Are The Crystals On TEMU Real? Let’s Find Out

If you’ve browsed the Temu app lately, you’ve probably seen their selection of colored crystals. Temu sells crystals and crystal jewelry along with clothing and other merchandise. But are Temu’s crystals the real deal or are they too good to be true? As a crystal junkie, I was eager to find out!

What Kinds of Crystals Does Temu Sell?

First, let’s take a look at what types of crystals the Temu store offers. They have

  • Tumbled stones such as jasper, amethyst and agate
  • Raw crystal points and clusters
  • Crystal Pendants and Jewelry
  • Crystal statues and decorations
  • Crystal “generators” (pyramids) and spheres
  • Specialty crystals such as aura quartz and mermaid opal

As a result, you will see a mixture of natural and treated crystals. There are also a variety of colors and shapes. Overall, it’s a good choice!

Now, what about quality?

How Real or Authentic are the Stones?

Given that the app is super affordable, I can’t help but wonder if these crystals are real or fake.

So I ordered a dozen different crystals from Temu to check if they were real or not. It cost me less than $100 for all these crystals. I thought that the cheap crystals must be fake, but I was a bit surprised by the results, Temu does have some real crystals at a good price. Here are the results of my test:

The malachite, limonite, amethyst, labradorite, and other tumbled stones I buy are the real deal. They come from real mines and are unaltered.
Another aura quartz that appears to have been treated with color enhancement. But the crystal itself is still natural.
But the crystals I received weren’t exactly real, such as citrine and blue tiger’s eye, which were very rough in texture and dull in color, not like the hue and texture of natural crystals.

Overall, some of the crystals sold on the Temu website do appear to be genuine. However, some crystals may well be fake, or artificially manipulated. If you decide to buy crystals on Temu, you have to be careful and do your research.

How Are the Prices So Darn Low?

Seriously, I was blown away by the low price of Temu’s crystals. 3 dollars for a small chunk of stone? Crystal pendants under $10? These prices are unheard of!

Temu can offer this discount because

  • They purchase directly from suppliers and manufacturers, cutting out the middle man.
  • No need to pay for fancy packaging or branding. The savings will be passed on to you.
  • Bulk ordering allows them to buy crystals in large quantities at a much lower price.
  • New sellers like Temu are competitive in pricing and can attract customers initially.

So, in short, the discounts come from cutting overhead and efficient purchasing, and Temu passes the savings on to our customers! That’s great.
Of course, there are some suppliers who sell fake crystals as real ones at a lower price.

Do They Give Off Real Crystal Energy?

In addition to their physical properties, I would like to know: do Temu’s crystals radiate true crystal energy? Are the vibrations legitimate?

Judging from the reviewer’s report, the answer seems to be yes!

  • Customers feel the same energy from Tempests as they do from the higher end varieties found in crystal stores.
  • Many people mention successfully using crystals for meditation, energy work, healing, etc.
  • Based on the comments, the wishes and affirmations set on the Temu crystal seem to still be valid.
  • Crystal healing (e.g., halo enhancement therapy) does not seem to diminish metaphysical qualities.

Obviously, your own situation may be different. But so far, based on user experience, Temu Crystal does give a positive feeling!

Should You Buy Crystals on Temu?

Okay, time for the big question: should you buy crystals from Tem? Here are my thoughts:

🟢 Very affordable price!
🟢 You have lots of choices!
🟢 Fun ways to add to your collection on a budget!

🔴 Less classy than a fancy crystal store
🔴 There are some variations in size and shape
🔴 Inability to see/pick the exact stone
🔴 Some of the crystals are fake.

So if you just want beautiful crystals for decoration or are curious about crystals, Temu is definitely a good choice for you! It is very cost effective.

However, if you are a crystal collector, you may need to spend more money for higher quality crystals. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Either way, I’d check it out! In the worst case scenario, you can buy some affordable gems to experiment with energy. Let the gems call to you and expand your collection to your heart’s content!

Bottom Line on Temu Crystals

When it comes down to it, Temu does seem to be able to offer authentic crystals and crystal jewelry at super low prices. The lower costs come from savvy business practices that allow discounts to be passed down the line.

While not in the same class as high-end crystal retailers, Temu offers an easy way to buy gemstones on a budget. Their catalog also provides an affordable entry point for new collectors.

So if you’re as enamored with crystals as I am, I think Temu is worth a visit. But proceed with caution and keep your expectations in check when buying crystals on this affordable e-commerce site. Let me know if you end up buying some for yourself! I’d love to hear if your new Temu baby has good energy.

How Can You Tell if a Crystal is Fake?

When shopping for crystals, especially low-priced crystals, it is important to know how to recognize counterfeit crystals. Here are some tips:

  • Upon closer inspection, real crystals have a consistent, smooth crystal structure, while fake crystals look more irregular.
  • Natural crystals have no temperature difference to the touch. Fake crystals, on the other hand, tend to be cold to the touch because they are made of plastic or glass.
  • Crystals do not flake, melt or smell. If the stone flakes and sparkles or has a strong odor, it is most likely synthetic.
  • Quality Crystal retailers will disclose any treatments or improvements. Vague descriptions may be noticed.
  • If in doubt, do some tests such as checking the hardness or doing a scratch test. Softer fakes will be scratched by quartz.

Where to Buy Authentic Crystals

If you want to make sure you’re buying high quality real crystal, here are some reputable places to shop:

  • Local crystal store or new age store – A brick and mortar store allows you to see and handle the stones in person before you buy. Look for locations with good reviews.
  • Gem and Mineral Shows – The sellers at these shows have expert knowledge of their crystals and gemstones. You can find rare items.
  • Etsy Shop – Search for sellers with tons of sales and great reviews. Many quality crystal vendors operate on Etsy.
  • Online Independent Crystal Stores – In addition to large retailers, small crystal businesses offer personalized service on their own websites.
  • Mining Companies – Some mines sell crystals directly to consumers to reduce costs. However, be wary of exploitative operations.

The most important thing is to check the reviews and ask questions. Trustworthy sellers will be happy to address any questions. With a little research, you can find amazing genuine crystals in these sources!


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I was introduced to the power of crystals by chance during a trip overseas ten years ago, and began to learn about crystals and meditation. After years of experiencing firsthand the beauty and benefits of crystals, I founded CrystalWith to share my knowledge with others.

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