What Does Purple Mean On A Mood Ring? (9 Meanings)

Mood rings have been a popular jewelry item for decades, captivating people with their ability to change color according to the wearer’s mood.

Among the many fascinating colors, purple is one of the most complex and multifaceted. Like a temperamental genie, it can symbolize many different states of mind.

Let’s embark on a journey to explore the mysterious purple world of the mood ring.

What is a mood ring? How does it work?

mood ring

Before we delve into the meaning of the color purple in mood rings, let’s understand what a mood ring is.

A mood ring is a ring that contains a thermochromic element that is very sensitive to changes in temperature. The magical ring changes color according to the wearer’s body temperature, offering a glimpse into our ever-changing emotions.

The mood ring first appeared on the jewelry scene in the 1970s, invented by American jeweler Marvin Wernick.

Drawing inspiration from the liquid crystal elements used in medical thermometers, he developed rings containing thermochromic elements that change color depending on the temperature of the wearer’s finger.

When your finger temperature is low, the stone will appear purple, blue or black. As your temperature rises, the crystals will shift to green, yellow, orange and red.

By December 1975, sales of mood rings totaled a staggering $15 million. However, the trend eventually faded due to the oversaturation of the market, which led to a drop in demand.

Over the years, mood rings have occasionally made a comeback in fashion. They remain an iconic symbol of 1970s trends and continue to evoke nostalgia for that whimsical, trend-setting era of jewelry.

The Rainbow of Colors

Mood rings can change into a variety of colors, and it is believed that each color is associated with a different emotion or mood. Common colors that mood rings can change include blue, green, yellow, orange and purple. Each color has its own unique meaning and interpretation.

The traditional mood ring color meanings are as follows:

Blue: relax, have fun

Green: normal, calm mood

Yellow: anxiety

Orange: enthusiasm, excitement

Red: angry, upset

Black: tension

Purple: stress, mystery

If you’re feeling stressed, your mood ring may flash dark purple and black. When you’re passionate, vibrant oranges and reds make an appearance. But of all the shades, purple is the most versatile.

Next, let’s look at the meanings of the different colors of purple in more detail:

The Many Shades of Purple in Mood Rings

Purple spans an incredibly diverse spectrum, ranging from pale lavender to vampy violet. Here are some of the most common purple mood ring shades and their meanings:

Deep Dark Purple The Depths of Emotion

At the lower temperature end of the mood ring color range, the very deep, inky purple represents feelings of tension, anxiety and stress.

Imagine the tension you feel during moments of public speaking or important presentations. As this nervous energy runs through your body, your mood ring may display a deep purple color.

Bluish Purple A Serenade of Tranquility

A slightly warmer shade of purple leans toward blue and is thought to symbolize spirituality and reverence. The Pope’s robes are this color and are thought to bring a sense of calm and reverence.

Think of the peaceful atmosphere of a meditation space. A bluish purple color on your mood ring could mean you’re in the midst of peaceful reflection, introspection, or curiosity about spirituality.

bluish purple mood ring

Bright Purple: Passionate Flames

When the mood ring transforms into a vibrant purple color, it will ignite the fire of passion in the wearer’s heart and feel the pulsating rhythm of bright purple. It is like a passionate melody that fills the air with excitement and joy.

It represents all forms of love, from the romantic to the platonic, and when love takes center stage, this color paints a picture of emotion in vivid strokes.

Bright purple is associated with passion, excitement, impulsiveness and indulgence. When you feel longing, infatuated, excited or tempted, you may flash bright purple. This hot-blooded color inspires instinctive urges and a desire for pleasure.

Greenish Purple: The Mystique of Nature

Let the mystery of the green and purple color transport you into the bosom of nature. It carries the symbolism of growth and renewal, like a symphony of life.

This color also signals a steady stream of creative inspiration for you, leaning towards the greenish mauve color associated with creativity and imagination. When inspiration strikes, new ideas and solutions pop up.

Yellow Purple: A Ray of Optimism

Bathed in a warm yellow-purple glow, optimism takes center stage.

It radiates positivity and hope, like sunlight piercing through the clouds. This hue uplifts the spirit, illuminates the path to happiness, and reminds us that every dark cloud has a silver lining.

When you need it, yellow-toned purple provides a confident boost that lifts spirits and brightens even the darkest days.

Pinkish Purple: The Gentle Embrace

Let the gentle embrace of pinkish purple wrap your heart. It symbolizes contentment, a symphony of peace and serenity. It is like a soft breeze on a tranquil night, embracing the mind in a cozy cocoon, allowing worries to fade away and inner harmony to reign.

Also, this color reflects intimate emotional bonds, nourishing feelings, compassion and devotion.

Think of student crushes and fairytale fantasies. When you’re indulging in a crush and showing a fondness for someone else, the colors pink and purple may come into play, and it reflects those tender, sweet feelings.

Purple Black: Veiled in Mystery

Enter the realm of purple-black, a place of mystery and introspection. At the far cool end of the emotional spectrum, the inky purple-black color represents detachment, isolation, and melancholy.

Seeing these darker shades on a mood ring calls for some extra self-care and compassion.

At the same time, its shadows hide emotions, like pauses in music, and also invite us to explore the depths of life. This tone resonates with the mystery of life and leaves us in awe of the vastness within.

As you can see, the color purple covers a very wide range of the mood spectrum. Now let’s look at why this color has such diverse symbolism.

