Top 99 Amethyst Affirmations You Need to Know

Amethyst is a crystal that offers protection, purification, and healing.

It resonates with the higher chakras and is perfect for use in affirmations.

Amethyst helps people open up to new insights, guidance, and possibilities due to its highly sensitive vibrations.

When programmed with positive affirmations, Amethyst amplifies the intention to activate self-discovery, transformation, inner strength, and peace.

Whether you’re new to using crystals for healing or a firm believer in gemstone potency, incorporating amethyst affirmations into your self-care routine is an effortless and compelling practice. In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Why use amethyst affirmations
  • 99 Top Amethyst Affirmation Examples for Different Purposes
  • How to choose the best amethyst for affirmations
  • Tips for Programming Amethyst with Affirmations
  • Ways to Personalize Amethyst Affirmations

Why Should I Use Amethyst Affirmations?

Affirmations help rewire our brains to believe positive messages about ourselves. Repeating uplifting mantras creates new neural pathways that can replace self-defeating attitudes and shine the light within. Amethyst energy makes affirmations more effective by amplifying intention.

Here are some of the greatest benefits of using amethyst affirmations:

  • Promotes Calmness and Stress Relief – Amethyst’s soothing energy helps to calm racing thoughts and anxiety. Affirmations also lower cortisol levels.
  • Enhanced Confidence and Self-Esteem – Affirmations can help overcome negative self-talk and limiting beliefs by fostering self-compassion.
  • Manifests goals – Pair with amethyst and regular affirmations to amplify set goals such as prosperity or career success.
  • Enhances Intuition and Spiritual Growth – Amethyst allows one to receive inner wisdom and connect with what is beyond the self.
  • Improves Sleep – Calming affirmations and amethysts help to relax the mind and body before bedtime.
  • Stimulates creativity – This gemstone stimulates the imagination and the right side of the brain. Affirmations also stimulate creative thinking.
  • Purifying Energy – The purifying properties of Amethyst clear negative energy. Affirmations also raise your vibration.
  • Facilitates Emotional Healing – Affirmations help transform painful beliefs and feelings, bringing inner peace and wholeness.

Whether you desire spiritual growth, abundance, self-care, or the release of negative habits, Amethyst amplifies your intentions and realizes your greatest potential. Let’s explore Amethyst’s top 99 affirmations.

Top 99 Amethyst Affirmations for Different Purposes

Here are the most powerful amethyst affirmations which are divided into different categories so you can easily choose the affirmation that suits your specific needs. You can mix and match as many different types of affirmations as you like.

Amethyst Affirmations for Abundance & Prosperity

Abundance encompasses all kinds of wealth – financial, relational, health, happiness and fulfillment. Using these affirmations with amethyst helps to remove obstacles, cultivate an abundance mindset, and bring more wealth into your life.

  1. I release all money-limiting beliefs and open my heart to receive the wealth that rolls in.
  2. Money flows into my life with ease and comfort.
  3. I am attracting an abundance of new opportunities with ease.
  4. My finances are growing exponentially.
  5. I welcome both unexpected and unanticipated prosperity.
  6. I allow the Universe to bless me with blessings and riches.
  7. My brain is programmed for ever-increasing wealth and abundance.
  8. I believe in my ability to show and share prosperity.
  9. My bank account and investments are overflowing with money.
  10. I release money barriers and invite the flow of abundance.

Amethyst Affirmations for Anxiety & Stress Relief

Anxiety and tension can dominate our lives if left unchecked. Use these affirmations with amethyst to promote calm and relaxation.

  1. I soften my worries and allow peace to fill my mind.
  2. My breath is long, my body relaxed, my mind still.
  3. I release overthinking and choose inner peace.
  4. With each exhalation, I let go of all my tensions and worries.
  5. My mind and body are centers of tranquility.
  6. I choose the present moment over worrying about the future.
  7. I trust my own inner wisdom rather than over-analyze.
  8. I take a deep breath, relax my shoulders and unclench my jaw.
  9. I give myself permission to relax and release anxious thoughts.
  10. Every breath makes me feel more calm and content.

Amethyst Affirmations for Decision Making & Clarity

When faced with difficult choices, utilize these amethyst affirmations for insight, clarity of thought and wise action steps.

  1. My intuition leads me to make decisions from the perspective of truth.
  2. I have clarity in all aspects of my life.
  3. I take time to breathe and listen to the wisdom within.
  4. I remove distractions and listen to my inner voice.
  5. I understand my options, weigh them wisely, and then make a clear decision.
  6. Divine right action is always revealed to me when I quiet my mind.
  7. I trust my inner guidance to lead me on the best path.
  8. My choices are in line with my higher purpose and greatest joy.
  9. I release overthinking and listen to the wise voice within.
  10. Each decision has led me to positive growth and transformation.

