19 Best Crystals for Libra Zodiac Sign (So Powerful)

As a Libra, I’m always on the lookout for crystals that can help me amplify my sign’s strengths and balance its weaknesses.

There are so many gorgeous crystals out there – how do you know which ones are best for us Libra balanced, social and indecisive types?

Well, I decided to dig through the crystal wisdom of the experts to find the top 19 crystals for Libra-born people.

Want to attract more love into your life? Need extra positive power? Looking to make clearer decisions? There’s always a crystal for you!

Ready to find your new favorite gemstone for Libra’s personality?

Let’s start analyzing the properties of the best crystals for Libra!

An Introduction to Libra Energy

But first, let’s take a brief look at what it means to be born under the sign of Libra.

Libra is represented by the balance of the heavens (no surprise there!) , ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love.

This means that Librans are very focused on maintaining harmony, balance and fairness. Relationships are everything to Libra – we are constantly thinking about how to improve communication and avoid conflict.

Libra is also an air sign, which makes us intellectual and curious people who like to learn new ideas.

However, our ability to see all sides of an issue can certainly lead us to be indecisive! Our goal is to keep the peace, but often at the cost of expressing our true feelings.

Libra’s strengths include diplomacy, partnerships and charm. We struggle with pleasing others, avoiding conflict and being indecisive.

Libra friends, does this sound like you? Let’s take a look at how some beautiful crystals can help bring out our best traits!

1. Lapis Lazuli for Decision Making

With its stunning blue color, lapis lazuli is one of the most eye-catching crystals. In addition to its beauty, it helps to inspire truth, honesty and insight. For an indecisive Libra like me, Lapis Lazuli clears the mind to make the right decisions.

Next time you’re stuck choosing between two options, hold onto Lapis Lazuli or wear Lapis Lazuli jewelry. Its energy will help you find the right path forward.

2. Citrine for Positivity

A sunny yellow crystal like citrine feels like bottled happiness! Known as the “success stone,” it radiates such positive, optimistic vibes. Citrine is great for lifting moods and setting good intentions.

Whenever I need a pick-me-up, I hold on to a piece of citrine. Its bright energy keeps me enthusiastic about life. And we Libras love feeling sunny!

3. Labradorite for Clarity

Sometimes, as Libras, we spend too much time in contemplation, over-analyzing our choices. If this sounds familiar, try bringing labradorite into your life. It awakens intuition and breaks through the mental fog.

When I’m faced with a big decision, I like to keep a labradorite nearby. Its colorful luster quiets my racing thoughts. Labradorite reminds me to trust my intuition.

4. Aquamarine for Self-Expression

With its soothing blue-green tones, aquamarine is the perfect crystal to cool hot tempers. It promotes calmness, relaxation, and forgiveness.

For passive Libras who avoid rocking the boat, aquamarine encourages authentic communication and self-expression. Use it to express your ideas with clarity and grace.

5. Moonstone for Destiny

Shimmery Moonstone is associated with new beginnings and discovering your path. It awakens intuitive abilities and brings good luck.

Whenever I hold this crystal in my hand and revisit my goals in the moonlight, I feel more focused and certain that I am on the right path. Moonstone helps restore your confidence in your own inner wisdom.

6. Sapphire for Compassion

As the birthstone of September, Sapphire is the perfect jewelry for fall-born Libras. It radiates pure blue energy that stimulates the higher chakras. Those born in October can choose opal as their birthstone, which also resonates wonderfully with Libra.

Sapphire’s rich blue hue inspires self-expression, compassion and wisdom. It is the perfect crystal to awaken your compassion and let go of superficial judgment.

7. Agate for Balance

Agate is grounding and earthy and is the perfect centerpiece for a grid of balanced and harmonious crystals. Agate comes in many different color varieties such as Blue Lace Agate and Moss Agate.

Whichever shade you prefer, Onyx helps to eliminate extremes and restore balance to your life. It reminds Libra to look at all sides and make fair choices.

8. Rose Quartz for Relationships

Known as the stone of love, Rose Quartz has a sweet, romantic energy that resonates with Libra’s partnership orientation. Its pink hue exudes femininity and tolerance.

I love to have clusters of rose colored rose quartz around my bedroom to bring more love, intimacy and passion into my love life. This crystal nourishes your heart, thus nurturing your relationships with others.

9. Green Aventurine for Good Luck

Green Aventurine brings blessings from Mother Nature. You’ll recognize it instantly by its fun, shiny green flecks that resemble confetti!

