Are Those Gorgeous Crystals on Etsy Really Real? (Be Careful)

Have you ever been wandering around Etsy and found yourself completely mesmerized by all the amazing crystals for sale? That’s exactly what happened to me.

There are sparkling amethyst crystal caves, shimmering rainbow fluorite towers, and intricate wire wrapped pendants made from a variety of gemstones.

As a crystal lover, I can totally understand wanting to buy all of these beautiful things with one click.

But then the skeptical thoughts crept in. Are these crystals too good to be true? Do they really sell real gems at these prices? How do I know if I’m buying the real thing or a cottage crystal fake?

I definitely asked myself these questions before purchasing crystals from Etsy. I figured that if I had these questions, then other crystal lovers probably did too. So I decided to do some research to find out the answers: Are those gorgeous crystals on Etsy really real?

My Own Experiences Buying Crystals on Etsy

To start getting to the bottom of this, I figured I’d reflect on my personal experiences buying crystals from Etsy sellers. I’ll be upfront and say I’ve had mixed results.

Sometimes the crystals I receive radiate positive power and energy. Holding them in my hands, I can feel their soothing and recharging aura. I have no doubt that these crystals are the real deal.

But I will admit that there were a couple of purchases that made me skeptical. The crystals felt weird. Their energy wasn’t right. I began to suspect they weren’t 100% natural.

So in some cases, yes, the crystals I buy do look authentic. But occasionally I question whether the crystals are man-made or synthetic rather than natural crystals from the earth.

However, this is obviously just my personal experience. I can’t generalize about all crystal sellers on Etsy based on this. But it certainly proves that you can find real crystals on Etsy – you just have to know what to look for.

Telltale Signs Your Etsy Crystal is Fake

After purchasing enough crystals, I’ve learned how to spot a fake from a mile away. Here are some of the red flag signs that your Etsy crystals are most likely man-made:

The price is astronomically low. Natural crystals, especially fancy specimen pieces, are not cheap. If you find a shop selling profoundly underpriced crystals, they’re probably too good to be true.

The colors are super vibrant. Natural crystals can take on stunning colors, but fluorescent neon colors are the Achilles heel of man-made gems. Real crystals tend to have more muddy, natural colors.

It’s perfectly cut and polished. You can hardly find a perfect natural crystal point in nature. The rough, uneven surface creates a truly uncut crystal.

It’s unlabeled. Reputable sellers will provide information about the name, origin, meaning and properties of the crystal. No detailed information may be a fake.

It feels lightweight. Real crystals are denser and heavier. If your crystal feels light, it’s probably glass or plastic.

It doesn’t “sing” to you. Authentic crystals give off a subtle vibration. If you don’t feel the energy of the crystal, then it’s probably not genuine.

Now let’s turn it around and see what are the signs that you can trust that Etsy crystals are absolutely real?

Signs that your Etsy crystals are authentic

If you want to make sure you’re buying the real thing, look out for these signs from the seller:

They indicate the origin of the crystal. The listings provide detailed information about where the crystals were mined. Knowing the origin is a good sign.

It looks naturally formed. Jagged, uneven surfaces and growth lines indicate the crystal formed naturally in the earth, rather than being man-crafted.

Prices are reasonable. Prices reflect the rarity and quality of the crystal. Inflated or low prices are red flags. However, reasonable prices signal authenticity.

They know their stuff. Professional crystal sellers understand each crystal’s unique properties. They provide reflective descriptions that indicate deep knowledge.

They have sparkling reviews. Check out the store’s full reviews. Satisfied customers and 5-star reviews usually mean the crystal is as advertised.

They show it in raw form. Pictures of the crystals still in their natural matrix stone are further evidence of their true origin.

You feel the energy. This is a little harder to explain, but when you come in contact with a real crystal, you feel it. There is a vibrancy and vibration of energy.

Asking Questions to Vet an Etsy Crystal Seller

To take your crystal review to the next level, you can also communicate directly with the seller. Send them a short message and ask some strategic questions to determine if their item is authentic.

