How to Use Feng Shui While You Sweep


Cleaning your home is often seen as a mundane task, but what if we told you that it could be a powerful ritual for manifesting your desires? Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese practice of harmonizing energy flow, offers a unique perspective on sweeping and vacuuming.

By incorporating intention and mindfulness into these seemingly ordinary chores, you can transform them into potent tools for attracting positive energy and manifesting your goals.

The Power of Intention

Before you begin sweeping, take a moment to set your intention. What is it that you wish to manifest in your life? Is it a new job, a loving relationship, or financial abundance? Write down your intention on a small slip of paper, and keep it nearby as a reminder throughout the process.

Clearing the Path

One of the fundamental principles of Feng Shui is the free flow of energy, or chi. Clutter and stagnant energy can create blockages, hindering the manifestation of your desires. As you begin sweeping, visualize yourself clearing a path for positive energy to flow freely throughout your home.

Housewife with broom and scoop cleaning made clean apartment

Opening the Windows

To truly embrace the Feng Shui principles while sweeping, it’s essential to open your doors and windows. This simple act allows the stale energy to be released, making room for fresh, vibrant chi to enter your space. Imagine the negative energy dissipating as you sweep, replaced by a revitalizing breeze carrying new opportunities and possibilities.

Choosing a Mantra

Mantras are powerful tools for focusing your mind and amplifying your intentions. While sweeping, choose an affirmation that resonates with your desired manifestation. It could be a simple phrase like “I am worthy of abundance,” or a more specific affirmation related to your goal. Repeat this mantra silently or aloud, allowing it to permeate every corner of your home.

The Power of Candles

If you enjoy the warm glow of candles, light one before you begin sweeping. Candles represent the fire element in Feng Shui, symbolizing passion, transformation, and enlightenment. As you light the candle, set the intention that this sweeping ritual will ignite your manifestation journey. Place the slip of paper with your intention under the candle, allowing the flame’s energy to infuse your desire with renewed vigor.

Releasing Limitations

Often, our limiting beliefs and fears can hinder our ability to manifest our desires. Before sweeping, take a few moments to write down any thoughts or beliefs that you feel are holding you back. As you sweep, visualize these limitations being swept away, clearing the path for your manifestation to take root.

Sweeping with Intention

As you sweep, focus your attention on the areas that often accumulate stagnant energy, such as corners and ceilings. Use a broom to sweep the corners, visualizing the old, stagnant energy being released. You can even clap your hands three times in each corner to further revitalize the space.

For an added boost, consider sprinkling salt or baking soda on your floors before sweeping. These natural ingredients are believed to absorb negative vibrations, leaving your space feeling refreshed and purified.

Sweep up paper scraps and dust on tile floors with a vacuum cleaner.

Scenting Your Space

Essential oils can be powerful allies in your sweeping ritual. Consider adding a few drops of your favorite oil, such as lavender, citrus, or palo santo, onto your vacuum filter. As you vacuum, the fragrant aroma will permeate your home, infusing it with a sense of renewal and cleansing.

Embracing Gratitude

Once you’ve completed your sweeping ritual, take a moment to express gratitude for the positive energy you’ve cultivated.

Blow out your candle, and feel the sense of accomplishment and manifestation resonating within your home. Trust that the Universe has heard your intentions and is working to bring them to fruition.


Sweeping and vacuuming are often overlooked as mere household chores, but by embracing the principles of Feng Shui, you can transform them into powerful rituals for manifesting your desires.

By setting intentions, clearing pathways, and infusing your space with positive energy, you create an environment that supports and nurtures your manifestations. Embrace this ancient practice, and watch as your home becomes a sanctuary for attracting abundance, love, and fulfillment into your life.

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Aya Vilas is a certified crystal healer and Reiki master who left her corporate job three years ago to fully embrace her spiritual calling. She now runs a thriving crystal shop and offers virtual energy healing sessions to clients in LA. Aya believes crystals hold vibrational energies that can realign our chakras, remove energetic blockages, and promote our overall well-being. Her mission is to make crystal healing accessible to all.

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