Who Should Or Should Not Wear Black Onyx (Zodiac Signs)

Onyx is a beautiful black gemstone that has been treasured since ancient times. Known for its soothing, protective energies, onyx makes gorgeous jewelry that resonates with many wearers on a deeper level. But is black onyx right for YOU? That depends on your zodiac sign.

Some signs amplify onyx’s gifts. Others find its darkness overpowering.

Let’s explore who should (and shouldn’t!) wear this mystical black stone.

Which camp do you fall into?


As a fiery Aries, you crave action and assertiveness. Impatient Rams charge forward, rarely doubting yourselves. This self-assuredness lends itself well to onyx’s emboldening nature. Its steadying earth energy and “go get ‘em” vibration stoke your inner flames.

Onyx not only boosts confidence but lends a constructive outlet for aggression. It challenges you to channel that notorious Ram temper into something tangible―a business venture, athletic achievement, or powerful self-brand.

Rams in relationships may also benefit from onyx’s protective capacities. Your go-getter gusto can leave partners feeling abandoned at times. Onyx’s shielding properties promote security and commitment against wandering eyes.

The Verdict: Yes! Wear that black onyx, Aries. Let its boldness fuel your identity and endeavors while keeping passion thriving at home.


As a Taurus, few stones resonate as strongly as onyx. Its earthy depths mirror the groundedness you embody. This is a perfect crystal match!

Onyx enhances the Bull’s already formidable endurance. It lends fuel for the long haul, helping plodding Taureans uphold commitments over time. You’re in it for the long game―not quick flings or flash-in-the-pan endeavors. Tenacious onyx boosts resilience.

This stone also speaks to your refined sensibilities. As a lover of beauty and quality craftsmanship, you appreciate onyx’s lush tactile appeal and intriguing mystique. Its unique charcoal hue provides an alluring neutral backdrop for your favorite metals and fabrics.

Even better? Onyx boosts self-control―an asset for indulgent Taurus. If overdoing rich foods or online shopping tempt you, this stone helps curb excessive appetites.

The Verdict:
Onyx is a Bull’s best friend! From boosting staying power to accentuating your products and looks, it aligns perfectly with Taurean values.


Free-spirited Geminis thrive on variety, novelty and stimulation. A new city, an intriguing class, a first date…you crave diverse adventures. At first, onyx seems an odd match for bubbly Twins. You expect stones in vibrant hues―citrine, amethyst or tourmaline.

Surprisingly though, onyx has plenty to offer Mercury’s children. Its smoky mystique sparks curiosity in the most listless Gemini. You’ll find yourself turning the stones over in your hands, admiring its unique charcoal tones. It lends intrigue to any outfit, adding a subtle nonconformist edge.

What about healing properties? Onyx grounds frenetic Geminis without dampening your enthusiasm. It imparts order to racing minds, helping you harness that mental energy. Black onyx boosts focus, vital for jittery Geminis prone to distraction. This empowering stone channels agile minds, aiding ambitious goals.

The Verdict:
Though unconventional, black onyx works for whimsical Geminis! Let its mysticism and focus-enhancing powers awaken your inner witch.


For sensitive Cancers, stones must feel emotionally “safe” to wear daily. The shadowy beauty of black onyx might seem too intense at first blush. You resonate with lighter, more delicate crystals reflecting your empathy and vulnerability.

Surprisingly though, Cancer and onyx can pair beautifully. The key is sourcing stones with white marbling or banding. These “softer” onyx pieces temper its darkness with light. Such stones embrace Cancerian duality―the coexistence of dark and light we all hold.

In terms of healing gifts, black onyx makes an excellent ally for Cancers. Its protective energy shields vulnerable Crabs from harsh elements in the outside world. Onyx mutes sensory overload, restoring calm equilibrium. This is invaluable for thin-skinned Cancerians battling energies that penetrate too deeply. Black onyx acts like emotional armor when you feel safest within your shell.

The Verdict:
Select onyx with white veins and pair with lighter crystals. This tempers its intensity, creating ideal comfort zone jewelry. Overall though, black onyx delivers indispensable protection for sensitive Crabs.


Passionate Leos pray at the altar of self-expression, so jewelry choices make bold identity statements. As a fire sign, you gravitate toward dramatic pieces in ruby hues or glistening gold. But black onyx has plenty to offer despite its dark, understated appearance.

In terms of healing properties, Leos benefit immensely from onyx. As a base chakra stone, it helps fiery lions stay grounded. You’re infamous for riding strong emotions into destructive mental terrain. Onyx reins that in, restoring practical perspectives. This saves future embarrassment and burned bridges.

For confident Leos who secretly question their worthiness, onyx nurtures self-assurance. You’ll have fewer nap full of self-doubt, feeling deserving in your skin. This amplifies your magnetic solar energy―that regal aura Lions exude.

The Verdict:
Black onyx provides crucial grounding for expressive Leos prone to drama. Wear it to channel confidence and restrain the inner beast during heated moments. Then watch your star power shine brighter than ever.


