What is Yellow Aquamarine? (6 Benefits)

Aquamarine is a beautiful gemstone that comes in a variety of stunning colors, from classic sky blue to rich teal. But have you ever seen a yellow aquamarine? This sunny hue is quite rare, making it stand out from the typical aquamarine we see so often.

So what leads to the yellow aquamarine and what makes it so special? Let’s take a closer look at this unique gemstone.

Is Yellow Aquamarine Rare?

Natural yellow aquamarines are rare. Most aquamarines on the market have a light blue or blue-green hue. While the occasional lemon-yellow aquamarine can be found, deep golden yellow aquamarines are rare.

The reason for the rarity of yellow aquamarine is its chemical composition. Aquamarine is a type of beryl mineral. Other minerals in the same family are emerald and morganite.

The pale blue color of aquamarine comes from traces of iron. The more iron it contains, the darker the blue color.

To develop a rich golden color, aquamarine requires a proper mixture of other elements such as manganese. In nature, the precise conditions for achieving this are sporadic at best.

So while faint yellow aquamarines occasionally form on Earth, the saturated vibrant yellow color usually requires human intervention.

Most of the yellow aquamarines you’ll find today have been created artificially in a laboratory. The untouched natural yellow aquamarine is the unicorn of the gemstone world – breathtakingly beautiful, yet extremely rare!

Is Yellow Aquamarine Natural?

For the most part, naturally saturated yellow aquamarines do not exist in nature. As we know, the chemical nature of aquamarine gives it a tendency to have a pale blue or blue-green hue.

While natural processes can produce delicate yellow aquamarines, it is virtually impossible to produce vibrant golden aquamarines without artificial manipulation.

But just because most yellow aquamarines are crafted in a lab doesn’t mean they don’t dazzle. Advanced gemstone enhancement techniques allow scientists to turn mundane gems into radiant masterpieces.

The raw stone of most yellow aquamarines is the common colorless beryl. By carefully irradiating and heating the stone, impurities can be minimized while concentrating the yellowing elements. This often requires meticulous precision. In the end, you will have a flawless sunny yellow aquamarine with brilliant luster.

The gemstone industry refers to aquamarines that have been artificially modified as “treated gems”. Treated gemstones are extremely common, especially rare and expensive varieties like yellow aquamarine.

Some people mistakenly look down on treated gemstones. But remember, even “natural” gemstones are cut and polished – to enhance their intrinsic beauty. Being treated by a master craftsman simply allows more people to appreciate the brilliance of aquamarine.

The bottom line? While pure, natural yellow aquamarine is almost unheard of, lab-created aquamarine allows anyone to add this delightful gemstone to their collection. Who wouldn’t want to brighten up their life with one of these golden beauties?

Unique Properties of Yellow Aquamarine

Now let’s learn about the unique properties that set yellow aquamarine apart from blue aquamarine. Here are some of the top qualities that give yellow aquamarine its unique appeal:

1. Bright colors

The vibrant lemon hue certainly makes this gem stand out. As beautiful as the light blue aquamarine is, that sunny yellow color is just so eye-catching. It looks almost luminous, as if the gem is lit from within. The yellow color makes the gem sparkle.

2. Transparency

To achieve a beautiful transparent yellow color, the stone must be free of inclusions and flaws.

As a result, yellow aquamarines tend to have excellent clarity and transparency. When cut properly, the gemstone has a gorgeous crystalline appearance and displays a lovely color.

3. Light performance

Due to their lighter color, yellow aquamarines interact with light differently than darker blue stones. The facets sparkle and shine with extraordinary brilliance. This radiant appearance is reminiscent of sunlight and full of joy.

4. Rare occurrence

The unusual geological conditions required to form yellow aquamarine make this gemstone very rare. There are very few deposits in the world that produce this particular gemstone. Anything super rare adds value and appeal. The scarcity factor undoubtedly makes the yellow aquamarine even more valuable.

5. Moderate Hardness

Aquamarine has a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale and is suitable for use in jewelry. Other colored beryls, such as emeralds, are brittle.

The yellow variety therefore has good durability despite its lighter color. It is hard enough to withstand daily wear without damage.

What are the Benefits and Healing Properties of Yellow Aquamarine?

Yellow aquamarine mesmerizes with its warm and sunny nature and is said to uplift the spirit and promote optimism. Let’s take a look at some of the therapeutic properties that have been attributed to this golden gemstone:

Boosts Positivity

With its happy color and lively energy, yellow aquamarine brings hope, joy and possibility. If negativity has you feeling down, gazing at a yellow aquamarine can instantly put you in a sunny mood. It’s a great gemstone to have by your side when you need a pick-me-up.

Encourages Communication

Many believe that aquamarine helps promote clearer communication and self-expression. The sunny color of yellow aquamarine energizes the throat chakra, the energy center associated with speech and truth.

If you want to express yourself clearly, this golden stone can help you find the perfect words.

Inspires Mental Clarity

Yellow Aquamarine is said to have a purifying effect on the mind. Its sharp vibrations penetrate the mental fog and bring about greater focus and concentration. Pick up a piece during meditation or simply gaze at it when you need to reboot your spirit.

Manifests Wealth and Prosperity

In crystal healing lore, the golden or yellow gemstone represents the energy of abundance.

People often wear or carry yellow aquamarine when seeking financial gain, success in a new endeavor, or simply to bring more positivity into their lives. Let its golden glow fill you with optimism and motivation.

Promotes Courage

The vibrant hue of yellow aquamarine inspires bravery, confidence and decisive action. If fear or anxiety has you doubting yourself, rekindle your inner fire with yellow aquamarine. Its fearless energy helps dissolve uncertainty and keeps you moving forward with purpose.

Strengthening of willpower

It is believed that the Yellow Aquamarine strengthens your determination, willpower and ability to achieve your goals.

Whenever you need help sticking to positive life changes, keep this inspiring gemstone close by to keep you on track. Its sunny power recharges your resolve.

How to Care for Yellow Aquamarine

Yellow aquamarine is a durable jewelry stone. However, you still need to take proper care of it to keep it sparkling forever. Here are some tips to protect your golden gemstone:

  • Store carefully when not worn. Use a soft cloth bag or jewelry box with compartments. Wrap in tissue paper to prevent scratches.
  • Avoid chemicals such as perfume, hairspray, bleach or cleaners. Over time, these can damage or darken the stone.
  • Remove aquamarine jewelry and keep it in a safe place while playing sports. Protect from sharp knocks or pressure.
  • Clean with warm soapy water and a soft bristle brush. Gently scrub the back of the stone setting. Rinse and dry with a soft cloth.
  • Consider having it professionally cleaned every few years. Ultrasonic cleaning removes accumulated dirt and grease.
  • Take your aquamarine to a gemologist regularly. Check the setting for looseness and repair it promptly.

With a little care, your yellow aquamarine can sparkle indefinitely. The cheerful color will lift your spirits every time you wear it!

Final Thoughts

Yellow aquamarine is a gorgeous sunny gemstone that is absolutely striking. Its light color requires specific conditions to occur naturally, making it much rarer than the average blue aquamarine.

The vibrant yellow color gives warmth and positive energy. Take advantage of the sunny energy of yellow aquamarine to lift your spirits and bring about positive change.

When shopping for yellow aquamarine jewelry, you should choose stones with high clarity and bright colors. It is also important to take care of the jewelry on a regular basis to maintain its brilliance.

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