Amethyst Affirmations for Sleep & Insomnia

Do you have trouble falling or staying asleep? These affirmations combined with Amethyst can help you shut down your inner chatter and racing thoughts and promote deep restful sleep.

  1. My mind and body deeply relaxed and sank into a soothing sleep.
  2. I leave all my worries behind and welcome a peaceful sleep.
  3. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.
  4. As I relax into dreamland, all my fluttering thoughts dissipate.
  5. My breathing became deep and long as I drifted into a peaceful sleep.
  6. I am free from stress and welcome a rejuvenating night’s rest. 37.When I melt in bed, I let all my muscles relax.
  7. The tension of the day disappears as I relax into easy dreams.
  8. My thoughts quieted and my body settled down for a deep and restful sleep.
  9. I got rid of my insomnia and slept peacefully all night.

Amethyst Affirmations for Self Love

Many of us have been told to focus on others first. Use these affirmations and amethysts to cultivate radical self-love from within.

  1. I cherish who I am now.
  2. I fill my inner well with self-love and acceptance.
  3. I choose to make meeting my needs a priority.
  4. I love and nourish every part of myself.
  5. I embrace my humanity as I learn and grow.
  6. I am compassionate and kind to myself.
  7. I completely forgive myself for any mistakes I have made.
  8. I respect my own feelings, desires and needs.
  9. I allow unconditional love to overflow from my heart.
  10. I recognize myself and believe in my own inner wisdom.

Amethyst Affirmations for Confidence & Self-Esteem

Social messages or early experiences can often hit our self-esteem. Heal your sense of self with these affirmations and amethysts.

  1. I love, accept and forgive myself deeply.
  2. I choose to focus on my positive qualities and talents.
  3. I respect my unique skills, interests and personality.
  4. I embrace my light and my shadows as part of my humanity.
  5. I release all shame. I am what I am and I am enough.
  6. I set boundaries that are consistent with my values and needs.
  7. I freely express my needs and feelings with grace.
  8. My self-confidence stems from self-acceptance.
  9. I celebrate my small daily victories.
  10. I consider myself worthy of love, joy and respect.

Amethyst Affirmations for Creativity & Imagination

Has your creative spark been dormant? Rekindle your imagination with these affirmations and a sparkling amethyst.

  1. My creativity is flowing like a babbling brook.
  2. I welcome new and inspired ideas and inner visions.
  3. My heart is open and my imagination is unimpeded.
  4. I allow my entire body to channel creative energy.
  5. Divine inspiration flows to me and through me.
  6. I embrace play and childlike innocence.
  7. New innovations can easily come to fruition through me.
  8. I am filled with joy to discover my unlimited creative potential.
  9. My talents and gifts are ready to be displayed.
  10. I release all resistance and channel my creativity freely.

Amethyst Affirmations for Forgiveness

Bottled up anger or resentment can hurt us more than anyone else. Let anger and resentment dissipate with these affirmations and find peace with Amethyst.

  1. I forgive others for their known or unknown faults.
  2. I choose to look at all people with compassion rather than judgment.
  3. I recognize my lesson and then let go of the resentment.
  4. I fully forgive myself for any mistakes or errors.
  5. I release anger and resentment. I choose peace.
  6. I understand that we are all doing the best we can with what we know.
  7. I choose to learn from disappointment rather than wallow in it.
  8. I wash the bitterness from my heart to make room for joy.
  9. The door of my heart is open for giving and receiving forgiveness.
  10. I gave up the need to judge myself or others.

Amethyst Affirmations for Grief, Loss & Healing

Grief is love that has no place to rest. Soothe loss while honoring love with these affirmations and amethysts.

  1. I open my heart and welcome joy again as I feel the loss.
  2. I accept this new reality and allow myself to grieve completely.
  3. I remember that love and I am thankful for it.
  4. I cry out in pain and then gently let go as each tear falls.
  5. I honor the impact this loss has had on my life and give myself time to heal.
  6. I soothe my broken heart with tenderness and care.
  7. In the midst of my grief, I have chosen to laugh, to love, and to let the light shine today.
  8. I am slowly rediscovering meaning, purpose and hope.
  9. Loving memories bring me comfort and show me that life goes on.
  10. I mustered the courage to move forward, changed myself, but was not crushed.

Amethyst Affirmations for Growth & Potential

Each of us holds unlimited potential for growth and positive change. Unlock your potential with Amethyst Affirmations.

  1. I release all limitations and welcome infinite possibilities.
  2. I am open to expanding my abilities and knowledge.
  3. Every day, I reach new heights in my personal development.
  4. All the obstacles in my path will open new doors for my growth.
  5. Through commitment, all my goals and dreams will be realized.
  6. My potential is unlimited. I have now transcended self-imposed limitations.
  7. I challenge myself to grow in a positive way for the highest good of all.
  8. With grace and patience, I am brave enough to take risks and expand my comfort zone.
  9. I let my talents shine brighter every day.

