Do Crystals Really Choose Their Owners? (With Examples)

Do crystals really choose their owners

Crystals are pretty stones, right? Just pretty ornaments to display in your home or to wear as jewelry? Well, if you believe in the mystical power of crystals, you might think that they are much more than that.

Many crystal believers say that crystals choose their owners, not the other way around!

I know, it sounds a little crazy. Crystals don’t have brains and souls. How could they possibly choose anything? When a crystal chooses someone to take care of it, there are clues that show. It’s said that the crystal calls out to its owner.

Have you ever felt a strong attraction to a certain crystal, even though you knew nothing about it?

Let’s explore the marvelous idea that crystals choose their person!

A brief history of crystals

Before we get into the mystery, let’s take a brief look at what a crystal is. Basically, crystals are minerals that form geometric patterns during solidification. Their molecules are arranged into regular structures that extend in all directions. This growth process creates the facets and streaks that make crystals so recognizable.

But it’s not just their cool geometric shapes that have fascinated mankind with crystals. For thousands of years, ancient civilizations revered the healing and protective properties of crystals.

The Egyptians buried crystals with their dead to help them enter the afterlife. The Atlanteans supposedly utilized the power of crystals to control the weather. The Lemurians are said to have used crystals to expand consciousness and store sacred knowledge.

During the Middle Ages, crystals were extremely important in pagan traditions. Witches used crystals for divination and spell casting. Witch doctors used different crystal prescriptions to cure diseases. Even healing crystals have been found in bubonic plague relics!

Today, crystals are as popular as ever and seem to do everything from meditation and manifestation to energy work. It is believed that crystals radiate energy and, when placed correctly, can rebalance and heal the body’s own energy field. Each crystal has specific mystical properties based on its color, molecular composition and natural shape.

Of course, not everyone believes that crystals have magical powers. Scientists scoff that there is no evidence that quartz or amethyst have any special effects beyond basic electromagnetic radiation, which is minimal. But many people swear that they can feel subtle energies in crystals that provide healing, guidance, and personal growth.

Are crystals alive?

Many people believe that crystals have healing energy vibrations and are alive. Now, they likely don’t believe your amethyst geode can walk or talk. But they do believe that crystals have some sort of consciousness or soul that exists outside of the material form.

According to this view, crystals essentially choose to help certain people who need their special healing gifts. They communicate this calling through signs, intuition, dreams, emotions and coincidences that lead them to their human partners.

It is believed that there is a mutually beneficial relationship between crystals and humans. Humans take care of the crystals physically, while the crystals help humans with their metaphysical energies. This partnership helps crystals and humans to evolve together and fulfill their mission.

But why do crystals choose one over the other? According to crystal enthusiasts, here are some possible reasons:

  • You need the healing properties of this crystal now for spiritual or emotional growth. The crystal will sense this need.
  • The energy of the crystal resonates at the same frequency as your energy. Therefore, you can complement each other.
  • Your soul knew the soul of this crystal in a previous life. You have a spiritual connection.
  • Your destiny is tied to the purpose of this crystal. It has something to teach your soul.
  • You used to live in a natural environment near this crystal, such as a crystal cave. It remembers you!
  • Your chakras are inactive and need to be awakened by the vibrations of this crystal.
  • You have sparse spots on your aura, the energy of this crystal can repair these spots.
  • You are ready to unlock the mystical knowledge contained within this crystal.
  • Your energies are in balance with each other — masculine and feminine, yin and yang.
  • You need help overcoming karmic patterns and this crystal can help.
  • The longing of your heart resonates with the intrinsic properties of this crystal.

Signs that you’ve been chosen

How do you know if a crystal has chosen you to care for it? Here are some common signs:

  • You keep seeing the same crystal over and over again. It’s like it’s following you!
  • You may feel inexplicably drawn to a selection or display of crystals.
  • When you need a crystal, it just pops out at you. How magical.
  • From the moment you discover the crystal, you are captivated by it. You had to have it!
  • Holding or wearing a crystal makes you feel right. Its energy resonates within you.
  • You’ll have vivid dreams or see crystals you’ve never seen before. Prophecy?
  • You will discover new truths about yourself, or feel especially creative when working with a certain crystal.
  • When combined with it, you will see major improvements in several areas, including finances and love.
  • Even if you wanted to, you couldn’t give it up. Separation doesn’t feel right.
  • If you’re separated, synchronized phenomena will reunite you with crystals. Soul mates?
  • Crystals can unlock mystical memories or sacred knowledge within you. There must be a past life connection!
  • Your intuition tells you not to give this crystal away or stop carrying it. Its purpose with you is not yet complete.
  • When using this crystal, you will feel a sense of spiritual alignment and fulfillment that is not present when using other crystals.

I don’t know about you, but these signs would lead me to believe that the crystals are somehow energetically connected to me! It’s hard to chalk it all up to coincidence.

Have you experienced any of these “chosen” signs? Let me tell you about my adventures in crystal bonding…

My Crystal Love Story

Well, let me share my own little crystal story with you. Take it as you will, skeptics!

