Top 99 Labradorite Affirmations You Should Know (2024)

Labradorite is a stone of transformation and magic. Combining labradorite with positive affirmations amplifies the vibrational power to shift energy patterns, reveal inner truths, develop psychic gifts, and manifest intentional change.

With its shimmering spectral colors, labradorite vibrates at a high frequency, activating the third eye and crown chakras. This raises consciousness, boosts intuition and connects us to universal wisdom. Programming labradorite crystals with affirmations anchors intentions into the stone’s structure to magnify each time they are repeated.

Whether you desire spiritual advancement, emotional healing, empathic protection or activating creativity, labradorite affirmations can support positive expansion. This guide shares:

  • Benefits of using labradorite affirmations
  • 99 examples of top labradorite affirmations
  • How to select quality labradorite crystals
  • Tips for charging labradorite with affirmations
  • Ways to customize statements

So let’s explore how to harness labradorite and affirmative intentions to transform all facets of life!

Why Should I Use Labradorite Affirmations?

Labradorite raises spiritual vibration and shifts energy patterns which makes affirmations more powerful. As you repeat positive statements while holding labradorite, its magic activates new potentials, serendipity, inner wisdom and intuitive alignment.

Here are some top benefits of using labradorite to amplify affirmations:

  • Reveals soul truth – Labradorite breaks illusions, opening the mind to receive inspiration, clarity and mystical insights from within. Paired with affirmations, it anchors wisdom into consciousness.
  • Develops intuition & psychic abilities – This stone awakens extrasensory perception, telepathy, prophetic dreaming and all psychic gifts. Affirmations program skills expansion.
  • Manifests shifting reality – Labradorite’s magic makes the impossible possible. It bends and shapes energy so affirmations manifest change quickly.
  • Cleanses negative thought patterns – This stone flushes stagnant energy and limiting beliefs. Affirmations install positive forward movement.
  • Strengthens faith in own abilities – With its rainbows symbolizing light at the end of the tunnel, labradorite builds perseverance, self-trust and skill mastery. Affirmations anchor confidence.
  • Aligns with life purpose – Labradorite connects you to higher guidance so you can clearly recognize soul gifts, callings and destiny then mobilize accordingly. Affirmations seal activation.

With its rapid vibrational shift capabilities, mystical labradorite energy ensures affirmations program consciousness quickly.

Let’s look at examples.

Top 99 Labradorite Affirmations for Different Purposes

Here are popular labradorite affirmations organized by intention so you can easily select relevant statements tailored to your specific vision or needs.

Labradorite Affirmations for Intuition & Psychic Skills

Awaken inner magic and extrasensory perception reciting these affirmations while holding labradorite.

  1. I cleanly connect with cosmic wisdom, telepathic exchange and psychic intelligence.
  2. I surrender my ego and receive truth and guidance from my higher self.
  3. I allow my third eye to open fully so I constantly access inner knowing.
  4. I interpret signs, symbols and synchronicities with clarity. I trust in divine timing.
  5. My intuition is strong, clear and accurate. I recall prophetic dreams to inform my choices.
  6. I hear, sense and understand multidimensional realms and beings of light.
  7. My empathic sensitivities serve me. I easily screen energy to determine my response.
  8. Universal downloads flow through me. I express only what empowers highest good.
  9. My psychic channels open widely. Information given to me benefits all beings.
  10. I awaken dormant metaphysical senses and use supernatural abilities ethically.

Labradorite Affirmations for Manifestation

Shift reality quickly by magnifying desires through labradorite’s mystical vibration and intention-focused affirmations.

  1. As I raise my own frequency, I shape reality to reflect my joyful visions.
  2. I surrender outcomes, knowing my soul yearns to manifest higher good for all.
  3. My dreams attract powerful synchronicity and serendipity all collaborating to achieve my goals.
  4. I patiently tend seeds planted, allowing fruits to ripen in perfect divine timing.
  5. I clearly state my desires then fully get out of my own way, trusting the Universe to orchestrate accordingly.
  6. I continually fine tune my vibration through thoughts, words and actions to signal I’m ready to receive magical manifestation.
  7. Unexpected miracles now blossom as my highest potentials activate.
  8. I accept fluid change as opportunity for growth rather than rigidly clinging to plans or needing certainty.
  9. I acknowledge “MAGIC AFOOT!” as wonders unfold, realities shift and dreams materialize.
  10. I embrace labradorite’s magical influence which ensures my spells work quickly.

Labradorite Affirmations for Protection & Safety

Create healthy boundaries and strengthen energy shields reciting these affirmations with a labradorite touchstone.

