17 Best Crystals For Love & Relationships

Hey there! Are you looking to invite a little more love and harmony into your life? Well, you might want to consider the power of crystals. These beautiful gemstones have been used for centuries in various spiritual practices and are believed to carry all sorts of energetic properties. And you know what? Some crystals are thought to be particularly helpful when it comes to matters of the heart. Crazy, right?

So, are you ready to get your love vibes flowing? Let’s dive into 17 of the best crystals that could potentially enhance your romantic relationships and attract that special someone into your life. Who knows – you might just find your new sparkly soulmate!

1. Rose Quartz

Okay, this one’s kind of a no-brainer. Rose quartz is like the queen of love crystals. Its gentle pink hue is said to radiate all kinds of loving energy and open up your heart chakra. Many believe this stone can help heal emotional wounds from past heartbreaks, increase self-love and confidence, and foster feelings of peace, compassion and unconditional love in relationships.

How to use it: Keep a rose quartz under your pillow, hold it over your heart during meditation, or make gem elixirs by soaking it in water. You can even get rose quartz jewelry to keep its vibe with you all day.

2. Rhodonite

This pretty pink and black stone is another top contender in the love crystal realm. Rhodonite is associated with letting go of past hurts, resentments, and grudges so you can move forward with a clean slate. It’s thought to help you embrace your vulnerability, find emotional balance, and nurture healthier relationships built on radical honesty and trust. Who couldn’t use more of that in their life?

How to use it: Write down anything you need to forgive yourself or others for on a piece of paper. Hold the rhodonite over it and visualize the pain being transmuted and released. You can also meditate with rhodonite to get in touch with repressed feelings.

3. Rhodochrosite

You’re probably sensing a rosy theme here, huh? Well, rhodochrosite is yet another pink love crystal that’s all about passion, sensuality and intense romantic attraction. This gemstone is said to stimulate the heart chakra, increase self-confidence and magnetism, and support faithful, harmonious partnerships. Want to reignite that spark? Maybe give rhodochrosite a try.

How to use it: Keep rhodochrosite in your bedroom or boudoir area to encourage intimacy. You can also hold one in each hand and visualize swirling pink energy circulating between your palms to rev up those lusty vibes.

4. Green Aventurine

While not overtly romantic in color, green aventurine is considered a stone of opportunity, luck, and new beginnings. Some believe it can help attract new love interests into your experience or take existing relationships to deeper levels of commitment and understanding. It’s also associated with fertility, making it a nice choice for those hoping to start or grow their families one day.

How to use it: Meditate with green aventurine while focusing on your romantic intentions and visualizing your ideal partner. You can also make an aventurine grid under your bed or near the entrance of your home to welcome in fresh opportunities.

5. Morganite

This pretty peach-hued crystal is all about divine love – the kind of profound, unconditional, soulmate-level love that every relationship strives for. Morganite is said to dissolve energetic barriers by promoting empathy, compassion and a willingness to be vulnerable. It’s like an energetic bridge to deeper understanding between you and your partner.

How to use it: Morganite is very gentle, so simply having a piece in your environment can be beneficial. However, you can give it a “power boost” by placing it on your third eye during meditation.

6. Amethyst

You didn’t think we’d leave out this classic gemstone, did you? Amethyst is a master at calming the mind, releasing stress and turbulent emotions that can often lead to conflicts and misunderstandings in relationships. Some believe it promotes patience, inner peace, and helps you get a grip on those pesky codependent or jealous tendencies. An important crystal for anchoring in self-love too!

How to use it: Keep an amethyst cluster on your nightstand or make amethyst water by soaking stones in a glass of water overnight. You can also place amethyst geodes around spaces where you and your partner spend a lot of time together.

7. Kunzite

This pretty pink-lilac stone is like a soulful combination of rose quartz and amethyst. Kunzite is said to resonate strongly with the heart chakra and encourage empathy, compassion, emotional healing and a deep spiritual connection with your partner. If you’re looking to foster that once-in-a-lifetime soulmate bond, this may be a powerful (and gorgeous!) crystal to have in your arsenal.

How to use it: Try meditating with kunzite while focusing on your relationship and visualizing you and your partner’s heart chakras aligning and merging as one radiant light. You can also try making a kunzite elixir to promote a “heart healing” vibe.

8. Ruby

Now here’s a fiery burst of passionate energy! The ruby is a powerful crystal that’s linked to sexuality, raw desire, and intense romantic love that borders on obsession (in a good way?). If things have cooled off a bit in the bedroom, keeping a ruby close could potentially help reignite that spark and get those lustful flames roaring again. Just be careful – too much of this stone’s heated energy might lead to conflicts or quarrels if you’re not careful!

How to use it: For private encounters, try placing a ruby underneath the sheets or holding one in your hands to really feel its fiery effects. However, make sure to frequently cleanse rubies as they can absorb a lot of intense energy over time.

9. Emerald

For those in committed partnerships, the emerald could be your new best friend. This lush green gemstone represents fidelity, growth, fertility, and everlasting, unconditional love between partners. Some believe it can strengthen emotional bonds by promoting trust, loyalty, and a deep appreciation for one another’s unique quirks. It’s also said to boost fertility for couples hoping to conceive. What’s not to love?

How to use it: Emeralds are perfect for anniversary or weddings gifts. You can also try wearing emerald jewelry during quality time with your partner or placing emeralds around spaces you share together.

10. Lepidolite

Is stress starting to put a damper on your romantic vibes? Lepidolite may be able to help! This purple lithium stone is incredible for calming the mind, alleviating anxiety and tension, and welcoming more emotional balance – which we all know are key ingredients for happy, healthy relationships. In other words, it’s like giving yourself (and your partner) a big energetic hug.