This crystal reminds you that opportunity is around every corner. Its lucky energy helps to manifest wealth and abundance. The next time I need to increase my wealth, I’ll be sure to recharge my green aventurine.

10. Turquoise for Communication

With its distinctive blue-green color, turquoise has long been a symbol of wisdom and truth. The ancients believed that it could bridge the visible world with the invisible realm.

Turquoise supports honest, heartfelt communication. It has a soothing vibration that calms the throat chakra. If you have difficulty speaking your truth, hold turquoise tightly and prepare to open your heart!

11. Black Tourmaline for Protection

Now, let’s talk about a darker, more mystical colored crystal that Libra can benefit from – Black Tourmaline. Black tourmaline is ink-like in color and provides psychic protection against negative energies.

For Libra, who likes to cater to others and soak up their energy, Black Tourmaline can give you a much-needed boundary of energy. Keep a piece handy when you need to stand confidently in your own light.

12. Obsidian for Self-Reflection

Similarly, the glossy black obsidian helps to deflect bad feelings and increase inner strength. It is a mirror to the shadowed self, revealing flaws to be healed.

Obsidian reminds Libra not to repress the unpleasant side of yourself or your relationships. Instead, you need to own your dark side so that you can bring it into the light!

13. Celestite for Angels

Exquisite celestite shades range from sky blue to dark gray. It has an extremely high vibration that opens the way to the angelic realm.

This is the perfect crystal for Libra who wants to deepen their connection to the universe and invite divine guidance into their lives. Meditating with lapis lazuli allows our guardian angels to share their soothing suggestions.

14. Emerald for Patience

Emerald is known as the stone of successful love for good reason. Its emerald green nature promotes friendship, unity and unconditional loyalty. It also grants patience, which is key to maintaining a loving relationship.

If you’re a Libra and are struggling with relationship jitters, check out the emerald. Its stabilizing energy will help you stop overthinking the pace of intimacy. Instead, submit and appreciate what you share with each other in the here and now.

15. Sugar Crystals for Pleasure

Let’s brighten up the mood with Sugar Crystals! These little squares sparkle with joy and remind us to relish the sweet moments in our lives.

This crystallized sugar exudes the captivating energy of Venus. Keep a bowl handy to add a touch of delight to your daily life. Our airy Libra needs a pleasurable break!

16. Fluorite for Indecision

Fluorite has a rainbow of colors, but usually appears as purple cubes with geometric patterns. It is known as the “genius stone” and improves mental clarity and concentration.

Fluorite is an excellent choice when indecision strikes. Take a piece of Fluorite and resolve confusion rationally and intuitively. Its orderly energy helps the Libra make sense out of the chaos.

17. Chrysoprase for expression

In a blue-green swirl, chrysocolla celebrates the calming nature of water. It promotes emotional balance, inner strength and self-confidence.

If a Libra is feeling tongue-tied when expressing their feelings, I prescribe this gentle crystal for them. Chrysoprase promotes communication from the heart. Speak your truth with compassion.

18. Quartz for Energy

No crystal roundup would be complete without Master Healer, quartz! This versatile crystal encompasses the entire light spectrum and adapts easily to your intentions.

When your Libra batteries need recharging, summon Quartz. Its stimulating energy will rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. Quartz clusters are also excellent for crystal grids.

19. Malachite for Change

Finally, let’s talk about malachite and its dark green swirls. It is known as the “stone of change” and encourages adventure, change and emotional healing.

Malachite reminds Libra that sometimes we need to disrupt the status quo in order to grow. Instead of avoiding conflict, it’s better to blend in with the chaos and see it as an opportunity to improve your relationships.


These are my 19 favorite crystals that enhance Libra’s energy and restore balance. I hope this guide gives you, Libra, some ideas for incorporating crystals into your life.

Let Lapis Lazuli enhance your decision-making skills. Carry Citrine with you to bring you extra sunshine. Set a goal by gazing at the Moonstone phase. Display rose quartz crystals to invite partnership and romance.

Whichever crystal you are drawn to, trust your Libra intuition. We are lucky to have so many gorgeous crystals to choose from depending on our mood and intentions. Mix and match to create the perfect combination for your balanced lifestyle.

Which crystals resonate most with your Libra personality? Do you have a favorite stone not mentioned here? Please share how you incorporate crystals into your life in the comments below! Let’s talk about our shared love of these amazing mineral companions.

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