Best Crystals for Pisces Zodiac Sign (2024)

Pisces is known to be one of the most intuitive and emotionally profound of the twelve zodiac signs.

As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces incorporates elements of all the other signs and tends to be highly receptive, compassionate, creative, and even psychic. With such a sensitive nature, Pisces can benefit greatly from the healing and grounding properties of crystals.

Certain crystals help empower Pisces, calm anxiety, inspire creativity, and bring more joy and meaning to their lives. By understanding the core qualities of Pisces, you can better determine which crystals are best suited for this water sign.

Let’s explore the 10 best healing crystals for Sun, Moon and Rising Pisces and all Piscean souls.

Explain Pisces Traits and How Crystals Can Help Pisces

Due to the volatile nature of the water element, the energy of Pisces is associated with compassion, intuition, emotion, creativity and even psychic powers. As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces incorporates all the experience and wisdom accumulated in the first 11 signs.

This depth and permeability can be challenging for sensitive Pisces, who may absorb negativity from the people and circumstances around them. Pisces also dominates escapism, addictive tendencies, delusions, and struggles with setting healthy boundaries. As a result, they need grounding and self-care.

This is where healing crystals come into play – they can provide clarity, calm, creativity and protection for the Piscean soul, depending on their individual properties. By activating the Throat, Third Eye or Crown Chakras, different crystals can also enhance Pisces’ innate gifts of intuition, empathy, imagination and spiritual connection.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 crystals that play to the strengths of this mutable water sign while helping them stay balanced and happy.

Top 10 Best Crystals for Pisces

Best Overall: Amethyst

amethyst, crystal, gemstone-3328161.jpg

Amethyst is the perfect crystal for Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces, and the Piscean themes of intuition, spirituality, dreams and imagination. Amethyst’s calming purple hue has meditative qualities that soothe the nerves and deeply nourish the emotions.

Known as the “sobriety stone”, amethyst promotes mental clarity and emotional balance, helping to curb Pisces’ addictive tendencies while enhancing their psychic abilities in a down-to-earth way. Keep a cluster of amethysts by your bedside or under your pillow to enhance intuition through vivid dreams. Wearing an amethyst pendant or bracelet in public also protects your energy.

Best Crystal for Pisces Woman: Rose Quartz

rose quartz, crystals, gem-4742193.jpg

Rose Quartz exudes a gentle, feminine pink hue that provides the perfect prescription for the Piscean woman and her tender heart. Its soothing, romantic energy heals emotional wounds by cultivating self-trust, self-love, inner peace, and healthy intimacy with others.

Sometimes, Pisces’ incredible compassion can lead to caregiver burnout. Rose Quartz reminds the Pisces woman that “self-care isn’t selfish” – making herself a priority can empower her to then serve others from a place of wholeness rather than depletion.

Place Rose Quartz in your most frequented spot and let their vibrations of unconditional love nourish you throughout the day. These delicate pink stones can even attract romantic love!

Best Crystal for Pisces Man: Blue Lace Agate

For the male energy of Pisces, calming Blue Lace Agate helps to heal the fear of expressing true feelings while providing discernment in trusting others. When Pisces males feel hurt or rejected, they sometimes repress their emotions or fall into fantasies for self-protection.

Blue Lace Agate helps the Pisces man to express his needs and desires with authenticity in intimate relationships, thus fostering a true sense of vulnerability and intimacy. Sky blue agate reminds the Pisces man to come out of hiding and speak his truth with confidence and grace.

Blue lace also helps the restless Pisces male feel more centered and focused when his mind or emotions are drifting. This gemstone is perfect to keep in your pocket.

7 Best Crystals for Pisces for Different Purposes

Let’s explore the other top crystals with different functions to help the Pisces soul thrive in authenticity.

Crystal For Pisces Creativity: Carnelian

Ruled by energetic Mars, Carnelian can energize downtrodden Pisces to take inspiring action for their wildest creative visions, not just daydreams.

