16 Best Crystals for Connecting with Passed Loved Ones

Losing someone we love is incredibly hard. When someone dies, it can feel like they are gone forever. But what if there was a way to still feel connected? What if you could tap into their energy using crystals that strengthen communication between this world and the next?

Now, I know crystals might sound a little “woo woo” to some. But keep an open mind! Science is discovering that everything—including rock crystals—vibrates with energy. And certain crystals have seriously mystical qualities when it comes to boosting spiritual communication.

So if you’ve ever wanted a deeper bond with loved ones who have passed on, consider adding some of these 16 crystals into your grief healing toolkit:

1. Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is one of the best crystals for contacting those in the spirit world. It vibrates at a high frequency that helps strengthen communication between the physical and spiritual planes. Whenever you visit a psychic medium or do some DIY spirit channeling at home, clear quartz can amplify the messages coming through.

2. Selenite

This angelic stone connects directly to divine spiritual guidance—which includes our passed on loved ones in heaven. With its glowing white light, selenite opens pathways for their love and support to flow our way. Anytime grief leaves you feeling alone, hold selenite close to invite your soul tribe in.

3. Chrysocolla

If there’s someone you’re longing to hear from in the afterlife, chrysocolla can help make it happen. Its soothing blue-green color vibrates gently with the energy of peace, forgiveness, and open communication with souls on the other side. Keep a tumbled stone in your pocket or place one on your nightstand. See if it helps them visit in dreams!

4. Angelite

As the name suggests, angelite connects with the angelic realm—and angels are powerful messengers for departed loved ones who want to share words of comfort. In addition to inviting spiritual guidance, angelite helps calm grief and instill a sense of inner peace after loss. Its soft blue invites soothing waves of angelic healing light.

5. Apache Tears

These small black obsidian nuggets form when molten lava cools quickly with moisture trapped inside. Apache Tears promote releasing grief so you can better welcome spiritual connection. If emotions ever get too heavy when reaching out to your dearly departed, hold these tears close to find cathartic release. This empties space for their loving presence to come through.

6. Prehnite

Sometimes reminders of a loved one’s death replay endlessly in our minds, making it hard to find peace. The next time hurtful images or memories surface, prehnite can help calm your thoughts. Its healing green and white colors replace psychic clutter with soothing blank space. This opens the channels so departed loved ones can filter in comfort instead.

7. Carnelian

Raise your spiritual vibrations with fiery orange-red carnelian, perfect for pursuing dynamic relationships with those beyond the veil. If there’s someone you’re longing to really connect, reach for this marvelously motivating stone! Carnelian stokes spiritual curiosity for forming bonds that transcend our earthly realm.

8. Lepidolite

The light purple hues of lepidolite calm the mind from grief-stricken overwhelm. Our departed loved ones can’t get through when our thoughts race out of control. After a soothing session with lepidolite, loving souls awaiting connection from the other side finally have an opening. Beautiful dreams often follow lepidolite’s calming energy.

9. Rainbow Fluorite

Sometimes our most meaningful spirit conversations happen through symbols, sensations, or blended sensations only mediumship can channel. Rainbow fluorite awakens intuitive perception so even subtle spirit messages shine through. If you’re struggling sensing loved ones through the veil, invite rainbow fluorite to amplify their subtle signals coming through.

10. Celestite

Like a clear blue summer sky, celestite lifts grieving hearts with its heavenly energy—perfect for uplifting communication with those beyond the physical. Many people report meeting departed loved ones within celestite’s ethreal layers. They infuse peace while delivering loving messages from the great beyond.

11. Green Aventurine

As one of the premier “heart healing” gemstones, green aventurine comforts heavy-hearted grief while inviting soul connections from realms afar. Its soothing earthy color exudes gentle waves love, light, and soothing well-being. This transforms heaviness into uplifting spiritual closeness with departed loved ones wishing you peace from above.

12. Rose Quartz

Tender pink rose quartz resonates beautifully with unconditional loving bond you’ll always share with those who’ve passed beyond the veil. Its gentle vibrations reach deep into heartache to instill comfort while elevating connections through spheres of light. If your heart hurts for someone gone too soon, hold rose quartz close. Feel their soulful presence subsume grief with eternal loving light.

13. lolite

Regarded as one of the best third eye chakra and crown chakra crystals, iolite boosts psychic gifts like clairvoyance, intuition, and mediumship. Through expanded perception, iolite can help you actually sense the presence of spirits who wish to connect. Place an iolite crystal over your third eye in meditation. See if visions or messages come through!

14. Rhodochrosite

With striped bands of white, pink, orange, and red, rhodochrosite embodies uplifting energies from base to crown. Its joyful vibrations heal sorrow from loss while inviting elevated spiritual connections across planes. Place rhodochrosite by a photo of your departed loved one when you need extra comfort or want to strengthen your spirit bond through the realms.

15. Black Tourmaline

This intensely grounding stone shields against lower vibrations that inhibit spiritual connections—like stress, anxiety, and overwhelm from grieving. Black tourmaline is also highly protective, shielding space for clearer ethereal communication without outside interference. Before any psychic work, hold black tourmaline to secure optimal conditions for channeling.

16. Amethyst

Last but certainly not least: the regal purple crystal that’s perhaps most synonymous with higher states of psychic awareness and communication with souls beyond the veil. Amethyst holds extremely high yet soothing spiritual vibration—a light frequency departed loved ones can actually tap into for relaying messages across the realms. Whether through dreams, symbols, telepathic thought transmissions, or full-blown mediumship, amethyst paves the way.

The Takeaway?

Crystals are incredible allies when it comes to forging (or restoring) connections with beloved friends and family who’ve passed into spirit realms. Certain varieties excel at amplifying messages, inviting their presence, easing grief, empowering mediumship skills for increased spirit chatter…you name it!

There are so many ways these 16 powerhouse crystals help unite us across dimensions. Hopefully their magic brings you comfort and spiritual closeness with departed loved ones.

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Nia Ivy is an intuitive empath, reiki healer, and certified yoga instructor. She teaches workshops on energy healing, developing intuition, and using yoga and meditation to tap into higher states of consciousness. Nia believes we all have innate healing abilities if we cultivate the self-awareness to access them. Her own spiritual awakening came through consistent mindfulness practices. She aims to hold space for others to find their inner light.

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