Who Should Or Should Not Wear Labradorite (Zodiac Sign)

Labradorite – it’s a totally gorgeous stone with flashes of crazy beautiful spectral colors. We’re talking rich blues, vibrant greens, fiery golds, and deep purples. It’s pretty magical stuff. But is it right for you? Should you be adding this stone to your jewelry and crystal collection? Well, that may depend on what the stars have to say…

Let’s take a look at which zodiac signs are most compatible with the energy of labradorite, and which ones might want to opt for a different protective stone. Spoiler alert: this mystical stone vibes with water signs in particular, as well as our air sign friends. But those born under fire or earth signs might find it a little much. Keep reading to learn more!

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Rams, with your fiery personality and go-getter attitude, labradorite might be a little too witchy and unpredictable for your taste. You like to take charge, stand your ground, and blaze trails. The ethereal energy of this stone may throw you off balance.

However, if anyone can handle a bit of otherworldly vibration it’s you, Aries. Your ruled planet is Mars after all, the god of war! So while labradorite might not be your power crystal, you could potentially find a friend in its magic. Start slow and see how it feels. Just don’t be surprised if its moodiness drives you a bit nuts. A fiery carnelian might be better for you in the long run.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

As an earth sign, Taurus, you tend to do best with stones that are grounding rather than airy. You value stability, comfort, and zen more than clairvoyance. For that reason, the spiritual vortex within labradorite might ruffle your fur a tad. You thrive when you feel rooted and secure, so labradorite’s shifting colors may stress you out.

However, you Bulls also appreciate beauty and artistry. If you want to give labradorite a spin, try incorporating it into your space decoratively first. Let its iridescence infuse calm rather than wearing it on your body. See if its magic sparks inspiration without going overboard into illusion!

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Chatty, flexible Geminis often feel right at home with mystical minded stones, especially labradorite! As a mutable air sign, you connect with labradorite’s swirling mix of elemental energies. Your inquisitive nature jives with its rainbow Rorschach test quality too. You see intrigue everywhere, and labradorite offers it in spades.

Whether in a ring, bracelet, or pendant, labradorite can help you tap into higher consciousness while keeping both feet on the ground. Its dualistic qualities mirror your own, Gemini. You’re all about synthesizing perspectives and bouncing between worlds. So go ahead and invite this stone along for an ethereal adventure!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) 

As one of the zodiac’s nurturing water signs, Cancer vibes extremely well with spiritual stones like labradorite. Its oceanic blues and watercolor tones match your own emotional palette. You’ll feel mysteriously drawn to its tidal magic. Almost like it calls to you from some mystical sea cave only you can enter…

In fact, wearing or carrying labradorite may help quell your occasionally crabby disposition! When you catch glimpses of its mesmerizing sheen, you’ll find negative feelings receding like the tide. Let this stone be a protective companion that keeps you feeling centered and secure.

Leo (July 23 – August 22) 

Labradorite can certainly work its witchery for Lions too…in small doses! As a natural born leader and radiant fire sign, your energy tends toward consummate confidence and stage presence. The flashy isn’t so shocking for you. But labradorite’s shapeshifting spectacle could steal your shine if you overdo it!

By all means accent some statement pieces with this stone if you feel called, Leo. Its shimmer nicely complements your glow. Just balance it out with more consistent stones too. Carnelian, citrine, or amber might be nice fiery foils to anchor you. Consider labradorite more of a special occasion magical mineral.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22) 

As an earth sign who navigates life through logic and order, labradorite might mess with your Virgo vibe a bit much. You may appreciate its rainbow sparkle aesthetically, but wearing or working with it extensively could short circuit your mental circuits! It’s just a little too out there and unreliable for your finely tuned sensibilities.

However, if ANY earth sign can open up to a bit of magic, it’s you, Virgo. Your secret mystic side exists! If you decide to welcome the energy of labradorite in small doses, let it activate your intuition without overthinking everything. Relax into its aura. You might find you enjoy its spiritual company in meditation.