A boost of solar plexus energy can help Pisces launch projects with confidence, while silencing inner critics and helping Pisces focus. Carnelian’s vibrant orange-red hue inspires creativity and self-expression, sharing your gifts with the world.

Crystal For Pisces Anxiety: Black Tourmaline

As empaths who absorb everyone’s energy, anxiety and paranoid thoughts can plague sensitive Pisces. Fortunately, Black Tourmaline saves Pisces by acting as the ultimate protection stone against negative energies and mental distress.

Black Tourmaline stone creates an etheric shield around the aura, easing anxiety, panic and fear, especially in crowded places. Its grounding energy helps Pisces to free themselves from stressful emotional entanglements and regain a centered, calm self-confidence. A must-have crystal for all Pisces!

Crystal for Pisces Intuition: Lapis Lazuli

By awakening the mystical third eye, Lapis Lazuli enhances intuitive abilities and inner knowing while warding off psychic attacks during the spiritual journey. The golden flecks on Lapis mimic the starry sky, connecting Pisces to higher guidance and magic.

Lapis Lazuli’s royal blue scent evokes the energy of the night and helps nocturnal Pisces honor their natural rhythms. Place this crystal next to your bed to enhance prophetic dreams. Wearing Lapis Lazuli also helps to speak the truth of the heart with wise conviction.

Crystal For Pisces Manifesting: Citrine

Citrine infuses Pisces with optimistic and motivational energy through its golden solar influence, allowing them to bring their wildest dreams to life. Its energizing positive vibration transforms pessimism and inertia into fertile abundance.

Pisces can call forth passionate relationships, inspiring careers, and heavenly creative collaborations by using the magnetizing properties of Citrine to focus on what they desire rather than what they fear. Let Citrine show Pisces how worthy they are of miracles.

Crystal For Pisces Meditation: Howlite

To help Pisces calm over-stimulated emotions, Howlite brings clarity of mind and stress relief through its vibrational action as the “Stone of Realization”.

During meditation, howlite enhances astral travel and the ability to connect with spirit guides. It also stimulates lucid dreaming experiences and helps to analyze information received from other realms, thus increasing self-insight.

With its angelic white texture contrasting with slate gray, howlite symbolizes combining darkness and light for integration and inner peace – something Pisces energy specifically understands.

Pisces Self-Care Crystal: Rhodochrosite

Sweet pink Rhodochrosite teaches self-sacrificing Pisces to prioritize self-love and caring before they can live their lives in sustainable and wholehearted service to others.

With love emanating directly from its compassionate form, Rhodochrosite mixture of rose and honey gold hues provides emotional healing by gently lifting unprocessed grief, trauma or sorrow from Pisces energy field with vibrational light waves.

Its energy recharges depleted light workers and slowly heals emotional dependency issues through consistent spiritual practice and integration.

Crystal For Pisces Peace: Lepidolite

Lavender and purple tones of Lepidolite are calming, and it stabilizes Pisces’ erratic moods due to mood swings and impulse control issues. Its lithium element soothes depression, anger and mania.

Lepidolite is relaxing and calming, relieving anxiety and keeping overly sensitive Pisces from dwelling on deep inner feelings or psychic impressions from people and circumstances. Great for scattering around the home to eliminate stress, confusion and fear.

Crystal for Pisces New Moon: Moonstone

Each month under the New Moon, the Moonstone amplifies feminine intuition, giving intuitive water signs access to prophecies about their path to destiny download. It awakens the seat of the soul to align with the mystery and abundance of the cycle.

Visions of soul contracts, creative projects waiting to be birthed and romantic partnerships become clearer under the moonlight of the Moonstone. Each New Moon brings new beginnings and fresh perspectives.

Crystal for Pisces Full Moon: Clear Quartz

The Full Moon in Pisces drowns sensitive souls in amplified emotions and powerful energy shifts as the Moon brings its entire cycle to a climax. Strong emotions and synchronicities peak under the Full Moon, but clarity can be evasive.