How to use it: Try putting a lepidolite specimen on your nightstand or making a lepidolite bath by soaking pieces in hot water to create a relaxing atmosphere for reconnection. You can even place it on your third eye or hold one in each palm during meditation.

11. Unakite

Want to shake things up and inject some new passion and excitement into your relationship? Well, unakite might be the crystal for you! This beautiful green and pink stone is associated with attracting new experiences, adventures, and revived romance into one’s life. It’s thought to activate the heart and sacral chakras, encouraging sensuality, playfulness, and deeper intimacy between partners.

How to use it: Take unakite with you on special date nights or romantic getaways. You can also try meditating with it to visualize experiencing fresh sparks of passion with your lover. Just be open to going with the flow and embracing change!

12. Moonstone

There’s just something mysteriously alluring about moonstone, isn’t there? This iridescent gemstone is connected to feminine energy, fertility, intuition, and going with the natural cycles and rhythms of life. In relationships, it’s believed to promote deep emotional connections, tenderness, passion, fulfillment and even heightened sexual energy. For couples having trouble conceiving, some use moonstone to tap into its fertility-enhancing properties.

How to use it: Moonstone can be beautifully erotic – try giving your partner a massage using moonstone wands or keeping one in your bedroom. It’s also nice for “wombspace” rituals and getting in touch with feminine energy.

13. Jade

When it comes to lasting, stable love, jade is where it’s at. This powerful green crystal represents wisdom, prosperity, peace and eternal harmony within relationships. It’s said to foster open and honest communication between partners while also attracting luck, abundance and the ability to gracefully weather any storms you might face together as a couple.

How to use it: Jade has been given as a symbolic wedding gift since ancient times, so it makes a lovely offering to newly married partners. You can also try keeping a jade sphere between you and your lover during intimate moments.

14. Garnet

Garnets come in a stunning range of red hues that are just bursting with fiery passion! This intense crystal is linked to sensuality, sexuality, vigor and vitalizing romantic energy between partners. If waning intimacy or lackluster libidos have become an issue, garnet could potentially help rekindle those lusty flames and reawaken your primal desires for one another. Just be cautious of the jealousy or possessiveness some associate with this stone when used in excess.

How to use it: Try placing garnets underneath your mattress or pillows to stimulate erotic dreams. Wearing garnet jewelry can also help keep its revitalizing frequency close throughout the day.

15. Opal

Opal is a unique crystal in that its kaleidoscopic colors are thought to hold the properties of various other gemstones all in one gorgeous package. In relationships, it’s believed to promote faithfulness, confidence, emotional stability and the ability to see things from higher perspectives. Opals are also tied to sensuality, fertility and activating one’s creative, playful energies in the bedroom.

How to use it: Since opals are so multifaceted, they’re a great “one stone fits all” type of crystal for relationships. Try meditating with one or wearing opal jewelry to tap into its wide range of romantic benefits.

16. Lapis Lazuli

With its rich blue hues, lapis lazuli is considered a crystal of truth, authenticity, wisdom and open communication. When it comes to relationships, it’s said to strengthen emotional bonds by promoting vulnerability, honesty and dispelling miscommunication or deceit between partners. Hey, honesty is the best policy in love, right? Lapis could help keep things real.

How to use it: Keep lapis lazuli nearby during difficult conversations with your partner to encourage each of you to speak your highest truths. You can also try making a lapis lazuli elixir to aid in self-expression.

17. Turquoise

Last but not least, we have turquoise – a grounding yet spiritually activating stone that’s perfect for nurturing relationships! Its beautiful blue-green shades are associated with loyalty, friendship, empathy, trust and honest communication between partners. Some believe it attracts compassionate people and lasting romance into one’s life while helping existing relationships blossom even further.

How to use it: Try wearing turquoise jewelry or placing stones around your living spaces to welcome in its stabilizing yet high-vibe romantic frequencies. Turquoise also makes a lovely, meaningful gift for a partner.

Whew, who knew there were so many potential love crystals out there? At the end of the day, the power comes from your intentions, beliefs, and willingness to be open. But having a little sparkly sidekick certainly can’t hurt when it comes to matters of the heart, can it?

No matter which crystals you choose to bring into your life, the key is to set a clear intention, perhaps during a full moon ritual or while meditating. Ask the crystal to help attract your ideal romantic situation, rekindle the spark, or strengthen your existing bonds – whatever it is you’re hoping for. And of course, we have to state the obvious: Crystals are meant to be a complementary tool, not a substitution for putting in the real work with your partner!

So go ahead, pick out some new crystalline besties and get ready to have your heart shine bright like a diamond. Nurture the loving connection within yourself first and foremost, and the right partner will follow. And who knows? You may just find that the real magic has been inside you all along.

In Conclusion

There you have it, friends – an in-depth look at 17 crystals with major romantic potential! Whether you’re looking to attract new love, rekindle passion, heal emotional wounds from the past, or strengthen the sacred bonds you already have, these beautiful gemstones just might give your aura (and relationship status) a welcomed boost.

The most important thing? Making sure you’re coming from a place of self-love first. Because at the end of the day, that’s the most powerful love crystal of all. Work on fully accepting yourself, flaws and all. Fall deeply, madly in love with your divine spirit. Only then can you fully open up to giving and receiving the depths of love you deserve.

So get ready to cleanse your crystals on the next full moon, light some candles, put on your favorite playlist and start programming those gemmy allies with your innermost heart’s desires. Romance, intimacy, and unconditional tenderness await! All you have to do is embrace it.

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