17 Best Crystals For Courage And Inner Strength

Hey there, warrior! Are you feeling stuck in a rut and lacking the confidence to climb out?

Maybe you’re facing a big, scary life change and could use a little extra fortitude to tackle it head-on. Well, it might be time to give some power crystals a shot. These beautiful gemstones have been used for centuries to help people tap into their inner strength and bravery when times get tough.

Now, I know what some of you might be thinking – “Crystals? Really?” Look, I was a skeptic at first too. But after exploring their energetic properties, I can definitely attest to their ability to provide courage and resilience when you need it most. At the very least, they make pretty powerful placebos and symbolic reminders of your own might and grit.

So if you’re tired of second-guessing yourself and are ready to unleash your most fearless self upon the world, keep reading! We’re about to dive into 17 of the most potent crystals for cultivating courage, confidence and rock-solid inner strength.

Let’s get pumped!

1. Carnelian

With its fiery orange-red tones, carnelian is all about motivation, vitality and taking action. This stone is believed to energize the sacral and solar plexus chakras – our energetic centers of sexuality, willpower and personal power. Working with carnelian can help you feel braver, more assertive and ready to charge full-speed ahead toward your goals.

How to Use It: Keep a few pieces of carnelian in your pocket or hold one in your hand when you need to psych yourself up before a big presentation, tough conversation or other nerve-wracking situation. You can also use it during meditation to connect with your primal, unstoppable life force.

2. Tiger’s Eye

This mesmerizing golden-brown crystal is an absolute must for banishing fear, self-doubt and anxiety. Tiger’s eye is a powerful stone for cultivating courage and helping you trust your gut instincts when you feel called to take a leap of faith.

By strengthening your sense of willpower and self-discipline, tiger’s eye provides the inner fortitude to overcome obstacles and persevere through challenges without getting derailed. Talk about grit!

How to Use It: In addition to meditation, you can place tiger’s eye in your workspace or cerca to act as a visual reminder of your sheer strength and capabilities. Many also wear it as jewelry to absorb its grounding, confidence-boosting vibrations throughout the day.

3. Black Tourmaline

This jet black stone is the ultimate crystal for protection, shielding and transmuting negativity into pure positive energy. Black tourmaline is amazing for helping to prevent panic, paranoia or pessimistic thinking from taking over. Instead, it inspires courage by allowing you to see setbacks or threats clearly while feeling grounded and secure enough to face them.

How to Use It: Carry a small black tourmaline crystal with you or position pieces in the corners of rooms to shield against psychic attack, fear-based programming, and other fear-inducing vibes. Black tourmaline jewelry can also help deflect unwanted energies.

4. Yellow Jasper

If self-worth and confidence are what you’re struggling with, yellow jasper is here to embolden your spirit. This bright sunny gem resonates with the solar plexus chakra and inspires an upbeat, positive mindset to help you feel more alive and self-assured in your own skin.

Yellow jasper is also excellent for stoking your courage, helping you recognize your true capabilities so you can take calculated risks without second-guessing yourself. It awakens initiative and the inner fire to take action.

How to Use It: Try wearing yellow jasper jewelry or holding it against your solar plexus during affirmation practices. Having it on your desk or in your workspace can also provide motivating, confidence-boosting energy throughout your day.

5. Smoky Quartz

Feeling anxious or caught in fear-based thoughts? Then smoky quartz may be just what you need. This serene stone is all about calming the mind and emotions during stressful situations so you can think clearly and proceed with courage, rather than panic.

Smoky quartz also helps transmute negative energy and grounds your spirit so you can feel more grounded and centered within yourself. From that stable, unshakable core, you’ll find it easier to be brave in the face of adversity.

How to Use It: Keep a smoky quartz worry stone in your pocket or place a cluster in spaces where you work, study or spend a lot of time. You can also try holding one in each hand during stressful moments to facilitate stillness.

6. Amber

This fossilized tree resin is a powerful tonic for self-confidence, creative courage and embracing your fire. Amber is said to be a projective stone, which means it helps amplify your own energies and vitality so you can shine your brightest. It also promotes mental clarity and decision-making – key components of being a brave trailblazer.

How to Use It: Wearing amber jewelry or holding a piece over your sacral chakra during meditation can help harness its energizing, vitalizing properties. You can also try rubbing the amber between your palms to stimulate its projective qualities before facing a challenge.

7. Green Aventurine

We can’t talk about courage without bringing green aventurine into the mix! This gorgeous green crystal is considered one of the luckiest in the bunch, helping to dissolve self-doubt and inspire you to take chances. Green aventurine is also linked to confidence, optimism, growth, and making space for new opportunities to blossom.

How to Use It: Try carrying a green aventurine stone or making a gem elixir to help open the doors to more abundant possibilities. You can also place pieces around your home or office to welcome positive change and brave next steps into your sphere.

8. Citrine

When you think of vitality and personal power, citrine’s sunny yellow-orange hue is sure to come to mind. This bright, radiant crystal is amazing for boosting your feelings of self-worth, courage and personal sovereignty. It instills you with motivation and the self-assurance to go after what you want without holding back.

How to Use It: Meditate with citrine by placing a piece over your solar plexus chakra, or try drinking gem-charged water prepared with the stone. Many people also keep it in their workspace or wear citrine jewelry to soak up its confidence-inducing vibrations.

