Top 99 Amazonite Affirmations You Should Know (2024)

Amazonite, with its soothing green color, is the perfect crystal for working with affirmations. Known as the “stone of hope”, amazonite promotes self-confidence, optimism, and a state of harmony and balance.

By programming amazonite with positive affirmations, you can create a powerful talisman to support your goals and dreams.

Why Should I Use Amazonite Affirmations?

There are many great reasons to use amazonite for affirmations:

  • Amazonite resonates with the heart and throat chakras, amplifying and projecting your positive intentions
  • Its soothing energy helps calm an overactive mind, making it easier to integrate positive new beliefs
  • Amazonite dispels negative energy andthought patterns that may be blocking your affirmations
  • It encourages truth, communication, and personal expression, supporting affirmations focused on self-empowerment
  • Its hope-filled vibes motivate and uplift, keeping you optimistic as you affirm positive change

In short, amazonite is the perfect ally for affirmation work of all kinds. Let’s look at some examples of powerful statements you can program into your amazonite crystals.

Top 99 Amazonite Affirmations

Here are 99 of my favorite affirmations to use with amazonite healing stones:

Self-Confidence & Self-Love

  1. I deserve to be loved for who I am
  2. I acknowledge my own self-worth
  3. I release past experiences that damaged my confidence
  4. I welcome new positive beliefs about myself
  5. I choose to recognize my unique talents and gifts
  6. I allow myself to shine brightly in this world

Prosperity & Abundance

  1. I now receive wealth and prosperity from unexpected sources
  2. I emanate love, and it returns to me tenfold
  3. Generous financial flow is a natural part of my life
  4. I release any beliefs of scarcity and embrace my abundance
  5. I prosper in body, mind, and spirit
  6. I appreciate all that I have right now in this moment

Health & Wellness

  1. I nourish my body with healthy foods and self-care
  2. I flow with my natural cycles and invites vitality
  3. I forgive past patterns and embrace my highest health now
  4. Healing occurs for me now gently and peacefully
  5. I allow wellness to permeate every cell of my being
  6. I clear away all that no longer serves me on my path to health


  1. I welcome healthy, harmonious relationships into my life
  2. I embody compassion and see the goodness in others
  3. I speak my truth with confidence and loving kindness
  4. I release judgments and remain open to all people
  5. I activate grace and lightness within my connections
  6. I know that I am worthy and deserving of true love

Purpose & Passion

  1. I welcome my true soul purpose with open arms
  2. I trust in my talents, creativity, and vision
  3. I release all fears about stepping into my calling
  4. I ignite my sacred passions and share my gifts freely
  5. I flow with enthusiasm, motivation, and high vibration
  6. I allow great love and light to infuse my every endeavor

Protection & Safety

  1. I feel wonderfully safe and protected always
  2. I invoke powerful spirit guardians to watch over me
  3. I manifest harmony, honesty, and integrity around me
  4. I cut all cords to lower energies and influences
  5. I reinforce my healthy boundaries assertively but peacefully
  6. I transmute any perceived threats into opportunities for growth

Anxiety Relief & Calm

  1. I welcome waves of peace and serenity
  2. I soften my gaze and relax my mind
  3. I release overthinking and embrace inner quiet
  4. I trust in the larger unfolding and know all is well
  5. I forgive the need to control outcomes
  6. I invite passion while releasing all attachment

Grief, Loss & Emotional Healing

  1. I allow sadness to flow through me with gentleness
  2. I envelope my inner child in wings of love
  3. I patiently tend to the wounds seeking mending
  4. I know that in time this too shall heal into wholeness
  5. I open to joy and laughter amidst my healing tears
  6. I attune to hope and happiness from a place of light

Life Transitions

  1. I welcome necessary endings that clear space for new joy
  2. I remain open to all possibilities and opportunities before me
  3. I trust in my inner guidance to show me each right next step
  4. I flow with both tension and ease as I stretch into growth
  5. I know that all I have experienced has meaning and value
  6. I harvest the sweetness and lessons from what came before

Fear & Anxiety Release

  1. I gently acknowledge my fears without judgment
  2. I open the door to radical self-acceptance and compassion now
  3. I soften into the present moment, releasing attachment to imagined futures
  4. I summon true courage, which coexists peacefully with fear
  5. I relinquish the need for false safety and control
  6. I rest in the quiet knowing that I have the strength to handle what comes

Grief, Loss & Emotional Healing

  1. I tenderly embrace sorrow when it visits
  2. I welcome laughter and joy amidst the tears
  3. I soften my heart to receive and release all emotions
  4. I know that great wisdom lives inside my pain
  5. I honor the full spectrum of human experience
  6. I patiently heal all to wholeness in due time

Life Purpose & Soul Mission

  1. I awaken each day filled with enthusiasm and purpose
  2. I cherish all the small steps that pave my destiny
  3. I welcome every twist and turn on my path with grace
  4. I know that my talents and perceptions serve a greater purpose
  5. I allow my soul’s true calling to magnetize people and opportunities to me
  6. I embrace the full multidimensionality of my being and gifts

