Who Should Or Should Not Wear Amethyst (Zodiac Signs)

Have you noticed that certain crystals and gemstones seem to fit certain signs better? It’s almost like the energies blend well together. This mystical quality is definitely true when it comes to the gorgeous amethyst.

This regal purple gemstone has long been associated with royalty, spirituality and psychic abilities. But there’s more to amethyst than meets the eye.

This fascinating gemstone has proven to interact differently with each of the 12 zodiac signs. For some signs, its healing potential and magical properties are more powerful than others.

So, if you’ve recently been drawn to the enchanting amethyst, your zodiac sign may be the reason why! Your cosmic makeup has you ready to unlock the gift of amethyst.

Let’s look at how the marvelous amethyst corresponds to each sign of the Zodiac and explore who should (or perhaps shouldn’t) consider wearing this gemstone.

We’ll also discuss the special energies that may be activated when you adorn yourself with its magical purple glow. Simply scan your birth chart and the intuitive gemstone will begin to reveal its uses for you.

Here’s what you need to know about wearing mesmerizing amethyst crystals according to your zodiac sign:

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Should you wear amethyst? Not really…

Like a burning bouquet of sage, Aries has purifying energy. But this fiery passion can also overload your angry spirit, making it difficult to calm down. Since smooth Amethyst aids in calm and serenity, it may be too much of an oxymoron for the fiery Ram. Softer crystal frequencies tend to dampen rather than fan your flames.

Perhaps after years of personal growth, an Aries can unlock the gift of Amethyst. But at first, its Zen quality may frustrate rather than soothe. With your innate warrior temperament, you may be better suited to gemstones such as carnelian, ruby or onyx. A grounding gemstone ally will help stabilize your storms without stopping the enthusiasm altogether.

At the start, anyway, the amethyst seems iffy for:

  • Aries
  • Leo
  • Sagittarius

The heat radiating from these fire signs may overwhelm the gentle amethyst – at first, anyway. But over time, its gifts will become apparent.

amethyst, crystal, gemstone-3328161.jpg

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Should you wear amethyst? Absolutely.

Have you ever seen an amethyst crystal cave? It’s actually the perfect visual metaphor for the Taurus soulscape – a solid outer shell, exquisite beauty and inner healing presence.

In other words, you simple bulls resonate so well with the vibrant violet-colored Amethyst crystal! Its high-frequency energy activates your spirituality and intuition while keeping you blissfully grounded. If any sign has the special ability to unleash the magic of amethyst, it’s the calm Taurus soul.

Through Amethyst’s Positive Thinking Meditation, you can enhance your connection with Mother Earth. This allows you to share the healing vibration (which, by the way, you have marveled at!) with others who need it! . You may also receive prophetic dreams or visions. Some Taurus friends have described a new sense of destiny after opening an Amethyst.

In your hands and on your heart, the beloved amethyst gemstone will:

  • Enhanced intuition + performance
  • Personal empowerment
  • Stimulate creative breakthroughs
  • Stimulating financial enrichment

When it comes to healing gemstones, amethyst is truly the perfect choice to harmonize the Taurus soul. Treat yourself with the gift of it!

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Should you wear amethyst? Sometimes…

Like a feather floating one minute and an angry wasp the next, Gemini’s dual personality puts Amethyst on the horns of a dilemma. Its Zen quality may resonate with your fickle emotions or clash with them altogether. Trying to predict how you will fit in with an amethyst moment is like expecting feline consistency. Good luck!

In your flexible and versatile hands, the beloved Amethyst sometimes inspires creativity and enhances intuition. You may glean insights from its spiritual frequency that steer clear of other signs. But on moody days, amethyst may also highlight everything that doesn’t feel fluid. Its energy may illuminate your chaos instead of calming it.

Instead of wearing amethyst as a talisman every day, the wise Gemini regularly invokes the gift of amethyst in healing rituals:

  • Placing crystals on the chakras during meditation
  • Creation of amethyst grids for specific representations
  • Use of the amethyst pendulum to enhance tarot readings

Think of Amethyst magic as a special counselor who floats in and out, rather than a constant companion. With your fickle emotions, this is the smoothest way to unlock their potential without conflict.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Should you wear amethyst? Yes, in times of stress.

Like marshmallows bobbing around a large mug of hot cocoa, Cancerians exude a cozy and sophisticated vibe. Your tender feelings ebb and flow. One day, you get super perky and step into the happy rhythm of life. The next, your emotions crash with the power of temperamental surfing.

Dreamy amethyst may be a bit much for sensitive crabs during high tide. You’ve got enough sense already, baby! Adding its spiritual frequency may diminish your brightness. But on stormy days, when life tosses your boat, the beloved amethyst can be a saving grace. It won’t completely smooth the choppy waters, but its qualities of mental clarity and emotional focus will help you meet the challenges with more grace.