9. Hematite

As the “stone for the mind,” hematite is a must-have for cultivating courage, focus and mental stamina in challenging circumstances. This root chakra stone grounds your energy while also deflecting negativity that could shake your resolve. It instills unshakeable self-discipline, commitment and follow-through, keeping you on track.

How to Use It: For nerve-wracking situations, holding a hematite stone can be incredibly helpful for staying present and grounded. You can also try placing pieces around your home or office to absorb electromagnetic smog that could otherwise cloud your mind.

10. Obsidian

Like a sleek black bodyguard, obsidian is an extremely protective crystal that helps shield your spirit from external negativities and internal demons. Obsidian is particularly awesome for building courage by helping you overcome irrational fears, insecurities, and self-sabotaging emotional patterns. It peels away the layers and reveals your innermost strength.

How to Use It: Meditate with obsidian to dig deep into the emotional roots of what’s causing fear or self-doubt. You can also place obsidian in the corners of rooms to transmute lower vibes into higher ones. Many use pieces for energy cleansing practices too.

11. Garnet

If “courage” had a color, deep crimson garnet would probably be it. Garnet is a profoundly energizing stone that stirs up feelings of passion, vitality and motivation from your root. It activates your survival instincts while helping you embrace your inner fire in a grounded way.

How to Use It: Try grounding and centering with garnet before channeling your bravery and confidence into manifestation practices. You can also create grids with this bold red crystal to activate spaces with charged, empowering energy.

12. Tigers Iron

It’s right there in the name – tigers iron is a crystal of strength, determination and unshakable courage! This unique combination of tiger’s eye and hematite provides double the fortifying power for your mental and physical resilience. Tigers iron is also amazing for hope, pushing forward through obstacles and adversities.

How to Use It: Keep a tigers iron stone in your pocket or place pieces in your environment to absorb its protective, energizing frequencies. Wearing it as jewelry can also provide daily shielding and motivating vibes.

13. Black Obsidian

Yes, obsidian got a second spot because it’s THAT powerful for courage! While regular obsidian offers great shielding properties, the jet black variety takes it to a whole other level. Black obsidian specifically helps banish deep-rooted fears and negative patterns that could otherwise keep you playing small and staying stuck.

How to Use It: Use black obsidian for spiritual grounding, shadow work and unblocking stuck energies during times when you need an extra bravery boost. Meditating with this crystal can help peel away layers of self-doubt and resistance.

14. Dumortierite

Known as the “courage crystal,” dumortierite helps strengthen your resolve, self-confidence and ability to persevere through difficult situations without losing heart. This blue-violet stone helps dissolve fears, anxieties and negative self-talk that could be holding you back from greatness.

How to Use It: Keep dumortierite on you or in your energetic field when facing trials, public speaking or other challenges that tend to trip up your bravery. Use it during meditation to work through emotional hangups.

15. Zincite

When you’re feeling paralyzed by fear or totally overwhelmed, zincite could help reignite your courage from within. This bold red crystal instills you with enthusiasm, spontaneity, assertiveness and the confidence to take decisive action without overthinking it. Zincite “turns on” your inner dynamo and inspires you to chase your deepest passions and callings.

How to Use It: For an energizing boost, hold zincite over your navel or root chakra before heading into stressful situations. You can also place a piece in your workspace to provide motivating “let’s get it done!” energy throughout the day.

16. Staurolite

Often called “fairy crosses,” these fascinating cross-shaped crystals are all about finding the inner strength to overcome challenges and bounce back from adversity even stronger. Staurolite provides courage, resilience, determination and a rock-solid mindset for handling life’s ups and downs without losing your center.

How to Use It: Keep staurolite close by during difficult life transitions or “dark night of the soul” periods. Its energy is deeply nourishing and emboldening when your spirit feels depleted. Meditate with staurolite to help integrate spiritual lessons with grace.

17. Prehnite

While not the most obvious “courage crystal,” prehnite’s gentle yet powerful vibration is incredible for instilling you with bravery and perseverance while keeping your heart centered and calm. This pretty pale green stone helps dissipate fear, boosting hope and faith that you’ll get through whatever tests life throws your way.

How to Use It: Prehnite makes a wonderful ally for daily meditation and manifesting practices where you could use an extra dose of courage. It’s also said to help facilitate deep inner child healing – a key step in claiming your full strength.

Okay, wow! There are so many gorgeous gemstones that have the potential to awaken your dormant courage and inner fortitude. Of course, these are just some suggested uses – feel free to get creative and use the crystals in whatever ways resonate most with you.

As with anything energetic, the key is setting a clear intention and having an open, willing mindset. Courage is an inside job, after all. These crystals can only amplify and reflect back the true bravery that’s already within you!

So take your time and spend some quiet reflection with these powerful stones. Meditate, journal, do some visioning. Let their unique vibrations guide you to the core of your strength so you can experience breakthroughs and tackle whatever big dreams or challenges lie ahead.

Because here’s the truth: You are far braver and more resilient than you know. That confidence is inside of you, just waiting to be unleashed. All you have to do is own your power.

So whether you’re preparing for a major life transition, working to overcome self-doubt, or simply want to take your courage to the next level, keep your crystals close. Let their energy remind you of your true radiant inner strength and ability to move mountains.

You’ve got this, warrior. Now let’s get out there and slay!

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