21 Best Crystals for Divination (Complete List)

Looking to spice up your divination practices?

Crystals are an amazing tool to enhance your skills and take your divination to the next level. From clearing blockages to enhancing intuition, these magical minerals can give you a metaphysical jolt.

Whether you’re a tarot expert or new to oracle cards, crystals have something for everyone.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the 21 best crystals for divination and how to use them to get amazing divination results.

Let’s get started!

1. Clear Quartz

Let’s start with the “mother” of all crystals, clear quartz. One of the most abundant minerals on the planet, this stunning gemstone epitomizes “quality over quantity.” Its ability to amplify energy, intention and vibration is what puts it at the top of our list.

To utilize its superb divinatory powers, simply hold a piece of clear quartz in your hand or place it on top of a card, rune or pendulum to consult an oracle. The clear quartz will strengthen the connection between you and the divination tool, delivering ultra-clear messages from the spirit world. Get ready for goosebump-inducing accuracy!

2. Amethyst

Next up we have the stunning purple stone of beauty, Amethyst. We highly recommend that you keep this stone close by during your divination as it has strong protective and purifying properties.

Amethyst protects your energy field from unwanted visitors who can interfere or manipulate your reading. In addition, it is a purifying powerhouse that washes away negative energy and fills you with a positive glow. Who says divination tools can’t be glamorous?

3. Moonstone

Moonstone’s divine femininity takes your tarot game to the next level. Its feminine energy awakens your intuition, allowing you to easily interpret symbols, synchronized phenomena and messages. Holding moonstone while shuffling cards deepens your connection to your inner wisdom.

Known as the Traveler’s Stone for its protective properties, Moonstone illuminates your path and allows you to navigate the future with confidence. It brings flow, comfort and understanding to readings about cycle changes and new beginnings. We think moonstone has the best chance of becoming your new divinatory BFF!

4. Selenite

Is your reading clarity clouded by fear or self-doubt? Call upon the purifying power of Selenite to dispel confusion! Named after Selene, the Moon Goddess of Greek mythology, Selenite raises your vibration beyond the lower emotions to a peace-filled, big-picture perspective.

After cleansing the deck, create a crystal grid around the divination tools with the four selenite wands facing the deck. You will feel stagnant energies dissipating as the selenite amplifies cosmic light and infuses your divination with truth and insight.

5. Lapis lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is the gemstone of psychic awakening and inner insight that allows you to see things as they are. During a reading, it reveals intuitive perceptions and provides clarity to your much-needed questions. Chakra Masters believe that Lapis Lazuli activates the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, facilitating your connection to your Soul Guides and Akashic Records.

For ultra-accurate divination results, meditate with your hands cupped around the lapis lazuli before divination. Feel the breath of Lapis Lazuli giving prophetic wisdom and let the message shine like a star on a dark night.

6. Fluorite

Is brain fog or stress clouding your intuition and blocking your mind download? Turn to the clarifying and purifying power of fluorite, the random access memory of the mineral kingdom! This genius crystal absorbs scattered energies and then methodically arranges them into coherence.

Placing Fluorite on top of your cards and runes brings meticulous precision to the confusing aspects of any spread. It organizes disorganized information into easy-to-understand pieces, allowing you to accurately identify patterns and interpret signs. After consulting Fluorite, foggy concepts become 20/20 vision!

7. Aventurine

Feeling overwhelmed or doubting your divination skills? Aventurine is the perfect crystal cheerleader to bring you much needed confidence! Its positive, sunny vibe dispels fears of the future and restores your inner optimism.

During a challenging reading, place some aventurine stones in your hands to shift your perspective from panic to possibility. Emotional barriers melt away as the Venus stones refocus your vision to see doors, not walls.

8. Tiger’s eye

The courage and conviction of Tiger’s Eye can keep you honest during the divination process. When you get off track, the golden-brown hue of Tiger’s Eye allows you to face denial head-on, break down illusions, and receive a reality check.

Place the Tiger’s Eye Stone next to a card depicting a fork in the road decision to highlight the wisest path forward. Its amplifying energy will emphasize the best choice and give you the courage to take action and make the necessary changes. Roar like a tiger, not a timid cat!

9. Lepidolite

When emotions run high during a reading, lepidolite brings a much-needed sedative. It is rich in lithium, which has a calming effect and relieves stress, anxiety and mood swings, leaving one energized and refreshed. This is the spiritual “Xanax”!

Place this Lilac Love next to your cards when you feel anxious or overwhelmed. Its Zen qualities distract from the drama so that instead of being blinded by heavy feelings, you are focused, present, and receiving guidance. Most likely to help you go with the flow!

10. Citrine

Who doesn’t need more prosperity and positivity? That’s why we consider Citrine to be a favorite of fortune tellers! Known as the Merchant’s Stone because of its association with wealth and success, citrine makes positive prophecies jump off the page and affirms that wealth is on its way to you.

Place Citrine dots outward on the edges of your reading area like a golden safety spotlight to protect the positive potential of your reading. Your worries will dissipate as the citrine infuses your reading with sunny optimism!

11. Black tourmaline

Protect your deck during divination with a “bodyguard crystal” like Black Tourmaline, which crushes chaotic energies. Its dark color absorbs heavy energy like a sponge, then transforms it into grounding earth power, keeping the divination results balanced.

Black Tourmaline blocks psychic vampires that try to disrupt your buzz, allowing you to hear messages clearly without interference. Place a large termination point near your card to ward off unwanted visitors. Provides you with metaphysical protection!