  1. My auric field magnifies light, dissolving any shadows attempting to penetrate.
  2. I envision myself powerfully sealed in a orb of violet flame, transmuting lower vibes.
  3. I easily interpret cues revealing who and what to avoid without internalizing it.
  4. My feet remain firmly rooted while staying in flow allowing what serves me highest good.
  5. I acknowledge and respect sensitivities as my soul’s radar to guide me to joy and safety.
  6. I mindfully choose where to direct my energy and engagement.
  7. Divine light uplifts me. Only love vibrations can access my energy field.
  8. I compassionately say no without guilt or need to explain myself. I honor my time and space.
  9. Those who honour the light within themselves feel like home. We uplift each other through love’s perfection.
  10. I dissolve past betrayal then innocently trust again, observing how others mirror my self-care back to me.

Labradorite Affirmations for Transition & Change

Navigate life’s changes smoothly by anchoring labradorite’s adaptability and magic using supportive affirmations.

  1. I welcome change anduncertainty as opportunities to discover more of my capabilities.
  2. My old self dissolves. I courageously embrace death and rebirth allowing continual transformation.
  3. I greet each transition openly no matter how destabilizing knowing I will regain solid ground through trust and patience with myself.
  4. Outdated versions of me fade. My highest expression now emerges fully supported by the Universe.
  5. I continually shed false identities and limiting beliefs to make space for soul expansion.
  6. I soften and flow with changing tides and seasons, adapting gracefully.
  7. I acknowledge nothing truly dies, all energy simply transmutes form. This includes my dreams.
  8. Windows close yet unexpected magical doors always open when the time is right. I wait hopefully.
  9. I accept impermanence allowing aspects of my life to complete their purpose.
  10. I welcome my destiny and prepare accordingly as revelations unfold. Miracles blossom through openness.

Labradorite Affirmations for Creativity & Passion

Reignite creative sparks of inspiration, innovation and vision using this mystical stone’s rainbow frequencies to fuel imagination and affirmations.

  1. I openly channel light, playing with possibilities that seek expression through me.
  2. My passions stir pure inspiration that then structure as viable creations bettering all.
  3. I direct my fancies and sensations into artistic endeavors I share proudly.
  4. My heart’s visions manifest magical works of purpose and beauty.
  5. I allow dreams and imagination to flow through me as healing offerings.
  6. I continuously birth novel expressions my soul recognized as essential to materialize from the celestial gallery only I can download.
  7. Divine creative essence wishes expression through me. I joyfully oblige its ecstatic yearnings.
  8. My mind conceives then my hands birth new wonders uplifting humanity’s consciousness.
  9. Genius awakens within me then overflows with passionate persistence to invent, heal and inspire.
  10. I channel mystical imagination into empowered action that transforms all realms.
Polished Labradorite stones on a white background. It’s found in Canada, Poland, Norway, Finland and various other locations worldwide.

Labradorite Affirmations for Healing & Wholeness

Call forth labradorite’s intense yet gentle restorative energy using these affirmations to recover health and prompte emotional harmony.

  1. Loving presence flows through me as healing light, mending all perceived brokenness.
  2. I acknowledge wounds then compassionately tend their transformation within myself and others.
  3. I soften resisting the pain by dropping false masks and instead courageously exploring truth.
  4. I receive soothing rainbow rays spoken through spirit language transmitting codes unlocking wellbeing.
  5. I envision divine blueprint awakening my DNA to regenerate health and prolong vitality.
  6. I relax and receive grace, allowing magic to assemble improvements in unexpectedly fulfilling ways.
  7. I wholly accept imperfection within myself and others, I understand we are all radiant souls masked by illusions of separation.
  8. I forgive and absolve perceived sins against me by remembers we all innately mirror the face of God yet sometimes gaze darkly through a veiled consciousness.
  9. I no longer fracture myself into unsuitable roles, I integrate all aspects from light to shadows embracing the totality of who I am.
  10. As I heal myself, I heal my ancestors. As I show compassion for community, I free future generations. Wholeness is contagious when openly expressed.

Labradorite Affirmations for Higher Consciousness

Access mystical realms of inner truth by using labradorite’s magic vibration to awaken these empowering affirmations.

