant necklace and matching earrings. The combinations are truly endless when it comes to pairing these two gorgeous gemstones together. Use your imagination and style your aquamarine and emerald jewelry in new ways!

Where to Wear Aquamarine and Emerald Together

Now, let’s talk about the different ways these two stones can be worn for any occasion:

Everyday Wear: A simple combination of an emerald tennis bracelet with an aquamarine pendant or earrings is an easy, fuss-free option for everyday casual wear. Layering multiple aquamarine and emerald bracelets together is also an easy option.

Office Dress Code: For a work look, jewelry should be kept sleek and simple. An emerald solitaire ring paired with aquamarine stud earrings is an understated and sophisticated pairing. Or pair an aquamarine tennis bracelet with an emerald ring.

Formal wear: For events, you can do more with aquamarine and emerald jewelry. You can try both stones in necklaces, earrings and bracelets for a striking layered look. Or keep it simple with just one standout piece of jewelry, such as an aquamarine cocktail ring complemented by an emerald cuff bracelet.

Bridal Wear: for weddings and wedding receptions, these two gemstones pair beautifully together. An emerald engagement ring can be gorgeously paired with an aquamarine tennis bracelet or earrings. Or pair an emerald wedding band with an aquamarine pendant necklace. Having the bridesmaids wear one gemstone and the bride wear the other is also a unique way to mix the two.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about wearing aquamarine and emerald jewelry? Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

Are aquamarine and emerald the same formal gemstone?

Yes, both aquamarine and emerald are considered precious gemstones suitable for fine jewelry, including engagement rings. Both gemstones can be worn for any occasion, from casual everyday to the most formal black-tie event.

Should I take off my aquamarine and emerald jewelry at the gym, pool or beach?

In general, it is best to remove fine jewelry when engaging in strenuous exercise or exposing it to chlorine, salt water and harsh chemicals. Fragile settings and structures may be damaged. Store your aquamarine and emerald jewelry safely before heading to the pool or gym.

Can I resize my aquamarine and emerald ring?

Aquamarine is a very durable gemstone and can usually be resized by a professional jeweler. Emeralds are more prone to breakage during processing, so be more careful when they need to be resized. Consider a jeweler who uses laser technology, which is safer.

Will my emerald fade over time?

Yes, emeralds tend to fade in prolonged exposure to light. Storing your emerald jewelry in a dark place, such as a cloth bag, will help preserve its rich color when not worn. Regular professional cleaning can also revitalize faded gems.

Which metals are most resistant to emerald inclusions?

Emerald inclusions are more visible in high carat yellow or white gold settings. We highly recommend platinum because of its purity to hide imperfections. White gold alloys with a high palladium content can also lighten inclusions.

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