Repeat these Amethyst Affirmations with focus and feeling to plant the seeds for transformation. Now, let’s explore how to choose crystals and program them to amplify your intentions.

The best amethysts for affirmation

How do you pick a quality amethyst for your affirmation exercises? Here are the top tips for choosing the best amethyst for intentional programming:

  • Clear Quartz Clusters – These quartzes amplify energy and have multiple points to transfer intent in all directions.
  • Tumbled Stones – Tumbled amethyst is comfortable in the hand and easy to carry in your pocket for affirmations on the go.
  • Geodes – Select the Amethyst geode and place your affirmation inside the crystal cave. The inwardly focused energy contains vibrations.
  • Points – Directs the concentrated energy of a point crystal to yourself or an area in need of healing.
  • Pendulums – Program the Amethyst Pendulum with your affirmations and then use its movement to provide guidance and answers.
  • Jewelry – Wear an amethyst pendant, ring, or bracelet to keep words of affirmation close at hand. Great for reminding yourself of your intentions.
  • Raw – Unpolished, raw amethyst has a powerful primal energy. Wear it on your body during affirmation exercises.
  • Cluster – Amethyst point clusters work together to harmonize and amplify energy. Great for collective affirmation work.

Use your intuition to choose the shape or form that most resonates with your needs. Now let’s look at how to program your crystal.

How to Program Amethyst with Affirmations

1.Cleanse the crystal – Cleanse with cool water or soak in sea salt overnight to remove all residual energy. Rinse and dry.

2. Focus Your Intention – Sit quietly and think about the affirmations you want to make up and the specific goals behind using them. Write them down if you need to.

3.Hold the amethyst in your hand – Close your eyes and take a deep breath while visualizing your intention being transmitted into the crystal.

4.Recite Affirmations Out Loud – Repeat each affirmation out loud 3-10 times or read the entire list out loud 1-3 times. Be articulate and purposeful.

5.Meditation with Amethyst in hand – After completing your programming, sit in silence for a few moments and feel the energy of the amethyst. Listen to the promptings of your intuition.

6.Give gratitude – Thanking Amethyst out loud amplifies your intentions. Expressing gratitude seals the program.

7.Repeat regularly – Charge the crystal periodically by holding it while repeating the affirmation. Crystals need to be cleaned and reprogrammed just like any other tool.

When crafting the ideal amethyst affirmation practice, also consider setting up an affirmation altar, combining it with meditation or yoga, journaling, or placing crystals in an environment such as under a pillow to enhance the effect.

How to Personalize My Amethyst Affirmations

While the variety of examples shared will meet most needs, you may also want to personalize your amethyst affirmations. Here are some tips:

  • Focus on your goals – Write down current goals and then create affirmations to reflect your desires in detail.
  • Meet Specific Needs – Adapt the examples provided to reflect your unique situation, relationships, career, or talents.
  • Write in present tense – Phrase affirmations as if your intention has already manifested into being.
  • Short and sweet – Long affirmations can be difficult to memorize and repeat. Use short sentences of 15 words or less whenever possible.
  • Write Positive Affirmations – Avoid negatives such as “no” or “not” which emphasize the opposite of what you want.
  • Include “I am” statements – Use “I am” to affirm your goals and how you want to feel to empower you.
  • Visualize results – As you repeat the affirmation, vividly imagine what the affirmation would look, sound, and feel like in reality. Be as detailed as possible.

Remember, persistence and repetition are the keys to reshaping your thinking. Stick to your personalized amethyst affirmations every day. Over time, you will find yourself feeling, thinking and acting in alignment with your new intentions.


With mindful programming, Amethyst can amplify the power of positive affirmations to activate transformation. Use the top 99 Amethyst affirmations in this guide to find the right one for your needs in the areas of finances, relationships, self-care, letting go, or creativity.

Select a quality amethyst and purify it to remove any residual vibrations. Hold the crystal while you program your voice with your chosen affirmations. Experience with your heart and use the affirmations daily to transform deeply ingrained thought patterns and limiting beliefs into empowering ones. Continue to be grateful for your Amethyst Companion.

Commit to raising your vibration, speaking your new truths out loud, and aligning actions with your goals. You have the incredible ability to utilize the magic of Amethyst Affirmations to shift your perspective, heal your life, and fulfill your desires.

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Aya Vilas is a certified crystal healer and Reiki master who left her corporate job three years ago to fully embrace her spiritual calling. She now runs a thriving crystal shop and offers virtual energy healing sessions to clients in LA. Aya believes crystals hold vibrational energies that can realign our chakras, remove energetic blockages, and promote our overall well-being. Her mission is to make crystal healing accessible to all.

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