11 Reasons Why Your Carnelian May Not Be Working (And How To Fix It)

Do you sometimes feel that your carnelian is not doing its job?

You bought a beautiful Carnelian pendant to attract new opportunities, but you’re still stuck in a rut. Or, you keep your carnelian bracelet around to boost your confidence, but you still feel timid. This happens to some crystal lovers. So what’s the cause?

As a longtime crystal enthusiast, I have helped many of my friends with lackluster crystals that appear to be depleted or clogged. And carnelian is one of those crystals that often needs a lot of care. Here are the top 11 reasons why carnelian is weak and how to revitalize it.

1. It’s dehydrated

One issue that affects many crystals is dehydration. Just like us humans, minerals need water to thrive! Dehydrated crystal stones have diminished energy, which reduces their effectiveness.

Over time, the water in carnelian will slowly evaporate, especially if it is stored in an environment that is too warm or dry. You will notice that dehydrated carnelian looks dull.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution. Soak your carnelian in room temperature filtered water overnight or for a few hours. Be sure to rinse it off afterward. As the water content is restored, you’ll notice the carnelian regaining its luster.

2. It needs cleansing

With regular use, our Carnelian stones accumulate energetic debris from the environment and from our own aura. This debris can block the natural frequency of the stone, just as dust on a wind chime can prevent it from singing freely.

Therefore, cleanliness is vital to keeping carnelian energized. Dehydration can make the stone look dull, while unclean energy can make carnelian feel heavy, clogged, and unwelcoming.

Regular cleansing helps to remove old or unwanted energies, allowing the natural light of the stone to shine again. There are many ways to clean carnelian. Some of my favorites are as follows

  • Sunlight: Let Carnelian bask in sunlight for 30 minutes or more. You can even place it in water while in direct sunlight to enhance the cleaning effect.
  • Salt bath: Soak carnelian in sea salt water overnight, then rinse off.
  • Smudging: Light a smudge stick or incense and pass the carnelian through the aromatic smoke. Sage, palo santo and sweetgrass are all good choices.
  • Sound: Cleanse Carnelian with singing bowls, wind chimes, drums or your own voice.
  • Reiki: If you know Reiki, run warm Reiki energy over the Carnelian to dissolve stagnant energy and rejuvenate.

If using carnelian regularly, I like to cleanse it at least once a week. Notice the difference in lightness and vibration compared to before cleaning. Aha, the magic of carnelian is back!

3. It’s energy doesn’t resonate

Carnelian contains the energy of Mars. This makes it perfect for courage, energy and expression – you can channel that energetic warrior spirit through it. But what if you’re more of a calm, go-with-the-flow personality? A high-pressure gemstone like carnelian may not harmonize with your own gentle energy. Conflict can feel dissonant rather than empowering.

If carnelian makes you feel irritated or overwhelmed, take note. You may need a more compatible crystal. There is no shame in this! Our personal resonance with different gemstones varies greatly.

Other lighter energy red or orange stones are

  • Red jasper
  • Orange calcite
  • Amber
  • Coral
  • Sunstone

Carry it with you or wear it for a day to see if the energy works better for you. Harmony with crystals is key.

4. It’s not ethically sourced

As much as it pains me, much of crystal mining today involves unethical practices – from environmentally destructive techniques to unsafe working conditions to extracting profits from Aboriginal communities. Ethical sourcing issues can destroy the energy of crystals and prevent them from manifesting their natural gifts.

Carnelian is mainly produced in India, Brazil, Uruguay and Germany. Learn about the origin and beneficiaries of the gemstone. Support ethical, sustainable suppliers and give back to the local communities where the crystal originates. Your Carnelian will thank you through its lovingly balanced energy.

5. It doesn’t have proper activation

Activation is the process of turning on the energy of a new crystal so that it can reach its full potential. It is like unlocking a new cell phone or laptop before using it. Activation aligns the energy of the crystal stone with your unique frequency.

Many carnelians are not properly activated before they are sold. Therefore, if the carnelian has not been energized to begin with, it will still feel closed or ineffective, even after cleansing.

You can activate your Carnelian in a simple process:

  1. Hold the Carnelian in both hands and close your eyes. Set the intention to activate it as an instrument of light. Visualize awakening its true energy.
  2. Next, soak the carnelian in cool water while affirming that its activity and energy are aligned with yours.
  3. leave the stone on a quartzite cluster or buried in the earth overnight to further stabilize its energy.
  4. Clean the carnelian again in the morning. It should now feel vibrant and close to you!

6. It’s been programmed incorrectly

Many beginners make the mistake of arbitrarily assigning attributes to crystals without properly programming them. For example, if you get carnelian expecting money energy and never deliberately set the wealth attribute for it, it won’t know what you want.