Libra (September 23 – October 22) 

Labradorite and Libra make excellent companions, as this stone vibrates strongly with air elemental energy. As the zodiac’s natural peacemaker, you appreciate balance and harmony. Labradorite reflects that duality beautifully with its mixes of light and shadow, fire and water. It helps ground your airy ideas into tangible inspiration!

You also rule partnerships and relationships, Libra. So if you’re looking to manifest love or improve communication, labradorite can help attract supportive connections. Its magic works behind the scenes to draw kindred spirits close. Let it boost supportive friendships and romance alike!

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) 

Intense Scorpio goes deep in all matters of the soul, psyche, and shadow self. You fearlessly dive into transformational energy, and even seek the mystery! For this reason, labradorite makes an excellent pairing stone for your watery depths. Its otherworldly sheen won’t overwhelm or scare you off one bit.

In fact you’ll gravitate toward labradorite’s unseenrixonal forces and ethereal magnetism. Its paradox of lightness and darkness nicely complements your own personal portal between worlds. Let labradorite amplify your natural magic while keeping your secrets safe, Scorpio!

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) 

As the zodiac’s adventure-loving fire sign, Sagittarius gets positively spellbound by labradorite’s kinetic colors and energies. You love exploring ideas as much as globe trotting, so this stone awakens your inner wizard! It invites you to see beyond the ordinary, perceive through the veil.

In that vein, labradorite can enhance your travel mojo like few other crystals, Sagittarius. Take it with you on your journeys to stimulate serendipity and synchronicity. Let its rainbow glow lead you to hidden gems off the beaten path. Just promise not to disappear permanently into magical dimensions without us, ok?

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) 

Down to earth Capricorns generally like their crystals clear cut too: think diamonds, quartz, hematite. Anything too strange or surreal overwhelmed your earthy practicality. And as the zodiac’s creatively imaginative goat, your shadow self fears losing control. So labradorite might totally weird you out with its shape shifting spectacle!

However, its colors aren’t overly neon bright or gaudy. And labradorite does still connect to earth energy despite its portal to magical dimensions. So if you feel curious about its magic, sea goat, dip a hoof in slowly. Start by placing a piece near electronics to absorb electromagnetic stress. Build from there if you feel so inspired!

Polished Labradorite stones on a white background. It’s found in Canada, Poland, Norway, Finland and various other locations worldwide.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) 

The energy of labradorite blends perfectly with air signs like Aquarius! You’re all about elevating perspectives, thinking outside the box, and questioning the status quo. As the zodiac’s humanitarian visionary and astrological mad scientist, you have pretty eclectic taste. So labradorite’s otherworldly eccentricity excites you.

Add its shapeshifting shards to your unusual jewelry collection, by all means. Let its cosmic energy activate your innovative ideas and avant-garde fashion sense alike. Labradorite helps ground your intellectual airiness into something colorful yet concrete. When all the elements mix uniquely for you, Aquarius, magic happens!

Pisces (February 19 – March 20) 

Dreamy, soulful Pisces rules illusion, fantasy, intuition, and the mystical realm where labradorite also lives. For this reason, its magic calls to you like a siren song from ages past! You feel innately bonded to its oceanic energy palette too. Just gazing into its aqueous depths soothes your sensitive nature.

In many ways labradorite serves as a spiritual anchor for ephemeral Pisces, channeling your imagination into inspired action! Its bodyguards your emotions while sharpening your psychic sensitivities. For an empathic old soul like you who moves between worlds, labradorite makes the perfect protective amulet against overload. Stay spellbound!

The Magic Is Yours To Claim!

When it comes to cosmic stones like labradorite, the most important judge is your own inner voice. Pay attention to inner tug you feel when you spy those gorgeous spectral flashes. Do you feel energized? Calm? Inspired?

Learning this unique stone’s language simply takes patience and practice. Let its magic reveal itself through regular meditation sessions. Discover which zodiac gifts it amplifies in you, and how its rainbow portal can help you achieve goals, find love, enhance creativity or manifest your dreams!

The labradorite genie awaits your call. Just give its bottle a mystical rub to see if you’re compatible. Then let the crystal magic begin!

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