Spiritual Growth & Awakening

  1. I attune to my eternal nature beyond all labels
  2. I awaken to the beauty and divinity all around and within
  3. I soften and expand, becoming vast as the sky
  4. I shed all illusions of separation and step into unity
  5. I evolve gracefully through each portal and initiation
  6. I behold the sacred in all beings and throughout all existence

Stress Relief & Relaxation

  1. I give myself full permission to rest
  2. I trust in the rhythm and flow of life
  3. I soften into serenity with each conscious breath
  4. I release over-striving and drop into ease
  5. I embrace play and creativity as divine gifts
  6. I allow all tightness in my body-mind to melt away

High Vibration Living

  1. I radiate compassion, peace and tranquility
  2. I overflow with enthusiasm and joy
  3. I magnify all that is beautiful and uplifting
  4. I give sincere praise where it is due
  5. I find the grace in both struggles and triumphs
  6. I shine ever brighter through alignment with my soul

Divine Support

  1. I accept gentle and loving assistance from beyond the veil
  2. I treasure the seen and unseen allies at my side
  3. I abide in trusting openness to support unseen
  4. I relax as unseen forces align things for my highest good
  5. I express heartfelt gratitude for divine grace
  6. I surrender and receive what is for my growth and learning

Overall Life Harmony

  1. I dwell in stillness underneath life’s changing tides
  2. I trust in the larger unfolding that guides me home
  3. I accept both joy and sorrow as teachers in disguise

Best Amazonite Crystals for Affirmations

When selecting amazonite stones for affirmation work, bigger is generally better. Tumblestones under 1 inch have limited energy storage capacity compared to larger stones. For most affirmation purposes look for stones approximately:

  • 1-2 inches for simple affirmation grids or carrying in a pouch
  • 2-4 inches to place in a home altar, medicine bag or crystal grid
  • Palm stones over 4 inches to hold during meditation or place beneath your pillow

Raw, natural termination points or geode slices also make wonderful vessels for concentrated affirmation energy.

See if you feel naturally drawn to one amazonite stone that “chooses” you! Connecting with its color and energy is the first step before programming.

How to Program Amazonite with Affirmations

Once you obtain an amazonite for affirmations, cleaning and clearing it is the first step. Wash metallic crystals with soapy water if needed. Then soak for 1-2 hours in sea salt and rinse.

You’ll also want to clear any stagnant energies by:

  • Smudging with sage or palo santo
  • Letting it sit in sunlight for 4-12 hours
  • Burying it in rice or dry sea salt overnight
  • Sound clearing with a singing bowl held overhead

Once cleansed, your amazonite is ready for affirmation charging! Here are two simple methods:

The Writing Method

  1. Sit calmly holding your stone and reflect on your intention
  2. On paper, write your affirmation(s) in present tense
  3. Press the paper to your heart center and feel the truth of the words
  4. Speak each affirmation out loud while programming the stone
  5. Sleep with it under your pillow or use it in meditation

The Intention Method

  1. Relax, ground and center your energy
  2. Hold your amazonite at heart level and visualize your goal
  3. In your mind’s eye see your affirmation written on the stone
  4. Repeat the affirmation several times silently or aloud
  5. Send feelings of truth to “seal” the intention
  6. Carry your stone with you or place it on an altar

As needed, recharge by holding the stone while repeating affirmations. Trust that your amazonite will magnify their resonance!

How to Personalize My Amazonite Affirmations

When creating affirmations, the more specific and personal they are to you, the more power they will carry. Take time reflect on your core values, passions and真self-knowing. Then consider the areas of your life currently needing an uplifting boost.

To make affirmations feel personal, try adjustments like:

  • Speak to yourself in the second person
  • Start with “I am” statements
  • Share specific fears/goals vs. general ones
  • Use your own name or reference loved ones
  • Align words to your spiritual beliefs
  • Anchor to current life events or transitions

Additionally, keep affirmation statements believable yet elevated from current reality. Finding this balance takes some experimentation.

Above all, approach amazonite affirmations from an openhearted state of allowing, not forcing. Words are powerful commands to the self. Infuse yours with love and remain open to inner guidance from your amazonite ally.


Programming amazonite crystals provides a wonderful way to magnify intentions through the power of affirmations. With its soothing green tones and vibration of hopefulness, this “stone of truth” helps clear negative thought patterns for more empowering beliefs to take root.

Whether seeking to boost confidence, abundance, health, relationships or soul evolution this magical mineral promotes harmony and personal growth. Paired with lovingly crafted affirmations attuned to your needs and spiritual values, amazonite proves a steady companion on the winding path to self-realization.

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Aya Vilas is a certified crystal healer and Reiki master who left her corporate job three years ago to fully embrace her spiritual calling. She now runs a thriving crystal shop and offers virtual energy healing sessions to clients in LA. Aya believes crystals hold vibrational energies that can realign our chakras, remove energetic blockages, and promote our overall well-being. Her mission is to make crystal healing accessible to all.

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