As an earth sign, few stones call to Virgo like onyx. Cool, elegant, mysterious…onyx earns top marks across the board. Not only is onyx naturally grounding for airy over-thinkers, it imparts self-possession and poise under pressure. This amplifies level-headed Virgo’s infamously unflappable disposition.

Beyond bolstering your best assets, onyx also offsets problematic Virgo traits. Worried, critical Virgos are quick to judge themselves and others. But onyx keeps Persnickety fault-finding at bay. Rather than fixating on flaws, you adopt a “live and let live” mindset. This quells nerves and negativity bias.

Rest assured, perfectionist Virgos will still spot errors and inefficiencies. But you’ll be slower to criticize, and quicker to understand context and intent. Overall, onyx mellows jittery Virgos in all the right ways.

The Verdict:
Onyx and Virgo pair perfectly! Few stones complement critical earth sign Virgos like this mesmerizing black crystal. Get yourself an onyx ring or pendant and watch anxiety give way to level-headed grace.


As the zodiac’s aesthetic queen, stylish Libras eye black onyx with intrigue. Your keen fashion sense notes how this sleek charcoal gem effortlessly glams up any outfit. Dainty onyx jewelry intrigues with dark mystique, playing up Libra’s innate charm. It makes a killer versatile basic for bracelet stacks and necklace layers too.

But Onyx meaning extends beyond killer style into healing terrain. This stone nurtures decisive action in famously fickle Libras. It empowers you to stand confidently behind choices―a weakness for people-pleasing Scales. Wear onyx when waffling between options or caving to peer pressure. Feel that steadying earth energy rooting your decision-making in stillness and truth. Then act without second-guessing.

For partnerships, romantic or otherwise, onyx also offsets the Libran urge to placate. Its bold protective energy shields against steamrolling or power plays from savvy negotiators. Consider donning onyx jewelry for salary discussions or launching that difficult talk with your boss/partner/sibling.

The Verdict: Onyx helps stylish, romantic Libras grow a backbone! Its glam mystique and empowering vibe inspire confidence in choices while standing firm against manipulation. This stone works wonders for charming but conflict-avoidant Scales.


Could any crystal vibe more Scorpio than opaque, mysterious onyx? This smokey seductress embodies the essence of your water sign―darkly alluring with hidden depths and powers. Onyx gestures subtly to Scorpio instincts for truth and power beneath the veil. You sense its magic, like occult artifacts holding secrets only your discerning eyes can unlock.

In terms of healing gifts, few stones empower emotional resilience like matte black onyx. As sensitive water signs prone to holding grudges, its protective shield fortifies you against harsh words and toxicity. Teflon-like, their barbs and manipulations slide right off without breaching your spirit.

What’s more, onyx strength helps Scorpios wield their notorious stinger responsibly. It challenges you to temper reactivity and vindictiveness, while sustaining the courage of your convictions when it counts. This makes black onyx ideal for journos, whistleblowers and anti-corruption crusaders.

The Verdict: Mysterious and fortifying, Scorpio and onyxsimplyvibe! This stone nourishes your essence while challenging toxicity or misdirected venom. It’s ideal armor for justice-loving Scorpios.


Free-spirited Sagittarius craves wanderlust, adventures and nonconformist joie de vivre. Like a flock of birds heading south each winter, these bright explorers migrate wherever inspiration leads. Such hungry souls need crystals sparking creative epiphanies on the daily!

That’s why traditional black onyx initially leaves optimistic Archers cold. Where’s the pizzazz? The inspirational flash? This pragmatic stone seems better suited to formal bankers or edgy goths.

But don’t dismiss onyx’s gifts preemptively, Sagittarius! This unlikely ally helps realize goals fueling your adventures. How so? Onyx boosts follow-through. It lends grounded energy to transform big picture visions into tactical steps.

Remember your photography travel blog vision? Or plans for that Mediterranean sailboat expedition? Onyx gives these castles-in-the-air architectural bones. It converts whims to strategy, so next year your dreams become tickets in hand!

The Verdict:
Pragmatic onyx seems an odd Sagittarius match, but don’t overlook its gifts! This stone injects grounded follow-throughso you transform visions into tactical goals. Paired with joy-sparking crystals, onyx helps Archersmanifestadventures.


For pragmatic Capricorn, the onyx experience often proves quietly life changing. Few crystals attune so flawlessly to your essence. In many ways, Capricorn souls and onyx perfectly mirror one another.

Like your sign, black onyx roots itself in earthy realms but touches ethereal wisdom. Its opaque darkness emulates Capricorn’s inscrutable mask that veils sensitive depths. For this reason, onyx instantly feels soul-familiar―an externalization of innate qualities you possess internally.

In healing capacities, few stones empower Sea-Goats like onyx. Its bolstering and protective gifts turbo-charge climbing to new heights. You move mountains by sheer force of will. Onyx provides fuel for that long ascent, shielding your spirit from naysayers and obstacles that discourage lesser mortals.