This is where Clear Quartz comes into play, the perfect wingman for amplifying the mystical experience of Pisces while supporting grounding and integrating the moon magic received. It provides discernment for interpreting symbolic messages and downloads from the spiritual realm.

Clear Quartz unites Pisces’ consciousness and allows them to responsibly utilize their intuitive clairvoyance. Clear Quartz also relieves energetic stress so that Pisces is not swept out to sea by cosmic tides.

Crystal For Pisces Sun: Emerald

As a heart chakra stone associated with the energy of Venus, Emerald activates unconditional self-acceptance, allowing Pisces to rediscover the magical childlike innocence lost through pain and disorientation.

By awakening the child within and stimulating creativity, disheveled Pisces will rekindle a passion for life that may have been dimmed by making themselves small as a means of self-protection.

After a Pisces’ heart has been closed for so long due to the forces of life, Emeralds can help open it up again, leading to play, adventure and embodiment. Allow Pisces to reconnect with gratitude, inspiration and hope.

Crystal for Pisces Rising: Angelite

For Pisces Rising souls, ethereal blue Angelite activates the throat to communicate with the Soul Guides, enhances the ability to communicate telepathically with loved ones here or on the other side, and clears karmic ties from past lives that are entwined in this one.

Its soft aquamarine color radiates nurturing maternal energy and is ideal for empathic old souls who will take everyone’s feelings as their own. Angellite dispels psychic smoke from the ascending Pisces aura, allowing them to understand the boundaries of energy.

By fine-tuning intuition, Angellite allows rising Pisces to embrace their innate spiritual gifts without absorbing toxic energies or indulging in fantasies. Stay present in the magic!

Crystals for Pisces To Avoid

The receptive, intuitive Pisces absorbs energies easily, which makes them vulnerable to overstimulation. Best to avoid:

Red Jasper – This intensely grounding stone clashes with floaty Pisces energy.

Orange Calcite – Bright orange calcite amplifies ambition and ego; polar opposites of selfless, compassionate Pisces. Its fiery solar potency overstimulates this sensitive sign.

Malachite – The detoxifying and amplifying vibes of malachite overwhelm delicate Pisces. It stirs underlying emotions too harshly and drains psychic protection barriers faster than they regenerate.

Garnet – Fiery garnet aligns with the ruling planet Mars which class directly with Pisces’ ruling Jupiter. Garnet overstimulates emotions and the nervous system, causing mood instability and sensory overload.

The watery, receptive nature of Pisces requires gentle, soothing crystals for alignment. Harsher, intense stones disrupt intuition and overwhelm these sensitive dreamers. By avoiding crystals with jarring energies, Pisces can maintain harmony between body, mind and spirit.

How to Use Crystals for Pisces

Now that you know which healing crystals provide the best support for the Piscean Sun, Moon, Rising or Astrological Soul, let’s explore simple ways to utilize these cosmic allies:

  • Daily meditation with Pisces gemstones on the chakras to clear negative energies and enhance intuition in that area of life
  • Creating crystal grids that combine specific stones with goals to energize the achievement of the goals
  • Placement of stones around homes and workplaces to improve these environments
  • Wear the Pisces gemstone as jewelry over your heart or third eye to shield your energy in public
  • Sleeping with crystals under the pillow or on the nightstand to enhance lucid dreaming and spiritual connection
  • Fill stones with water overnight to make a crystal elixir, then drink it
  • Bathing crystals for energy cleansing and recharging
  • Most importantly — experiment with your gemstones to your heart’s content! Crystals ultimately enhance the inner gifts of the Piscean soul.

By understanding the light and shadow characteristics of their sign, Pisces can be more intentional in choosing crystals whose properties will help them achieve the highest level of soul growth in this reincarnation. May their journey be filled with magic!

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