If you are feeling disorganized, place Amethyst over your heart and take a deep breath. Allow its harmonious qualities to uplift your spirit and bring you back to safe shores. The energizing stone will help transform low mood emotions such as guilt, sadness, anxiety and regret into resilience. Its warmth and protection reminds you that all will be well.

For peace of mind through life’s inevitable ebbs and flows, keep these amethyst superpowers in check:

  • Protection against negative forces
  • Improvement of emotional intelligence
  • Illuminating your intuitive perceptions
  • Stimulate creative breakthroughs

Use Amethyst wisely, not as a daily amulet, during the tumultuous Cancer period. Its magic will uplift and sustain you until the clouds clear and bright skies return.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Should you wear amethyst? Occasionally.

Wealthy Leos are veritable kings and queens, so it’s no wonder you love pretty baubles like amethyst jewelry. Your fiery confidence looks great in purple attire! But what about when it comes to truly unleashing the metaphysical gifts of amethyst? The results may prove to be a success or a failure.

With your star-like presence and big cat energy, Leo already emits enough heat and light to power a small village! Adding vibrant Amethyst to a high-pressure flame carries the risk of sensory overload and intense combustion. The yin qualities of soft crystals tend to neutralize your bright sunlight rather than enhance it.

This is not to say that the dazzling Leo will “never” be able to unleash the potential of Amethyst. As your soul evolves, its spiritual frequency may slowly raise your vibe to new heights of brilliance. But initially, wearing the gemstone for long periods of time tends to diminish your radiance.

For luminous Leos, it is wisest to use amethyst crystals for brief bursts of energy:

  • Placing one over the heart during brief meditations
  • Maintaining perspectives as we look to the dreams of the future
  • Carrying of generator stones for creative confidence

Think of your beloved Amethyst as a special counselor, not a constant companion. By using it wisely, you can capitalize on its gifts without diminishing your innate Leo glory.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Should you wear amethyst? Yes!

Have you ever seen grapes ripen from little green globes to full-bodied purple jewels ready to be made into sweet wine? As an earth sign Virgo, you share the energy of wise transformation. You patiently nurture the growth process, culminating in abundance and beauty. It is a lifelong journey of learning and progress.

This is why Virgo and Amethyst make such powerful alchemical partners! These healing crystals amplify your gift of creating magic in ordinary moments. Their high spiritual frequency deepens your Earth Angel mission of spreading healing and light. In return, your keen presence helps activate the full potential of the Amethysts. Your shared talents will blossom together.

Don’t ignore Siren’s Song if you feel these gorgeous purple gems are calling to you! They want to expand your intellect, creativity and intuitive abilities. Place the crystal pendant over your heart as you meditate and visualize a brighter destiny. Create amethyst grids to manifest more abundance and synchronicity. Place them around your home to enhance environmental energies. No matter how you use amethyst light, the beloved amethyst has much to offer the sincere Virgo soul.

Libra (September 23-October 22)

Should you wear amethyst? Yes, for balance.

As the diplomat of the zodiac seeking harmony, Libra always seeks balance and grace. You perfectly reflect whatever or whomever you are interacting with at a given moment. But this chameleon-like quality can also leave you feeling caught up in external forces beyond your control. Without conscious intervention, your sense of center can begin to waver.

This is where the lovely amethyst steps in! Its clarifying spiritual frequency helps to enhance your inner strength. You’ll feel more firmly grounded in your core truths, rather than swaying with the wind. Amethyst embellishes your graceful presence, making you the eye of the wind in any storm.

Using beloved amethyst pieces can:

  • Restoring inner balance
  • Pre-response reflection
  • Aligning actions with core values
  • Abandonment of the model of likability

Consider wearing an amethyst necklace or earrings as a central touchstone. Place crystals around your home and office to maintain a peaceful sanctuary space. Maintain a generative point while visualizing the balanced outcome of a dangerous situation.

Wherever this vibrant purple stone appears in your field, it will inspire Libra souls to return to their optimal balance. It’s then that your true gifts will reveal themselves – not soothing or posturing, but speaking deep truths with wit and grace. Amethyst helps reveal the eloquent ambassador within.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Should you wear amethyst? In times of trauma or pain.

Like a rainbow after a thunderstorm, Scorpio’s energy covers a range of emotions from the tumultuous to the transcendent. You absorb feelings and experiences with incredible intensity – both wondrous and painful. Throughout life, joy and pain are woven into the fabric of your being.

In moments of pain or terror, the beloved Amethyst can provide a lifeline to the weathered Scorpio soul. Its soothing spiritual frequencies will not dispel the storm, but over time they will help transform chaos into wisdom. Amethysts bring order and meaning to chaos. They show you where to find light in the darkness.

Whenever an emotional storm hits, consider placing a beloved amethyst on your heart chakra, solar plexus, or third eye. Their stabilizing energy can help you sit through the discomfort without becoming overwhelmed. It’s normal to feel bouts of anger, sadness, shame or fear at times. Amethyst allows you to fully experience these depths and then become wiser and more relaxed.