The Meaning of Purple in Mood Rings

The meaning of the color purple in mood rings may also vary from person to person, so we need to start with our own interpretation. Here are some common positive and negative meanings:

Positive Meaning

Royalty And Power

In the mood ring, the vibrant purple color cranks up the lavish history of kings and queens.

When your mood ring glows a rich jewel-toned violet, it’s a sign that you’re embracing your inner monarch. You feel like you deserve the best things in life.

Luxurious fabrics, gourmet meals or extravagant vacations may appeal to you. Or you may crave more metaphorical pleasures such as success, romance or creativity.

Either way, purple is a color of excellence. It represents your highest ambitions.

Calming And Relaxing

The soft color purple has an inherently soothing energy. Light purple evokes feelings of healing, compassion, gentleness and spirituality. In color psychology, lighter shades represent our higher chakras.

When your mood ring is flashing lavender, some quieter activities may be in order. Spend time with nature, engage in breathing exercises, or curl up with your journal.

Use this time to reflect rather than keep moving at a blistering pace. Listen to your heart and let your intuition guide you.

The serene purple color acts as a mood reset button. It washes away stress and empties your thoughts.

If you are feeling tired or overwhelmed, then take a deep breath and mentally visualize the color mauve, these soft purple colors can give you shelter when you feel stressed out. This simple practice of positive thinking will produce wonderful results.

When Passions Run Deep

Of course, purple also symbolizes passion, desire and sensuality. When your mood ring shimmers with the color violet, the emotions of attraction may be high. Romance fills the air.

This mood is perfect for date days with your partner, or for singles who are ready to date. Get out of that little black dress. Flirt, dance, and show off your flirtatious side.

having a date

The color purple inspires our most primal desires. It reveals hidden fantasies and secret longings. You can welcome this energy, but avoid excess.

Passion is exciting, but excess can lead to hurt feelings or regret. Enjoy the exhilaration that the color purple brings, but keep it classy.

Finding Your Zen

The color purple is also associated with spirituality. Light purple in particular has transcendental qualities. You.

Mood rings may shine with this serene color during existential exploration.

Days like this are perfect for meditation, yoga, prayer, or journaling. Explore the things that give your life meaning. Reflect on your core values. Guided by the color mauve, look within and discover your soul’s true purpose.

A Creative Side Emerges

The color purple evokes fantasies of genies and magic lamps. This color inspires our creativity.

Break out of your usual routine when inspiration strikes. Doodling, daydreaming, or brainstorming project ideas. The color purple opens the door to the otherworldly. It reminds you that reality is created by you.

Try wearing purple jewelry or clothing on days when you want to think outside the box. Also, try meditating with purple crystals to envision vivid scenarios and bold visions. A little purple provides a creative canvas for your inner artist.

Negative Meaning

When Sorrow Creeps In

However, not all purple moods are positive. On the other hand, the very deep purple color represents sadness, grief and pain.

We often associate the color purple with loss because lavender flowers are often left on graves. When going through a painful experience, such as divorce, job loss, or the passing of a loved one, your mood ring may turn a deep purple color.

Don’t ignore these difficult emotions. Deal with them by communicating, writing, creating art, or whatever makes you feel cathartic. Allow yourself to cry, lean on loved ones, and seek counseling when needed.

In time, the darkness will pass. But for now, be gentle with yourself. Healing is slow. Surround yourself with extra comfort as the purple sadness sets in.

Arrogance And Conceit

The color purple, especially darker purples, may indicate that you are in some arrogant, conceited mood at the moment; think back to recent activities with people and see if you’ve exhibited any of these behaviors.

Mood rings remind you that it’s time to stay humble, give sincere compliments to others, and appreciate those who help you succeed.


The indulgent side of the color purple may also represent impulsiveness and lack of self-control.

You can do this by practicing patience, planning enjoyable activities, and making healthier choices. Delay immediate pleasure in exchange for greater long-term rewards.


The color purple can be associated with feeling overly sensitive or hurt. Learn to filter out negative comments that don’t matter, protect your inner peace, and let the wrong words of others not define your worth.

You can also prioritize caring for yourself before the shades of purple recede. Learn to self-soothe, reduce anxiety, and cultivate inner stability.

How to Interpret Your Purple Mood

Due to the versatility of the color purple, every purple mood is an opportunity for self-discovery.

Understanding your purple mood language takes patience and practice. Here are some suggestions to help you decipher the message your purple mood ring is sending:

– Notice when the color purple appears. Look for any patterns associated with specific activities, places or people.

– Take note of the thoughts and feelings you have when you see the color purple. Over time, you will associate the color purple with your emotional state.

– Notice the difference between different shades and color blends. To you, light purple may mean something completely different than dark purple.

– Compare the color purple to other mood ring colors you’ve experienced. Does the color purple reveal your hidden inner world?

– Talk to the color purple! Yes, talk to your ring and see what intuition you get. By giving the color purple a personality, you may learn more about its individuality.

By becoming more familiar with the color purple in this fun way, you will gain a deeper understanding of your mind. Continue to follow where this amazing color leads your mind and a complete understanding of the universe awaits you.


Purple is a complex color that may hold many layers of meaning when featured on a mood ring. It represents our deepest ambitions, but also comes with moments of serenity. Romance comes easy under its magic, but sadness may be hidden in darker shades.

This diversity makes the color purple a catalyst for self-discovery. By exploring our reactions to its many personalities, we learn more about our dreams, relationships and inner world.

So the next time your mood ring sparkles purple, relax and go with your heart. Listen to your emotions, thoughts and intuition with curiosity and observation. In that moment, through curiosity and observation, you will reveal the purple color’s unique message to you.

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