The Verdict:
Soul-stones like onyx come once a lifetime for some signs, but Capricorns often meet this mineral mirror-self. The synergy is so natural it simply feels meant to be. Embrace destiny in your hands.


Aquarius, that sign of quirky geniuses and nonconformist visionaries, makes unusual crystal pairings. You spurn superstitions and conventions, preferring stones with eccentric backstories or futuristic vibes. At first glance, traditional black onyx with its mystical woo-woo seems decidedly un-Aquarian.

Surprisingly though, this unlikely odd couple is a formidable match! Onyx meaning proves multifaceted for Aquarians. Its somber beauty so complements your avant-garde style. Draped in black with onyx at your throat, people can’t take their eyes off your edgy magnetism. Fashion-forward Aquarians love this witchy aesthetic.

But onyx gifts extend well beyond the physical realm into metaphysical power. This stone inspires neat-minded Air signs to relinquish unhealthy control habits. Whether it’s obsessive calories counting or attempts to orchestrate how others feel about you, onyx breaks this losing battle. It crowbars open white-knuckled fists, challenging you to let people be themselves.

This sounds simpler than it is for stubborn Aquarians accustomed to directing outcomes. But relaxing your grip is incredibly freeing. People can disappoint or surprise you when given freedom. With onyx at your side, you handle either scenario with renewed grace.

The Verdict:
Onyx glams up your unconventional style with gothic edge. What’s more, it challenges controlling behaviors that exhaust Aquariansand drain relationships. Embrace its gifts for elevated living.


Dreamy Pisces, that most fantasy-prone of signs, often overlooks pragmatic onyx. You seek stones evoking emotion―moonstone for tenderness, rose quartz for romance or blue lace agate for creative flow. Compared to these, matte black onyx seems ho-hum.

But wait, magical Fish! Don’t dismiss onyx too quickly. Its fusion of protective and empowering gifts nurtures Pisces folks beautifully. Onyx fortifies impressionable spirits against negative forces trying to permeate your porous boundaries. You’ll still feel others’ emotions, but can distinguish theirs from your own. This clarity prevents absorbing toxicity into your vulnerable soulspace.

For inspiration, onyx boosts self-confidence and decision-making too. You own your feelings and choices instead of being victim to circumstance. This proves invaluable for artistic Pisceans launching passion projects. Rather than purity about sharing your gifts, you say a simple “yes!” Then let onyx magic help manifest dreams.

The Verdict:
Onyx anchors emotional Fish who feel tossed about by others’ moods and whims. Its bolstering energy builds confidence to speak/create from your wisdom. For magical Pisceans, that’s pure gold.

How to Choose Your Black Onyx Jewelry

Now that you know if onyx suits your sign, let’s explore wearing this captivating stone. Onyx makes gorgeous jewelry from hand-carved cameos to faceted crystal pendants. For metaphysical practitioners, a tumbled stone or worry stone also channels its gifts.

Here are quick tips for choosing black onyx jewelry that amplifies its power:

1. Opt for Styles Touching Your Skin For potent energy transmission, pick bare stones in bracelets, rings or necklaces. Avoid metal encasing or synthetic coatings that impede the healing effects. Let this earthy stone connect with your vibrations.

2. Consider Carvings or Glyphs
Onyx carvings concentrate and direct energy purposefully through symbols or emblems. For example, an eagle carving boosts visionary thinking while angels provide protective watchcare.

3. Pick Settings with Silver, Gold or Platinum
Avoid brass or copper when setting onyx. While versatile with many gems, these warm metals clash with onyx’s cool soothing powers. Precious metals better complement black onyx jewelry.

4. Size Matters, But Not How You Think!
Unlike flashy statement pieces meant to impress, onyx works best subtle and closer to the skin. Its protective energies concentrate easily. Opt for delicate rings over chunky cocktail versions for ideal results.

When NOT to Wear Black Onyx

Onyx has clear benefits if your sign aligns with its bold grounding energy. But what about periods when its intensity feels overbearing? Save this stone for when you need empowerment, decisiveness and resilience.

Avoid onyx during vulnerable times like:

  • Heartbreak, grief or depression
  • Physical or emotional trauma
  • Major life transitions requiring adaptation
  • Burnout requiring surrender

During such seasons, turn to gentler soul-stones like rose quartz, blue lace agate or angelite. Seek crystals eliciting hope, tenderness and emotional release versus rugged stoicism.

Black onyx also works in balanced tandem with lighter gems. If its hardness edges toward rigidity or strictness, add a glittering counterweight. Mix black onyx with pearls, citrine, peridot or carnelian to lift its serious vibe. This jewelry Yang and Yin add nuance to your healing stones benefits.

In Closing

Black onyx, with all its steely mystery and magic, isn’t for everyone. But for those who harness its gifts, this stone empowers beautifully on many levels. May the guidance above help you decide if classy, protective onyx belongs in your jewelry collection and energetic ethos. Ultimately though, go with your intuition!

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