Over time, Saturn-ruled Scorpio organically develops emotional mastery and personal power. But Amethyst accelerates these processes during painful growth spurts. Its loving frequency will not judge you for storms or floods. They will only stabilize your ship until the skies clear.

Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21)

Should you wear amethyst? Occasionally.

As the happy wanderer and seeker of truth in the zodiac, Sagittarius has come to see life as a great and beautiful adventure. You’re always chasing the next horizon, eager for new prospects of understanding. If anyone travels the world with childlike curiosity, it’s Sagittarius!

This restless, fiery optimism can sometimes come into play. But when you feel overwhelmed or aimless, Spiritual Amethyst can provide ballast and directional clues. Its high vibrational energy won’t dictate a strict path, but it can help illuminate wise first steps toward your dreams. Amethyst directs your boundless curiosity toward meaningful pursuits.

When you need more foundation and clarity, use amethyst on a regular basis rather than wearing it daily:

  • Maintaining a generation point while visualizing the desired future
  • Place one on your third eye chakra during meditation
  • Bagging of crystals when exploring new territories

For the limitless Sagittarius, loyal relationships and careers can sometimes feel overwhelming. But by regularly invoking Amethyst, you can strike the right balance between freedom and wise boundaries. Its spirit-activating qualities can fan your flames without pushing brilliance into the flames.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Should you wear amethyst? Yes, to show more magic.

On the surface, the financially minded Capricorn seems pragmatic – practical, hardworking, and traditional. But there’s also a voodoo side to your unpretentious soulscape! You intuitively understand how practical choices and small, everyday actions create big results over time. If that’s not everyday magic, what is?

By introducing the lovely amethyst into your structured realm, Karp, you can further amplify those manifested superpowers. Like rubbing Aladdin’s Lamp, the crystal’s high psychic frequency can summon more synchronicity and abundance to your earthly kingdom. Its regal purple glow is perfect for your secluded, luxurious atmosphere!

Combining this with vibrant Amethyst energy can help Capricorn skillfully integrate magic into their ordinary. You’ll witness more sliding door moments, lucky breaks, and divine alignments as you move toward your biggest goals. It adds a touch of cosmic-specific sauce to diligent endeavors.

Wear your beloved amethyst jewelry daily or place gemstones around your home and office to stimulate financial and creative flow. Use the Crystal Grid to dream big. Maintain a generative point while clarifying plans and next action steps. No matter how you combine its gifts, this magical stone can help Capricorn access their birthright of witchcraft!

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Should you wear amethyst? Yes, for spiritual growth!

Smart, witty Aquarius, you’re the zodiac’s collection of talented inventors and eccentric dreamers! Your great ideas will catalyze revolutions in technology, culture, politics, and more – anything you can think of. Even if no one can glimpse the future on the horizon, you somehow intuitively know the next wave. Very cool party trick!

But your groundbreaking insights can sometimes be isolated. It can be lonely being way ahead of the curve. That’s where the lovely amethyst comes in. Its comforting spiritual frequency won’t sting your edgy vibe with judgment; it will influence it. It will applaud your intelligence! But the purple gemstone will also bind your airy ideas to more grounded channels for tangible impact.

Through an emotional connection with Amethyst, you can:

  • Avoiding overwhelming future shocks
  • Leading collaborative change
  • Inspire the public with visionary ideas
  • Propagation of quantum healing frequencies

Consider wearing an amethyst pendant or crown during meditation to download revelatory ideas and inventions from the cosmic source. No matter how far to the left your concepts may seem, this purple muse will help others understand and participate.

For the starseed Aquarius on a mission to raise the collective consciousness, Amethyst is indeed the wind beneath your wings. Let it lift you to new heights!

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Should you wear amethyst? Yes, for border building.

Like bubbles in an ocean current, the mystical Pisces soul drifts and dreams with the tides of life. Your receptive, creative nature makes you an incredibly compassionate healer and trusted confidant. People instinctively share their secret pain with you because they know you will listen without judgment.

But when unhealthy people use and discard emotional baggage without appropriate care, your empathy pays the price. You forget where they stopped, and then you start again – until you’re suddenly soaked and sinking! Beloved Amethyst reminds Oceanic Pisces to honor their own needs and the limitations in their relationships.

Using lovely amethyst gemstones and jewelry can:

  • Strengthening personal boundaries
  • Stimulate self-care and “self-time”
  • Demonstrate healthy reciprocity
  • Release of toxic emotional bonds

Consider wearing an amethyst pendant on your heart chakra as a touchstone for skillfully speaking your truth. Use crystal grid invocations to nourish new friendships and romances. Placing amethyst points around your home can filter out negativity. No matter how you incorporate its light, this vibrant stone can help the malleable Pisces soul remain sovereign.

The mystical amethyst has unique pros and cons for each sign of the zodiac. Hopefully this will provide guidance for those wondering if they should adorn themselves with its spiritual splendor. Ultimately, the choice depends on inner wisdom. Listen carefully – your soul knows exactly how this purple magician wants to enhance you!

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