  1. I joyfully surrender limiting ego awareness to metamorphosize into soul-infused existence reflecting interconnected unity.
  2. I discard shallow falsehoods to dive deeply within, mining for gems of eternal truth found only in cosmic wells holding my highest expressions.
  3. I traverse challenges and perceived impossible obstacles through faith in my larger destiny and purpose.
  4. I continually fine tune sight beyond mundane distractions by listening to ethereal symphonies that compose the stars and stir flight in the curiosities of fairies. Enchantment is the frequency perpetuating reality.
  5. I wield magic shaping each moment through thoughts tinged with power and colors unseen by common eyes…I paint tomorrow with wild trust and sacred imagination.
  6. I open gates welcoming my multidimensional selves then unify our consciousness as soul within form transmuting worldly realms.
  7. I chant with devic kingdoms, calling elemental frequencies through interdimensional songlines to bless all earth inhabitants with balance. Gaia sustains us as we sustain her.
  8. I gather celestial fragments of insight within me to anchor as stepping stones guiding kindred pilgrims to ascend towards their own unfettered expansions.
  9. I exhale stardust across the cosmos seeding dreams; Deity awaits discovery inside us all once awakened beyond confinements of the semi-sleeping.
  10. I inhale infinity – Exhale matter – Blink away illusion – Remember my soul has always gazed back at me in still waters and moon beams…I lovingly now recognize truth has forever lived inside.

Labradorite Affirmations for Shadow Work & Reflection

Use labradorite’s magical energetic shift capacity combined with mirror-like reflective surface and affirmations to uncover and heal repressed aspects of the subconscious self.

  1. My splintered aspects reveal themselves to me sequentially when most conducive for integration and restoration back to light.
  2. I dwell honestly exploring my dualities and denied faults without judgment; They no longer control my behaviors unconsciously through shame. Visibility initiates healing.
  3. My forbidden cravings arise to teach me balanced synthesis through understanding motivations with patience and love.
  4. I welcome sticky, chaotic emotions to simply exist without reacting or expressing destructively. Alchemy allows grace when I stall to respect their messages.
  5. Unpleasant energies trapped within me demand my attention yet wish no harm, only to liberate their purpose so I can transmute them into renewal.
  6. I meet my inner demons recognizing they symbolize necessary shadow elements my being requires addressing to become holistically empowered through full-spectrum illumination.
  7. My rejected attributes reconnect with me completely once witnessing my wounds. Perceived weaknesses transform into strengths through self-forgiveness and reclamation.
  8. I break cycles caging me by taking responsibility for projections blaming external sources rather than facing my dissociated experiences, interpretations and acquiescence.
  9. Initiations often masquerade as adversities yet guide me inward to rediscover neglected potentials and passions.
  10. My golden child innocently embraces fallen aspects of my humanity, resurrecting them into sovereignty like recovering long lost friends.

Labradorite Affirmations for Divine Connection

Access direct soul communion and communication with the Divine using labradorite’s interdimensional capacities enhanced by these affirmations.

  1. Sacred realms permeate all space and time. I request fully awakened perception to continually receive, interpret and integrate mystical energies.
  2. Divine essence expressing through multiple dimensions sings guidance to me if I quiet mental noise to listen.
  3. Universal consciousness leaves wisdom decorated as signs and syllables animated in nature’s rhythms awaiting my deeper recognition.
  4. My devoted prayers summon angels to advance humanity’s ascension in visible impactful ways answering despair with rekindled faith-filled cooperation.
  5. Unknown realms ripple intimate connection through my activated DNA responding to inquiries channeled by orchestrated synchronicity and sudden awareness piercing veils prohibiting my remembrance.
  6. My crystals or angelic messengers translate telepathic transmissions from ascended masters seeking collaboration to uplift consciousness across all planetary kingdoms towards illumination.
  7. Grace flows freely when I offer motivated intentions inviting mystical communion rather than passively awaiting revelation; Magic mirrors my readiness for miraculous fusion.
  8. Divine partnership balances my polarities thus quenches humanity’s suffering. My awakened sacred union externally displays creative resolutions from unified compassion magnifying ripples across timeliness beyond present perception.
  9. Interconnected consciousness utilizes my unique gifts, weaving threads of specialized brilliance into collective inspiration furthering social reformation based in foundational love, liberty and galactic remembrance.
  10. God breathes itself into fruition through life everywhere. ~ I need not seek deity externally, only sincerely gaze inward then courageously honor the holy omnipresence found in all creation including my own luminous soul.

Repeat these affirmative intentions aloud while holding labradorite for empowerment. Now let’s look at selecting crystals and preparing them to magnify goals.

Labradorite Affirmations for Life Purpose & Soul Gifts

Discover your divine role, spiritual gifts and talents using labradorite’s mystical rainbows to reveal soul truths and guide your predestined life journey.

  1. I consult celestial guides to comprehend my innate virtues and developed skills identifying how to ethically apply them.
  2. Synchronous messages disclose my soul assignments, divine timing and postponed passions now requiring devoted enactment.
  3. Visionary creativity flows as healing inspiration when I bravely express otherworldly wisdom obtained through spiritual inquiry and ritual devotion.
  4. My empathic senses serve community needs once consciously directed with healthy boundaries, spiritual discernment and trust in divine support.
  5. I interpret prophetic symbols and intense dreams to actualize my awakened purposes and fulfill enlightened global missions.
  6. Soul family vibrational matches magnetize collaboration opportunities furthering our unified callings through jointly elevating humanitarian solutions.
  7. Supernatural breakthroughs and unconventional results confirm I’m aligned with my versatile role as a spiritual catalyst midwifing in expanded collective consciousness.
  8. Comfortable uncertainty accompanies my fated adventures as I openly channel clairsentient magic dissolving fearful illusions and liberating luminous potentials.
  9. Divine blueprints awakening within guide my predestined services, spiritual responsibilities and ultimate soul legacy.