Carnelian does have natural correspondences, but clear programming ensures that it channels the energy it needs according to your needs. Perhaps your carnelian is confused rather than blocked!

Reprogram your carnelian through focused intention:

  1. hold this stone during meditation and visualize it glowing orange.
  2. Say the program out loud, “I program this carnelian for (healing/confidence/creativity, etc.) and align its energy for my highest good.” Repeat this mantra several times.
  3. Imagine that your goal will be realized in the next month. Feel like the programming is done.

This clarifies the purpose of the gemstone. If you feel the need to redirect the energy of the gemstone, you can reprogram it as needed.

7. It’s blocked by other nearby energies

Is your carnelian in the same altar or jewelry box as a bunch of tumbled stones? Being too close to other crystals, especially if they are touching each other, can cause interference. The energies will compete with each other instead of harmonizing with each other. This can confuse the energies and hinder efficacy.

Also watch out for electrical equipment and appliances. They emit electromagnetic fields that can interfere with subtle crystal energies. For example, don’t place carnelian near chargers, computers or televisions.

If your carnelian feels blocked, move it to its place for a week or more. Keep it away from the influence of the energies around it. This will allow the Carnelian to become clearer and allow its true character to blossom.

8. It has absorbed negative energy

As lightworkers, empaths, and sensitive people, we know that gemstones easily absorb heavy energies. Carnelian’s fiery nature makes it a useful talisman. However, constant exposure to negative energies can overwhelm it – it’s as if you repeatedly scrub dirt with a sponge and the sponge becomes saturated.

Signs that carnelian absorbs negativity include feeling heavy, salty, or prickly. It may also amplify your stress or uneasiness when you hold it.

When this happens, it’s time for a deep cleansing ritual:

  1. Soak the carnelian in sunlit sea salt water for at least an hour. Visualize the light transforming the dense energy into pure light.
  2. Completely bury the carnelian in a container of dry laxative salts for 24 hours. These salts have a deep cleansing effect.
  3. Aromatize Carnelian with Sage or Palo Santo while affirming its energy reset.
  4. If you want to be extra careful, you can pray or bless the stone. Visualize divine light filling and raising its vibration.
  5. Let the carnelian rest for a day on a white sage leaf. This will infuse it with fresh, pure energy.

After completing this ritual, the feeling of heaviness will disappear! However, when using Carnelian in the future, it is important to be careful how and where you use it. Some gemstones require more protection than others when faced with challenging situations or people. Protect its precious light.

9. It’s grieving the loss of its former guardian

It may sound strange, but crystals may form attachments with their owners, especially if they have been protected and cherished for many years. If your carnelian was acquired through a second-hand transaction, it may still be attached to its former owner. This can prevent it from fully bonding with the person you are now.

When you hold Carnelian, you realize that there is a hollow, pining sadness in its energy. It wants to connect with you, yet it constantly calls out to the past in its energy.

Healing this requires graciousness, compassion and patience. Over time, assure Carnelian through an active program that it is free to enter into a new sacred partnership with you.

I suggest cleansing in the moonlight as a gentle way to dissolve old bonds. Let Carnelian tell you out loud that it’s okay to let go and join you in the next chapter.

10. You’ve fallen out of energetic alignment

This is one of the most common problems I see in Carnelian and other crystals. When you first connect with a gemstone, your vibrations are perfectly synchronized. However, it is inevitable that you will experience some changes as you journey through life.

Your interests, beliefs and frequencies are constantly changing. However, your crystal energy remains fixed at the point where it was programmed. What was once harmonious alignment becomes dissonance. Carnelian no longer resonates in the same way.

The solution is to retool and reprogram it to your current situation. Perhaps your Carnelian served you perfectly for the first few years, but now needs an updated direction.

Hold a ceremony to honor the gifts of carnelian thus far. Then let it know that you are entering a new phase and need its light to shift accordingly. Feel it align with the deeper truths that are guiding you now. This should reawaken the bond of soulmates!

11. It’s time to say goodbye

In rare cases, no matter how much purification and programming you do, Carnelian will not have any effect on your spirit. Certain gemstones stay in our lives for one chapter and then they need to go. The energy just isn’t right.

Don’t get all lovey-dovey with it just because you feel like you should. As painful as it is, sometimes it’s best to send your carnelian to a new home.

Re-homing a stone that doesn’t suit you doesn’t mean you’ve failed! It just makes room for you to find a true mineral partner.

Before sending the Carnelian away, clean it thoroughly and perform a farewell ceremony to remove any ties or tensions. Wish it all the best in its next twist of fate. Not all stones are destined to travel our entire lives. Bless its journey.


If your carnelian seems to be depleted or failing, don’t despair. With a little care, you can bring its energy into full play again.

Have your crystal properly cleansed, programmed, activated, protected, and aligned. That’s what honors the true power of carnelian – a magical stone that will hopefully uplift you!

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