Does Aquamarine Help You Sleep Better at Night?

Have you ever been lying in bed staring at the ceiling, wishing you could fall asleep, but you can’t turn your thoughts off? We’ve all been there.

Getting quality sleep can be difficult for many people. Due to work stress, family obligations, health issues and general anxiety, our brains often struggle to relax at night.

But what if certain crystals could help you relax and prepare for rest? I decided to explore whether wearing aquamarine jewelry could improve sleep. Aquamarine is a stunning light blue gemstone that is said to have a calming effect. But can it really help you sleep better? Let’s investigate!

A Little About Aquamarine

First of all, what exactly is an aquamarine? Well, the name gives us a hint. It comes from the Latin word meaning sea water. One look at the stunning pale blue color of this stone and it’s easy to see why!

Aquamarine is a type of beryl mineral. What does this mean? There are different types of the mineral called varieties. The mineral beryl also includes gemstones such as emerald and morganite. Aquamarine is just light blue beryl.

This serene gemstone forms in granite pegmatites and certain types of schist. Pegmatites are strata with large crystals. Aquamarine grows in huge hexagonal prisms up to a foot long!

Now that we have some idea of what aquamarine is, let’s look at why people think it can help with sleep.

The Calming Powers of Aquamarine

Aquamarine has been highly prized since ancient times. The Roman writer Pliny the Elder described the stone in his famous natural history encyclopedia published around 77-79 AD. This gemstone has long been associated with the sea. Sailors used to believe that aquamarine amulets brought good luck on the water.

But aquamarine is not just for sailors. Over the centuries, people have come to believe that it has soothing, calming energies. In crystal healing traditions, it is said to help relax and release stress.

The light blue color reminds us of summer skies and calm waters. It is said that viewing aquamarine can bring calmness, dispel worries, and inspire mental clarity. It makes sense, right? Think of a deserted tropical beach and you’ll instantly feel more relaxed.

Because of these calming properties, it is believed that aquamarine can prepare your brain for rest. Wearing or carrying this stone is believed to eliminate the mental chatter that keeps you from dozing off. Soon your breathing deepens, your body relaxes, and you’re off to dreamland.

Does it make sense so far? Now let’s look at the science behind these claims.

Can Science Explain How Aquamarine Might Work?

From a scientific perspective, aquamarine can help improve sleep in a number of ways. However, more research is still needed to be sure. Here are some of the leading theories:

Placebo Effect: Simply believing that aquamarine will help you sleep better is true. The placebo effect is very real. Wearing this stone may activate this self-fulfilling prophecy.

The Relaxation Response: Looking at calming colors triggers your body’s natural relaxation response. This automatically lowers your heart rate, lowers blood pressure and relieves muscle tension. Your nervous system shifts into rest mode.

Biofeedback: Holding or gazing at an aquamarine can provide biofeedback about your mental state. Subconsciously noticing the color directs your brain waves into a more relaxed state.

Meditation Focus: Having a tactile object to focus on can prevent your thoughts from wandering. Aquamarine can be used as a meditation aid to help calm anxious thoughts.

Therapeutic Imagery: Thinking of the beach and water triggers therapeutic mental imagery. This cognitive visualization relaxes your body and brain.

The Power of Blue: Blue light has a mild sedative effect by stimulating the production of sleep hormones. Observing blue aquamarine crystals may trigger this response.

So while it’s not conclusive, there may be something about aquamarine that may help improve sleep. But does real-world evidence support this? Let’s explore.

Putting Aquamarine to the Test: Does it Improve Sleep?

Crystal healing remains controversial in mainstream science. But many people swear by it. I searched the internet and talked to people about their experiences using aquamarine to improve their sleep. Here’s what I found:

“I started wearing an aquamarine necklace to bed. I slept faster now. My thoughts don’t race anymore. I used to toss and turn for hours.” – Vanessa, 29

“Meditating with Aquamarine helps stop anxious thoughts so I can relax at night. I keep thinking about the beach until I drift off to sleep.” – Marco, 43

“I used to take sleeping pills. Holding my aquamarine pendant helps me sleep without them.” – Lauren, 35

“I was skeptical, but I didn’t really lose any sleep until I stopped wearing my aquamarine earrings. Now it takes me forever to fall asleep!” – James, 26

“My friend gave me an aquamarine bracelet, and I realized that for the first time ever I slept through the night! I rarely wake up now.” – Olivia, age 54

The evidence is anecdotal, but trends are emerging. People report falling asleep faster, sleeping well throughout the night, and feeling better rested in the morning. Increased relaxation and decreased anxiety can also lead to deeper sleep.

While we need more research, these real-world experiences suggest that aquamarine may hold promise as an all-natural sleep aid. And there’s almost no risk in trying it!

Aquamarine Tips for Better Sleep

Want to try using aquamarine to enhance your sleep? Here are some tips for making the most of this gemstone:

  • Wear it to bed! Pendants, necklaces, bracelets and earrings keep gemstones close all night long.
  • Place it on your nightstand where you can see the color. Make it the last thing you see before you close your eyes.
  • Hold a palm stone before bed and perform breathing exercises to relax. Feel your stress disappear.
  • Try meditating with aquamarine. Visualize the beach, the sea and the waves washing away the sorrows.
  • If you don’t want to wear your jewelry to bed, place it under your pillow or mattress. Keep the stone close.
  • Take a hot bath with Aquamarine. The combined relaxing effect may leave you feeling good and drowsy.
  • Combine with other calming activities such as yoga, tea, reading or aromatherapy to enhance the effect.

Find out what works best for you! Having Aquamarine nearby will influence your subconscious mind as you fall asleep and set the stage for a truly rejuvenating rest.

Are There Any Risks With Aquamarine?

An important question about any sleep aid is whether it is safe. The great thing about Aquamarine is that the risks are minimal! Since it is non-drug based, you don’t have to worry about drug side effects or dependence. This gemstone has no known toxicity.

Of course, if you have any health concerns, consult your doctor. But for most people, aquamarine is a low-risk natural sleep aid with few downsides. The only potential problem is an allergy to the metal when wearing the jewelry. Try nickel-free 925 sterling silver or 14K gold sterling silver settings.

As with any personal remedy, use common sense. But Aquamarine is usually considered very safe. It sure beats prescription tranquilizers!

Give Aquamarine a Try for Better Sleep!

Having trouble catching Zzz’s? Before turning to pills, give aquamarine a chance! This soft blue gemstone has helped many people fall asleep faster and wake up refreshed. Its calming energy may be just what you need to relax into sleep.

While more research is needed, the risk-benefit ratio strongly supports trying this sleep therapy. As you fall asleep, be sure to use the affirmation, “Aquamarine relaxes me and prepares my brain for restful sleep.” Plan your subconscious mind and set positive expectations.

You have nothing to lose and nothing to gain. Who couldn’t use a better quality of sleep? Sleep peacefully with the help of Aquamarine’s serene light blue glow. Sweet dreams!

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I was introduced to the power of crystals by chance during a trip overseas ten years ago, and began to learn about crystals and meditation. After years of experiencing firsthand the beauty and benefits of crystals, I founded CrystalWith to share my knowledge with others.

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