Best Labradorite Crystals for Affirmations

What should you look for when choosing labradorite crystals to amplify affirmations? Consider these factors:

  • Tumbled Stones – Tumbled labradorite fits nicely in hands or pocket for carrying everywhere during affirmation repetition for constant influence.
  • Palm Stones – Large labradorite palm stones worn against skin produce strong energy activations through contact. Nice for extended holding.
  • Points – Labradorite points concentrate and direct energy where needed. Face them toward yourself or an environment to transmit affirmations.
  • Pendulums – Program a labradorite pendulum with desired affirmations then use its motion to provide answers and guidance.
  • Jewelry – Keep affirmations close by wearing labradorite jewelry like pendants, rings or earrings for ongoing energetic influence.
  • Pyramids– Labradorite pyramids send amplified intentions outward from a rooted foundation of purpose. Ideal for manifestation.
  • Clusters – Groups of labradorite points and pieces create a communal harmonic field that enhances mystical powers.
  • Raw or Polished – Raw intensifies labradorite’s magical activations. Polished pieces also boost reflective introspection. Allow intuition to guide you when selecting.

Trust inner wisdom when choosing labradorite crystals for your affirmation work. Next let’s explore infusing them with intentions.

How to Program Labradorite with Affirmations

Here’s the process for charging labradorite crystals with affirmative mantras:

  1. Cleanse the labradorite – Clear residual energy by placing it overnight among rock salt or rinsing under cool running water.
  2. Focus intention – Sit quietly and decide which affirmations you’ll program and the specific outcomes desired from repeating them.
  3. Hold the crystal in your hands – With eyes closed, breathe deeply visualizing your intentions manifested while feeling the stone’s energy.
  4. Chant affirmations aloud – Repeat each statement 3-10 times aloud or read the full list 1-3 times directly into the crystal. Speak clearly with purpose.
  5. Pause afterwards – Continue holding the labradorite silently to integrate the vibrations imprinted through the affirmations. Follow any intuitive nudges that arise.
  6. Give gratitude – Thank the labradorite out loud for magnifying your intentions which seals the programming.
  7. Repeat charging regularly – Cleanse labradorite frequently and recharge affirmations to bolster optimal potency.

Additionally, create an intention altar with your programmed labradorite, meditate gazing into its shimmering rainbows, and sleep with it under your pillow to enhance effects.

How to Personalize Labradorite Affirmations

You can further customize generic labradorite affirmations to address your unique life circumstances and intentions:

  • Tailor statements around current goals – Write out specific projects in exact detail then craft aligned affirmations to manifest them.
  • Adjust examples to your situation – Tweak category samples provided to reflect your relationships, career stage, home life or interests.
  • Phrase affirmations in present tense – Use statements like “I have” or “I am” to produce future manifestations now in the present moment and accelerate results.
  • Keep them concise – Stick to crisp statements under 15 words so they stay simple to memorize and repeat often.
  • Focus on the positive – Use affirmative wording, avoid negations like “no” or “don’t” as they highlight the opposite of your desire.
  • Say empowering “I am” statements – Affirm positive new beliefs about yourself using powerful “I am” sentence starters.
  • Add vivid visualization – Picture achieving the affirmation goal. Feel what it’s like once manifested in your life across all senses. Make it as detailed as possible.

Labradorite awakens inner magic. Repeating customized affirmative mantras consistently repatterns consciousness over time for potent transformation. Commit to your new truth!


When programmed with intention, labradorite’s high frequency rainbow magic amplifies affirmations to activate rapid shift. Use this guide of 99 examples to find statements suited to developing spiritual abilities, emotional healing, creativity, divine connection and all facets of awakening.

Select shimmering labradorite crystals in shapes resonating with your goals. Cleanse to clear residual energy then charge chosen affirmations through spoken word while holding them. Repeat these magical mantras allowing labradorite to escalate your desires into reality!

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Aya Vilas is a certified crystal healer and Reiki master who left her corporate job three years ago to fully embrace her spiritual calling. She now runs a thriving crystal shop and offers virtual energy healing sessions to clients in LA. Aya believes crystals hold vibrational energies that can realign our chakras, remove energetic blockages, and promote our overall well-being. Her mission is to make crystal healing accessible to all.

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