Here are some suggested queries:

  • Where do your crystals come from? Can you tell us exactly where it’s mined?
  • Do you deal directly with the mineral source? Or do you buy crystals through a dealer?
  • How do you verify the authenticity of a crystal before listing it for sale?
  • Do you specialize in certain crystal varieties or do you offer a wider variety of crystals?
  • What is your background in working with crystals? How did you get started selling crystal online?
  • Do you sell crystals in their raw, natural state? Or are some rubbed, cut or polished?

Honest sellers will provide detailed answers that show they have extensive crystal knowledge and direct purchasing relationships. A shady seller will dodge questions or provide vague answers with no real information.

By asking thoughtful questions before you buy, you’ll be better able to tell who is trustworthy. Honest, informative conversations are a good sign of dealing with a true crystal expert.

Consider a certificate of authenticity

Some crystal sellers will further authenticate their products by providing a certificate of authenticity. This is certainly an additional assurance of the crystal’s authenticity.

The certificate should detail the crystal’s physical properties, chemical composition, origin and other scientific identification information verified by a qualified gemologist. Obviously, certificates can be forged, but when combined with the seller’s reputation and product details, certificates provide added reassurance.

A number of other authenticity markers are also worth mentioning. International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN) or Product Numbers (SKU) can be cross-referenced in the Crystal database. Hologram stickers can also prove the legitimacy of the product and prevent counterfeiting. Some sellers even provide videos of crystals being extracted from the earth!

While not all crystals have these additional features, it is important to be aware of them if you want to maximize your assurance that you are buying the real deal. They prove the natural origin of the crystal in an undeniable way.

##Trust your instincts when buying crystals

While I’ve provided tips for recognizing real and fake crystals, I’ll mention the most important evaluator of all: your own intuition.

Even if the crystal meets all the requirements for authenticity, if your intuition tells you that something doesn’t feel right, then listen to that intuition. If your heart is drawn to crystals, but your mind is skeptical, then trust your intuition.

Sensing the vibrational nature of gemstones through energy can provide clues beyond the physical. Your deeper knowing will guide you. Sometimes, you just have to take a leap of faith!

Nonetheless, combining intuition with the right knowledge can eliminate reservations that may prevent the purchase of crystals. Utilize the suggestions here to make the verification work in your favor.

My Final Thoughts on Getting Real Crystals from Etsy

After going down my own crystal rabbit hole, I’m optimistic about finding real gemstones on Etsy. Yes, there are some sellers peddling polished glass fakes, but after doing some research, there are still plenty of trustworthy gemstone vendors out there.

Stay away from inexpensive crystals, overly vibrant rainbow colors and perfect cuts. Look for sellers who know their details, provide provenance information, display raw crystal and welcome communication. Verify through checkout conversations and cross-reference reviews.

And of course, listen to your energetic intuition! Crystals that speak to your soul are for you. Combine left-brain logic with right-brain mysticism and your next Etsy crystal treasure is just around the corner. All it takes is a discerning eye to remove the fake from the real.

The Crystal Kingdom is vast, so explore to your heart’s content! However, engage in the exploration as a savvy and competent buyer. Don’t be fooled by flashy scammers.


  • Evaluate the crystals you’ve purchased on Etsy in the past. Do they appear to be truly powerful and originating from the earth? Or do some look synthetic and devoid of energy? Use your experience to improve your discernment.
  • Look out for the telltale signs of fake crystals, such as ultra-low prices, neon colors, perfect cuts, lack of detail, light weight and lack of vibrancy. These are the Achilles’ heels.
  • Verify the authenticity of crystals by details such as where they were mined, uneven natural cuts, reasonable prices, seller’s expertise, and reviews of shiny stores.
  • Ask sellers questions about their sources and verification. Legitimate sellers will openly share detailed and knowledgeable answers.
  • Certificates of authenticity, ID numbers, holograms and mining videos are also strong evidence of the crystal’s authenticity.
  • Your intuition and inner knowing take precedence over everything else when it comes to deciding the authenticity of a crystal. Trust your feelings.
  • With the right precautions, you can definitely find genuine crystals through the Etsy store. Just be smart about what you’re looking for on your scavenger hunt!

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I was introduced to the power of crystals by chance during a trip overseas ten years ago, and began to learn about crystals and meditation. After years of experiencing firsthand the beauty and benefits of crystals, I founded CrystalWith to share my knowledge with others.

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