A few years ago, I went through a very difficult breakup. Not only did I lose my boyfriend, but I lost my vision for the future. My self-esteem was shattered. I walked around in a fog for weeks, moping and crying randomly. My life was a mess!

For some reason, I was drawn to a nearby crystal store. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why. I had never touched crystals before. But I just thought I might find something there that would help me.

As I was browsing, this beautiful pink and black gemstone on the necklace seemed to catch the light, shimmering and beckoning to me.

I picked it up and immediately felt warmth and comfort flow through my body. This was something I had never experienced from an item before.

I noticed a small card that said it was rhodonite, a gemstone that represents love, connection and self-worth. My eyes actually teared up! It was exactly what I needed to hear.

At that moment, I knew I had to have this necklace. I bought it and wore it every day for months. Whenever I touched the rhodonite crystal, it soothed me and centered me.

It rekindled my self-love. I credit this crystal with guiding me through some of the darkest times of my adult life. The more I learned about rhodonite crystals and their meanings, the more convinced I became that this crystal found me when I needed it most.

Eventually, when I felt I was emotionally healed and moving forward, I did take off the necklace.

But something strange happened. A few years later, while on vacation at a boutique in a small beach town, I found a huge gemstone. It was pink and black rhodonite!

Of all the varieties of crystals, how could it be? My heart was pounding when I saw it. I brought it home and displayed it proudly. Its methodical, layered pattern struck me as symbolizing healing and growth.

To this day, I still can’t explain my initial strong attraction to rhodonite or the crazy coincidence of its reappearance years later. Perhaps it was this very energy that I needed in that moment of crisis?

Or maybe on some energetic level, this crystal and I really did find each other. What I do know is that that diamond shaped crystal has more than just sentimental value for me. I believe it was meant to belong to me.

More crystal bond stories

My rhodonite story is not unique. Many people have had mystical experiences of being chosen by crystals. Let me share with you two more of my friends’ stories:


Amanda started a new job and felt very insecure and anxious about being able to fit in. For months, she struggled with “imposter syndrome” and worried that she was not as experienced as her coworkers.

One day, she changed her route to work and passed a small store. Even though she had never worked with crystals before, she was drawn in.

Amanda took one look at a cluster of citrine points that glowed like sunlight in the store. She picked them up and felt an instant surge of warmth and confidence.

Amanda bought the citrine, placed it on her desk, and realized that her self-confidence and sense of belonging at work had changed dramatically. She knew in her heart that the citrine had found her exactly when she needed it most.


James was going through a painful divorce and felt completely adrift, as if he had lost his identity.

He happened to pick up a book on crystals and turned to the chapter on obsidian. When he read about the grounding and protective properties of obsidian, he had an urge to find a piece of obsidian immediately.

He immediately set out for a crystal store and found a sparkling ball of obsidian. Holding it, James felt a sense of relief. He took the obsidian ball home and placed it next to his bed.

He swears that the crystal helped him deal with the challenging emotions of his divorce and find his sense of self.

A dose of healthy skepticism

Now wait just a minute, you rational folks are saying. There are perfectly logical reasons why someone could feel “chosen” by a certain crystal when, in fact, it’s just coincidence. Right?

Here are a few reasons why we might mistakenly think we are connected to an inanimate object (like a pretty crystal):

  • The placebo effect — if you believe that the crystal has chosen you and can heal you, this affects the healing. The power of the mind can create change.
  • We bond emotionally with almost anything we assign meaning to, from plants to cars to stuffed animals. Crystals are no different.
  • Rare or expensive crystals seem extra special, so we imagine that they must have chosen us as their owners. It makes us feel important.
  • We remember the “successes” but forget the “failures”. Confirmation bias causes us to notice only the evidence of our beliefs about crystal bonding.
  • Finding crystals at a time when you need help may be coincidental, or it may just be luck and coincidence. Probability is bound to happen sometimes.

Thus, in many cases, crystals may not actually be calling to anyone on a mystical level. But that doesn’t necessarily negate the meaning or comfort that people derive from such experiences. After all, science doesn’t have all the answers for energies and connections we don’t yet fully understand. An open mind is the key to exploring such phenomena.


Is it true that crystals can transcend time and space and bond with certain people who need their healing energy? Or is it coincidence and the human tendency to assign meaning to randomness that creates this belief?

The jury is still out! Crystal enthusiasts cite many mystical experiences as evidence that crystals “choose” people. Skeptics, however, believe there is a psychological explanation.

At the end of the day, it’s the personal experience that counts. If your union with a particular crystal is personally uplifting, does it really matter “why”? Whether the power of crystals is mystical or symbolic, they continue to be of great value in rituals, meditation and personal growth.

If you feel the crystal has chosen you, then embrace it! Cherish the experience. After all, crystals obviously came into your life for a reason, whatever that reason may be.

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I was introduced to the power of crystals by chance during a trip overseas ten years ago, and began to learn about crystals and meditation. After years of experiencing firsthand the beauty and benefits of crystals, I founded CrystalWith to share my knowledge with others.

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