12. Rose Quartz

Want to learn about tricky topics involving relationships or self-esteem? Have Rose Quartz on hand for readings that require careful attention! Rose Quartz melts away emotional armor and allows the real you to shine confidently from within. It wins by reminding you that you are lovable and deserving, and supports self-acceptance!

Hold this pink love magnet close to your hand or in your bra to open your heart chakra and tune your vibration for patience, compassion and understanding – especially when things get tough. Its gentle touch encourages resilience, hope and optimism when you need it most.

13. Smoky Quartz

Feeling low on energy after an intense tarot class? Summon the detoxifying power of smoky quartz to your rescue! This earthy brown crystal absorbs negative energy like a metaphysical mop, leaving you feeling lighter and more positive.

After taking a pressure reading, hold the smoky quartz point in both hands and then sweep it over your entire body in a downward motion from head to toe, as if brushing away bad feelings. Repeat until you feel calm and set crystals nearby to maintain the purifying effect.

14. Green aventurine

In times of change, let Green Aventurine guide the way with its lucky gambling stone magic! No matter how the cards change and the dice roll, Green Aventurine heralds growth, opportunity and new beginnings.

When confronted with uncertain outcomes or confusing signs, rubbing Green Aventurine as a worry stone removes doubt. Its lush energy renews perceptions and manifests reasons to take chances in uncertain situations. Remember, the magic is in taking risks – the cards already know the outcome!

15. Hematite

Feeling tired of juggling your busy schedule with divination every day? Hematite is here to help! Whether it’s tarot time or tackling a to-do list, this highly effective iron-based mineral will keep your spirits high.

The practical, earthy energy of Hematite keeps the Wings of Daydreams grounded in the present moment and allows the message to fall clearly into place. Its thick energy gives confidence to choose logic over impulse and find order in the chaos. Most likely to help you get things done!

16. Turquoise

By now, everyone knows that crystals can maximize divination skills! Let’s continue to amplify its power with turquoise, the master spiritual conduit. Since ancient times, turquoise has been revered for its ability to open the mind’s eye, bringing prophetic visualization and increased sensitivity.

Place the turquoise stone at the third eye or hold the palm stone toward each solar plexus during divination. Feel its ancient wisdom awaken your untapped consciousness, allowing you to understand symbols and interpret signs intuitively. All superpowers, with the added bonus of gorgeous jewelry!

17. Carnelian

Need bold courage during a difficult decision-making process? Carnelian brings an air of fearlessness to readings that require risky action or conflict resolution. Its vibrant orange-red hue boosts the nervous system’s confidence to act decisively in critical moments.

Clutch the Carnelian Chalcedony in your hand, then press the points into your palm, reflect on the outcome, then release your doubts and give it your all. Carnelian aligns you with the inner fortitude of the fire signs to forge new paths through the unknown. Fate favors the bold, so take advantage of opportunities!

18. Aquamarine

Having emotional ups and downs during difficult times? Aquamarine will give you grounding life preserver energy to keep you afloat and not be pulled under by the undercurrents of drama. Think of it as a mental flotation device!

Adding the Aquamarine cluster around a water sign such as the Queen of Cups or the Eight of Cups can help you overcome difficulties and navigate challenging emotions. Its soothing light blue color provides calm and clarity, smoothing out waves of stress. It is most likely to help you stay calm!

19. Fire Agate

If you want to ignite a passion project, inspire, or add momentum to a stagnant situation, Fire Agate will be right up your alley! This celestial spark plug awakens the sacred embers of the soul and burns your creative fire into hellfire.

When the cards call for courage, motivation, or taking the next step, meditate with Fire Agate to get your mojo flowing. Feel the shimmering energy of Fire Agate sweep away obstacles and new ideas burst forth like fireworks. Inspire potential!

20. Quartz crystal clusters

Remember when we mentioned the magnifying power of clear quartz? Crystal clusters take it to the next level! Multiple endpoints and facets act like metaphysical surround sound, broadcasting the core properties outward at tremendous volume.

Place the Quartzite Cluster next to your favorite divination tool, like a crystal microphone that picks up messages from the Ether. Feel its amplifying energy, strengthen the connections between worlds, uncover hidden insights, and access the greatest truths. Activate the crystal juice!

21. Labradorite

Last but certainly not least on our list of the best crystals for divination is dazzling Labradorite, which is known for its transcendent visual effect known as Labrador luminescence. Legend has it that this labradorite leu effect is due to the Northern Lights being trapped in the gemstone.

In addition to its stunning appearance, labradorite inspires spirituality and intuition, making it ideal for divination. With its shimmering rainbow base, Labradorite’s dark, through-colored body blends earthy and ethereal elements, giving it a magical and whimsical sense of reality.

Gaze upon Labradorite during a divination, card reading, or connection with a guide. Feel its mystical aura awaken your innate curiosity and wonder, reminding you that our realm intersects with many realms. When we open our perceptions to possibility, magic emerges!

Wrapping up

This is our list of the 21 best crystals for divination. From increasing accuracy to shifting perspectives, these crystals offer endless metaphysical inspiration! Open up your crystal stash and start divining!

We hope you find some new gems to incorporate into your practice. Keep in mind that you can use various combinations of crystals for customized intentions based on your unique needs at the moment.

Finally, don’t forget that the most powerful magic comes from within. Crystals may lend a helping hand, but it is the cultivation of personal qualities such as intuition, empathy, integrity, trust and inner knowing that makes a true spiritual leader!

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